What do you know? It's a modern day High School SasuSaku fic! I know, about time. Now this is defiantly a writing in process, cause it's new. This is just something I wanna have fun with, I suppose.

Er, the plot may be whack and confusing, but its meant to be that way; it comes together and straightens out as it goes.

And I'm WARNING you now, this contains, most likely: Course language, intimacy, angst, and violence. It's a high school love struggle fic, the hell do you think I'm gonna put in here?

"Love. That word holds way too many different emotions, problems, stresses, and desires within it. Love could be a new hope, or it could shred someone's heart into little bits. It could lead some people to their death. Everyone has such a different take on the subject of love and the kinds of it. There's the one week love for the young souls of life, who are too young to understand what it really was. There is the one night love where two people bang one another like mating animals, and decided to never call one another afterwards. Love at first site tends to go along with both of these; only the looks tended to matter to most. Breast size and curves to men, and large dicks and a good sex-drive for the women. But there's more than those unsightly types of love. There is true, long lasting, heart filled love. It'd start out with two people saying hello, beginning off on a good note when assigned seats next to one another, becoming acquaintances, then friends throughout time. But both would start to feel something deep inside them as the time progressed on; most likely a good year. It'd lead to the sweet hand holding and 'more than friends' thing, discovering later on at a more older and mature age this was love. Then, one night, coming home to an empty abode, the confession would pour out, and the lusty passion they've felt for the other would take place. Sure love had its ups and downs goods and bads, rough and good times, but it's still true bound love that they both felt strongly. That would be true love. –Sakura Haruno."

She slumped further down into her desk, wishing to become invisible. No doubt, her cheeks were red. The class around was snickering somewhat, but mainly dead quiet. Sakura didn't think her teacher would be reading these out loud for the whole class. She took all of that from her heart and soul, dammit!

The black haired teacher looked right into the rosette's green eyes. "Miss Haruno, it's a very good write on your opinion of love…" For a moment, Sakura though she'd hear good news. "…but I'm sure you, most of all, know what's appropriate fro school. Banging like mating animals, sex-drives, and slang for male anatomy is NOT an appropriate demonstration!"

The class started laughing; it wasn't too often when something like this came up in an honors English class. "Sorry, Yuuhi sensei; I'll be sure to pay attention and keep such things out of papers."

Kurenai massaged the bridge of her nose, setting the papers down on the desks clean surface. "All right, how about-"

The bell sounded. Sakura gathered her things, scolding the toning noise. Dammit, why not a minute sooner!?

"Don't forget to read by the 31st!" The book; that was right. The Haruno just got the book last week, but it'd been done with. She could focus on her main school work. But for now, lunch sounded way better after the first three periods of the day. She drifted to her locker, performed the correct combination numbers, and gathered her lunch and American History things before closing her locked, continuing to the lunchroom.

Though, out of habit, her eyes glanced at a locker a row away from hers. He wasn't present at his locker; she must have been moving a bit faster than normal. Sakura didn't think too much of it, and went into the lunchroom, setting her things at the second table from the door. She'd let out a sigh while doing this; tired. I still can't believe she read it out loud…

"Hey, Sakura!" The rosette glanced up at one of her friends as she sat her things down on the table.

"Oh, hey Temari." Both sat down, waiting for the others to come in. People and students continued to pour in from the doors, some hopping up into the lunch line. Sakura almost always packed her lunch.

"So, how's your day been going?"

Though it was embarrassing now, the green eyes female knew it'd be quite funny later. She smiled, opening her lunch, "Well, I wrote that paper on what I thought love was for English…quite nicely done, a bit lengthy…"

"Get to the point."

"Kurenai sensei read the whole, I mean WHOLE thing out loud. The problem is, I sorta mentioned something about two people banging one another like mating animals, as a certain one night love…thing, and something about sex-drives and big dicks…"

The blonde female leaned back and grinned, draping her arm over the chair. "Well, I know what's on YOUR mind now." Sakura shook her head and rolled her eyes, not caring. If she responded in any certain way, Temari would be teasing her throughout lunch.

"Hey Sakura, Temari."

"Hey Hinata," Both females replied in unison as she took a seat as well. Hinata seemed quite temperate for once. There was pressure on the Hyuuga these days, along with the men looking at her chest more and more. She'd snap once in a great while cause too many of the opposite sex would go at her. She was a bit too fragile to handle it. But since she seemed fine, the main topic at hand was right back to where it left off.

"Sakura, tell me, why did you go into such detail on that paper? Is it things you wished you could have with…HIM?!"

The Haruno was, WAS about to take a sip of her water, but paused, and turned red. Her eyes met the aquamarine pair as she set the bottle down and capped it. "N-no! I just…sorta got involved-"

"Okay, so Sasuke was your inspiration for this love paper. Really, what do you see in him? He's just like any other guy at school."

Sasuke. Her cheeks weren't the only thing going red at that point. Too much welled up inside the Haruno to describe her feelings for that person. Nothing coudl ever do that. "I thought you weren't gonna question why, ever since you knew. Just accept it as fact and leave me alone about him."

