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Sasuke was near out of breath, but he had to get to her. There wasn't any turning back now; not since he had to tell Sakura now. The Uchiha was going to finally get out what he needed to.

The rain was falling down on the sidewalk he so desperately ran on, just to get to her. It was slick, he was wet, sweating; exhausted. His arms swung as he took large, running strides, making his calves stress so greatly. However, Sasuke had finally gotten it through his thick-head that he needed to tell Sakura this. He just had to express the feeling welling in his chest.

The Uchiha turned a corner, knowing he was just a few more streets away from her house. His heart beat rapidly, feet at an equally fast rhythm, breath swelling from his lips. He was remembering the past weeks; today was the week after school started back up. And he knew, if he didn't get this out, he would lose the rosette for good. She had been ignoring him all week, a sad broken look in her eyes; her heart was breaking because he had been too stubborn to want to admit anything. And now that the charges had been dropped, and he was free, now with a huge clarity, he had to do this.

Sakura, hold on…just a bit longer. You won't be let down by me, anymore.


The paper was clutched in his hand as he finished reading the message. It was a weak grip, though; Sakura had written it to him. She had slipped it right under his door, since he refused to come out. Itachi pissed him off way too much to even bother to try to go after her anymore. It seemed so hopeless – keeping the Haruno's love.

Since being arrested and accused of domestic violence – That kid's a SHITHEAD! Concussion my ASS!Maybe if he kept his god damn mouth shit about her, I wouldn't have swung!

Oh, he remembered the little bastard that got him stuck in this position. He was in gym with him and Suigetsu – never a nice kid. A freshman, who ran his mouth but never back himself up. Both friends ignored the punk…until he started mouthing off about the wrong person. While in the locker room, changing, he was telling a few of his buddies about a 'pink-haired-freak.' He laughed, saying how Sakura was a smart-ass, looked funny, and had almost nothing worth looking at. As soon as Sasuke had heard 'Sakura' come from that one's mouth in a negative manor, he stepped up and grabbed his shirt, throwing him into the lockers. Sasuke questioned, in his evil-broody manor, to why he didn't shut up. The kid grinned, and teased Sasuke that he shouldn't get so defensive over such an ugly person. When Sasuke heard that, he slammed the kids head into the locked, and let his fist fly into his mouth. Nobody EVER bashed his Sakura like that.

Suigetsu pulled his friend away at that point, but the kid just wouldn't shut up. The blue-haired male shoved the kid back into the locker before Asuma came in and broke it up. The next day, Tsunade pulled the two out of Orchestra and heard the story for the little brat first. Suigetsu didn't really do anything to him, though, Sasuke DID deliver a hard enough blow to chip some teeth. The kid exaggerated the 'brutal attack' to some points, getting Sasuke put under house arrest and suspended for a month.

He couldn't leave his house, nor have anyone over. His parents took away the computer, and had his phone shut off. There was no way he could communicate to the Haruno at this point. Until…he heard her come into his house, with his brother letting her in. Sasuke had no idea if it meant Sakura was going for his brother now since this whole incident must have been spread about school, or what it really meant.

But the situation became clear to why she was over in his brothers company. His raven eyes scanned the three words on the paper once more. I miss you.

Sasuke remained on his bed though, looking into the ceiling, trying to grasp onto all of this. So she used Itachi to just see me? Is that it? Or…is it something I'm really missing? Maybe the bastard is trying to twist her around and make her give up on me. He didn't know it as he laid there, but Sakura lingered outside his door, waiting for Sasuke to open it and see her there, worried and broken over the whole situation. But that door never opened; she waited as long as she could before being pulled away by Itachi. She did take advantage of the fact he wanted her just to get over here and see the one she loved. Just having the raven not answer the door, for her, showed he really didn't care for anything, or anyone. It hurt the rosette at heart; it left a scar, since they'd grown so close, yet he didn't budge for her.