The blonde rolled her eyes as Tenten sat down next to her. "My god Sakura, can you just TELL him already!? It's killing me, and the rest of us that he's the only god damn kid who DOESN'T know this! Sides, you two would be so cute together!"

The last part, she didn't mind so much. Ino took a seat, too, making the five of them now present for lunch. Ino always chose to stay out of conversations with Sasuke and Sakura; she was a bit jealous; no one really knew that but her though. Tenten didn't seem to get into it much either unless it was really spreading into some huge conversation. Hinata did feel a bit bad, but she knew she couldn't help much.

Sakura sipped her water, glancing at her pigtailed friend. "I'm just too nervous and tense. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl."

"But three fucking years?! Come on, it's not like you got your heart set out for anyone else!"

"Yeah, but I hear your brother wants to-" Temari elbowed Tenten in the shoulder; she shut up. The Haruno didn't even care at this point; her heart was beginning to fall into a rather depressed state. She wanted to tell Sasuke so badly, but she was lucky if she could even say hi to him anymore. Things over time had fallen apart, and she didn't realize so till this particular year. It just seemed like the more she thought about the whole situation, the worse off and less likely her dream was. It was sheer depressing, to have your only dream shot down in front of your eyes.

The rosette didn't say another word, and took a bite of her apple. She knew if she thought about this any further, it'd do more damage. She had a fragile heart, after all.

Her heart was pounding deeply into her chest. Sakura was thinking about him. Not because it was just Sasuke; she was just about to arrive at her only class she had with him. Orchestra. Sakura played the violin quite well, but he happened to sit across the stage from her in the cello section. Actually, she used to have first period study hall with him, but it was switched out later on. Fate didn't like Sakura; she knew it.

Sighing, she pressed onward, walking down the hall to get to the theater. She wanted to get there faster just to see him, but her heart was pulling the other way.

"Hey, Sakura!" For a moment, she paused to wait for the voice to reach her. Inwardly, she swore at herself for waiting. Kiba could get rather annoying, but he was still a nice guy, and hot. If he wasn't such a pervert and more gentlemen like, she wouldn't mind dating him.

"Hey Kiba, how's it going?"

He rested his books on his hip, but still folded in his hand as he joined her side. On certain days, if he could catch Sakura, he'd walk with her to class. He played drums in band in the room across from where she was. "Meh, so-so. Still looking for a date to homecoming…"

"Sorry, I don't think I'm going this year."

He sighed, dropping his shoulders. Not only had he tried this same tactic the year before, but he got the same answer too. "Oh, come on! You didn't go last year, and not this one either! Why?!"

Sakura glanced up, seeing she was just about where she needed to be. Though, she never did get a chance to reply to the brunette; an onyx pair of eyes, rather stoic, met her own green ones. She could feel her body induced in shock, just having their eyes meet. He opened the door and walked down a different hall to go get his instrument. Sakura's heart still wouldn't stop beating so quickly.

"Yo, Sakura? Hello?"

She shook her head. "Sorry, I can't divulge that information. For me only."

The Inuzuka let out a breath as she turned down the same small hall as the Uchiha did. "No fair."


He walked off as she continued down the hall. It wasn't a main hall in anyway. It was a way back to the storage room for the Orchestra instruments, and a few doors leading to practice rooms. She turned down a second hall, then directly into the instrument room. The second hall was perpendicular to the first, forming a sort of capital T shape. The room she was in was shoved way up to the top left of this T, though having room for a small turn. More like a bland corner; you'd never know what was around that corner until you fully turned it.

Sakura took note of Sasuke getting his instrument, and turned to the shelf to get her own. They were the only two in the room at the time. If she could, she'd say something to him, or talk about her day. That'd seem too out of place for these two, she knew that. And that fact just killed her some on the inside.

He exited the room, not saying a word. She paused, even though she could catch up next to his side and ask him something ridiculous. At least the Haruno could think clearly for a minute. Why…why did he look at me? I know it was me. Does it…mean something? Wait…it's just a single glance. But what if-

"Excuse me." She apologized for being in the way of someone trying to grab their instrument, zipped out of the room, and down the hall. Sakura made her way into the theater, and set her instrument across two of the inlaid chairs. Her back was facing the theater stage, which Sasuke was probably up on, chatting with his friends in the cello section.

Still, her heart was beating, afraid to turn around and even glance at his form. Sakura got her instrument out in the slowest manor possible, hoping to kill time. She had to get up there eventually, but not so soon. She'd just mind her own business, not look at him or catch his eyes or assume anything, and sit down in her-

"Sakura!" The rosette's shoulders fell as she turned and faced the loudmouth. God, why can't I be left alone today?

She looked up on the stage, seeing Suigetsu jump down from next to the Uchiha. Sasuke; she'd already looked back at him when she wasn't supposed to. Not even five minutes ago this had happened; his eyes were within hers for another passing moment. Why…is he doing this? If this is some game…

"Sakura?" With instrument in hand, she shook her head, again, and walked in front of the stage.