A knock sounded at Sasuke's door; his head pivoted towards it. "Hope you're decent, cause I'm coming in."

"Bastard, go fuck yourself!" As soon as Itachi opened the door, he flung a pillow at him, though missed terribly. The elder brother said nothing mocking the attack; he shut the door, and stood parallel to his brother. Sasuke sat up, glaring deeply at the other. "Aren't you supposed to be fucking the company you invited over?! Take something else away from me too!?"

He rolled his eyes, "First off, she wanted nothing to do with me; I let her in as my company. It was her idea. Secondly…" Itachi picked up the pillow and threw it at the bed, "…she left crying because of your bastard-like ignorance."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

The elder Uchiha sighed, sitting down in the computer chair. He hated to point out the obvious. "Idiot. Sakura wrote you that and WAITED for you to come out and see her. She's worried about you more than anyone; you doing the opposite of what she needed in such a wrecked and emotional state only KILLED her some." This was a new thought. Sasuke remained quiet. "I already know you're head over heels for her, so I didn't pull anything. Aside from that, she only had you on mind. Don't think all of this only affected you; between you two, there's just as much concern and worry."

Oh, now the younger raven really felt like an ass. Sakura had left crying because of his ignorance, and blindness, again, to how she felt and what her motives really were. Sasuke felt his heart sinking – weakening over the matter. Itachi got up, and went over to the door. "If you don't pull your shit together and make amends, I will take her away from you. I'm beginning to question if you really do love her. She sure as hell is questioning the same towards you."

As soon as his brother left, he grabbed the pillow and threw it back at the door. "BASTARD!" Sasuke fell back onto his bed, pissed to a whole new level. But I don't KNOW if I love her. I don't KNOW!

End flashback

Question her love she did. Sakura sat on her bed, music on, all the while hearing the pattering of the rain on the roof. All week, ever since the incident at Sasuke's house with the 'I miss you' note, she'd been double-thinking as to if she really did love him. The rosette had no desire to be around him this week, since her heart hand been torn yet again by the Uchiha. Once was enough, but two really put her over the edge.

How can I love someone like that? Does…does Sasuke even care about me like I do him? The Haruno thought he did. She questioned all aspect of it. Now that she thought about it, what exactly was love? And did she even want to be apart of Sasuke's life since he came across her mind as a bastard for ignoring her.

Well, she had been wondering and questioning about all aspects of Sasuke and love, and what was between all weekend. Now, this rainy Sunday, alone at her place, she began to draw her conclusion after running over the questions she'd be asking herself. Sakura pictured that grinning raven in her mind; it immediately drew a smile to her face; she could feel the butterflies in her stomach for him. Her hands tucked inside the white and red hoodie as she smiled, pulling her legs together. "I…I'll always have him on my mind, good or bad. I'll always be…thinking about him. Somehow, I'll connect everything to him. And…"

She rubbed her bare, smooth knees together, closing her eyes before tugging at her short-shorts. "…no matter how big of a bastard he may seem, I will always have room for more chances with him. I'll always love him…" She sighed, and sat up in her bed, feet on the floor as she looked out the window to the raining sky. "…I just wish he were here so I cold tell him I really love him, and he needs room at such a time. I mean, I can't be selfish and expect him to forget his problems for me. It's not like…he loves me back."

Just then, there was a frantic pounding at her front door. It was loud; and it sounded urgent. The Haruno paused from the rest of her self-discussion, and walked into the hall, since she left the bedroom door open. "I'm coming!" She felt a bit better about the whole Sasuke situation now; seeing him would be great, but there wasn't really pain at heart over the subject. She forgave him so easily; she needed his side of it anyways.

Sighing, Sakura pulled open her front door, casting her green eyes into a dark pair. And it took a minute to soak in who stood on her front porch, drenched in rain (looking sexy,) breathing heavily, with a look of…longing, in his eyes. The Haruno took a slight step back, shocked to see such a person. Really, what were the chances something like this would happen? Sakura had wanted to see him for a good month now, and here he was.


A look came into his eyes just then, even more so. He took a step forward into the house, panting slightly, and shut his door. His body radiated with wet-heat, but more confidence. Sakura couldn't muster anything at his sudden approach, and what his eyes seemed to tell her. They seemed…lusty.

The Uchiha stood before her now, in her house, quiet. Oh, but how he loved the pure innocence playing around in her eyes; it didn't seem, to him, as if she were upset and broken anymore. Just surprised how he was here. Sasuke grinned just slightly, leaning in to lock eyes.

She pressed her back into the closet door at this point, the sense of being overpowered by such a presence blowing her away. All Sakura could do was stare into those charming, lusty eyes, which approached slightly more. Sasuke placed his hand on the door next to her head he was leaning in so much.

Nevertheless, he came here to say one thing, and one thing only. It was best now; she was awe-struck, and he was bursting with confidence.

Though, as he went to speak, he could feel a slight kick-up in his stomach. Sasuke bit at his lip; he was growing nervous about this. Admitting such. He caught a glint of confusion in her eyes; Sasuke glanced away, swallowed and bit as his lip before looking right back into Sakura's eyes.

"I love you." His heart thudded as the green eyes before him widened a bit. And for why he was compelled to do what he did next – hell, even Sasuke couldn't answer that. It was just a feeling. Sasuke leaned in a bit more, closing his eyes, and tilting his head just slightly. In the next passing moment, his lips were against Sakura's, pressing inward so fondly. It was a brief kiss, and he pulled away once realizing he'd just done so.

It was a rather foolish move; she didn't kiss back. Sasuke opened his eyes slightly, hand starting to slide off of the wall. Maybe he should have let her talk first aside from running to her place, confessing love, and kissing her.

Just as soon as their eyes met and he went to really pull away, he felt the Haruno's hands at the back of his neck. Her eyes closed as soon as he pulled away, and literally threw herself upon him. Oh, she'd waited for such a moment for so long. The taste of his lips shook her core; and she wanted more of it.

As her lips came back to his, as well as her body, he did what a man in love should. Sasuke put his arms, rather fiercely, around his Sakura, pressing his mouth back with hers. It was much more than a simple kiss this time around; the entire atmosphere between them seemed to shift towards lust and romance.

Both sets of lips opened as Sasuke pivoted his hands downward to her ass – one ran down her thigh, lifting it as his tongue came across hers. The lust just dripped from them, and an intense fire sparked and blazed. The kiss grew deep, quickly, hands wanting and so frustrated while tugging at the other's body. Sasuke wanted to feel the rosette's skin and all of her beauty.

Her fingers twisted and gripped into the back of his mane, pivoting her tongue back with his – where it had belonged for so long. He lifted her just then, pressing the balls of his fingers into her ass; Sasuke wanted her to feel him. And that's what happened when her legs came around his lower-waist; she felt him alright, but Sakura just welcomed it as they kissed, creating a heat.

The sexual tension rose, as did the friction between both heated lovers; the Uchiha's nose pressed into her warmed cheek, pivoting his jaw to get an angle, and running his wet organ into hers for about the twentieth time in a short span. He didn't care what happened from here forward; they would be together. Sasuke would finally have Sakura, and make sure it lasted; make sure the romance always stayed blossomed, as did their hearts.

For a moment, the kiss faded when he felt her smiling into his lips. Sakura pressed her forehead into his, fingers tracing his jaw line. "I love you too, Sasuke." She didn't need to say it, since she had that time ago through the note. But she'd never said it directly to him. Sasuke respected his lover greatly for doing such too; he hadn't seen it coming. The fact was understood, but now that she had it out there, too, it made the fondness grow more.

She pressed her lips back into his in the next moment to come, and the lust kicked right back up after the sweet moment. Neither could have been more in love, or content. And to think… Sasuke thought, digging his tongue into hers …this all started with that note. Right where I thought I had ended it, she began it again.

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