"Yeah?" He could hear the irritated tone in her voice; she wanted to be left alone for one reason or another. But Suigetsu being who he is didn't care. If he wanted to say something, by god he'd say it.

"So, I'm going to homecoming-"

"No." Without another word, she turned her back to him, and walked up onto the stage. Sakura could hear him behind her.

"Oh, come on! Can't you, just this once-?"

She took her seat; three stands back on the edge of the stage. Her eyes met his from where he stood below. "If it makes you shut up and stop bugging me, I'll think about it. I'm not saying either, just waiting so see how things turn out."

He leaned forward a bit.

She took a step back.

He leaned forward a bit more.

Sakura grabbed her rosin.

Suigetsu leaned in closer, almost seeing up the skirt.

Sakura threw her rosin and hit him in the head.

Suigetsu backed off. "Fine, be that way. I'll talk to you later."

Pervert… Sakura wasn't too fond of the school uniforms. Black skirt, black shoes, white long sleeved undershirt, and a black sweater-vest with the schools emblem in the top right corner; jackets, too, black as well, but it wasn't needed to be worn all school day. It was simple, and form fitting, which was good and bad for girls and guys in the school. There were ties, too, but each was different for each class level. First years didn't have one; second years had black ties, which Sakura had. Third years had a vibrant yellow to match the emblem color, and fourth years wore white ties. Temari was one of the fourth years; two years ahead of Sakura's class.

Actually, she was dating Shikamaru, in the same class as she; he was only sixteen, meant to be in Sakura's class, but his IQ level spoke differently.

"Alright, everyone, please take your seat!" All of the musicians took a seat, as did Sakura herself, holding her instrument up to tune. The conductor, Iruka Umino, got up on the platform and waited for the tuning to end. Once in a while, he'd say something funny. But for the most part he just let the students play. He was strict, too, but that's what made this group great.

Sighing, the Haruno got out her music, since her stand partner never cared to do so. It was Mikoto's job as second chair of the stand to do so, but she never did. And for just an instant before playing, Sakura looked up at Sasuke's chair.

There he was, sitting there ready to play, but looking right at her, again. She could feel her cheeks heat up, and looked away as soon as she'd seen those eyes in her own.

And though she didn't see it, the Uchiha smirked slightly before starting to play at Iruka's command.

The Haruno intently scanned her buddy list. Temari, Gaara, Naruto, Hinata…Shikamaru, Tenten, Lee…Neji…Kakashi sensei…

Kakashi was the last one listed with an online status. He was her Biology teacher, of all things. As a quip and cunning man, he drove a lot of the girls at school obsessed with his gorgeous twenty-six year old body. Not only that, but he always had a book of some sort, romance usually, covering his nose and below. Many of the girls, and even some of the guys, got in trouble to see him after school in his office, hoping to see his face. It was rumored that he didn't have his book then, though she'd never heard of anyone seeing the man's face. Sakura found them all silly for trying such; she knew the secret, and had seen it herself.

A good month back, he called her to stay after school when class ended. She did so, stepping in the office to see him at his desk, hands folded in his lap, showing his face. He said she was doing so well he suggested taking an advanced Biology course, but she declined. Sakura actually told him she'd rather stay in his class and get a two in one; A's and a hot teacher. He smiled; it drove her mad that day, just seeing that. Since they had time to kill, they sat for a while talking, in which the same day she'd gotten his screen name, which wasn't suprising to her he ahd such. The Hatake also told her why he had the book up all the time; that all the others had to do was ask to set the book down or see his face, and he'd do so. He found it amusing how people were curious to such, and why they didn't just ask. It was just some silly idea he played around with and felt like telling, and showing, his best student. You could call Sakura his pet, but he preferred partner in crime, since she'd sworn secrecy to this, and his screen name. She'd just smile at him in class when he winked at her. No one but these two would see that. Besides the teacher student thing, they were friends.

Thinking of this, the screen lit up with an instant message from SuperSexy. "How was your day?"

Sakura got out her keyboard, replying back to the Hatake. "Weird."


She hesitated for a moment. Should I tell him…or is he gonna turn around and tell his second best student, Sasuke?

"Promise not to tell ANYONE?"


"You know how I've liked Sasuke for a while now?"

"You mean obsessed? Then yes."

The Haruno didn't deny it; she wouldn't call it obsessed, just madly in love. "Well, for the first time since Middle School when we stopped talking…he looked at me three different times, probably more, in the courser of the first fifteen minutes of Orchestra."

She awaited the reply message, seeing the 'SuperSexy is writing' at the bottom. "How was he looking at you?"

"His usual timid stare. Not glaring evil stare…just, staring."

"Based on my study of humans, well, it could mean a lot of things. It's a bit too early for me to tell; keep your eye on him for a few more days and see what happens."

"Thanks sensei."


She closed out the conversation, and leaned back in her chair. At least this man was older and experienced enough to understand the situation. Kakashi could help her realize so much about this situation, and he wouldn't say anything. Sakura was so glad she was friends with her Biology teacher like this. Now all she had to do was do what she did best everyday; keep an eye on the Uchiha.

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