Broken Melodies.

Ch.1: The Insanity of Oto

A hauntingly sweet melody floated over the training ground, it's docile tones swirling around the occupants of the training ground gently. In the middle of said training ground a solitary figure let loose the melody from the violin he was playing masterfully. He stood roughly five foot six, with spiky blonde hair with the bit that passed his shoulders gathered in a spiky pony tail. The figure was clad in a loose, long sleeved, dark crimson gi, with black hakama pants. His feet where clad in black boots that where plated with strips of metal, their color identical to his gi. A dark grey obi, and a slightly lighter grey scarf that hung down his back ending at the small of his back completed his outfit. His blue eyes watched on in silence as another figure danced in front of him.

She moved along with the grace of a goddess to the melody he provided. In her hands two small metal fans glinted in the bright sunlight. The razor sharp metal blades in the spines of the black and crimson fans taking nothing away from their aesthetic beauty. Her soft dance flowed as if the air itself bent to her will. Soft and controlled movements hiding nothing of the fact that those same movements could be used to end a life in a heart beat. Her flaming red hair, that was adorned with jet black streaks cascaded down her back. A crimson kimono clung tightly to her body. A body that could only be described as perfection in and of itself. Red eyes, a pair of furry fox ears, and the nine majestic tails dancing along with her only added to her other worldly beauty.

He was, Namikaze Naruto, son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. Although to the rest of the Shinobi nations he was known by only one moniker: Hakkyou no Oto, The Insanity of Sound. A genjutsu user of the greatest repute, supposedly skilled enough to the point that just his raw aura could drive shinobi into a mental breakdown. The fear of falling victim to his horrible illusions turning hardened veterans into blithering cowards. Rumored to possess physical strength surpassing that of Tsunade of the Sannin when the legendary kunochi was still in her prime. He was Otogakure's enigma and protector, he was also Konohagakure's biggest mistake.

She was the Kyuubi no Kitsune, former queen of demons, and former prisoner of Naruto. Naruto's best friend and closest companion. His catalyst for sanity, his reason for living, and ever since he was taken from Konoha, his only source of personal warmth.

Naruto's thoughts where interrupted when a chuunin messenger hesitantly approached. Naruto leveled the man with a glare laced with killer intent and dark emotions. The chuunin cringed as the Kyuubi leveled him with a similar glare for bothering the ex-jailer and ex- prisoner. She hated when they did this. Interrupting her time with her Naruto, yes she would admit it, she loved her container. It had all started five years ago, when her, at that time seven year old container, went through the single worst attack that had ever been carried out on him. She had dragged him into his mindscape as a means of giving him merciful unconsciousness. Her feelings of attachment started after she had told him who she was and that she was the reason his life was such a nightmare. Instead of resenting her he simply walked inside the cage and sat next to her and with a simple 'I forgive you' they talked.

It was that incident that sparked their friendship, with Naruto often keeping her company and the Kyuubi training the boy in anything she thought would be of use. Eventually they worked out a compromise that Naruto would become a full fledged demon containing 8 tails worth of her power while she gained a body via use of a modified Edo Tensei, and would get one tail worth of her power. For her it was a win/win situation, she received freedom and a chance to be with the one she loved. She was shaken from her thought when the chuunin was finally able to get a grip on his own fear and spoke. " N-N-Naruto-s-sama. Orochimaru-sama w-would like to s-s-see you." with that said the chuunin fled the training ground as if the shinigami himself where chasing him.

" Should we go Naruto-kun?" Her only answer was a small nod. She sighed to herself those bastards in Konoha would pay for taking away the bundle of sunshine he used to be.

In the dim light of his office Orochimaru sat waiting for his esteemed subordinate to arrive. He used the term subordinate very lightly, truth be told Naruto was more of a partner than he was a follower. This fact, Orochimaru did not like. Yet, there was very little he could do, unlike many of the more foolish members of Otogakure, that repeatedly tried to use the boy as a stepping stone to some notoriety and where quickly silenced. Orochimaru knew damn well that Naruto was as strong as the rumors said he was. That, if he wanted to Naruto could walk out the gates and there was very little anyone could do about it, even Orochimaru himself. Truth be told, Orochimaru would be hard pressed to willingly bring himself to fight Naruto. The boy was easily on an equal level, yet no one had ever seen him go all out, a thought that frightened the snake sannin to no end. The only thing that kept Naruto from either leaving, or taking over Oto was that he just didn't care. The boy had an extreme lack of motivation and ambition. The events that led him to Oto had destroyed the boy's once fiery spirit. He agreed to serve under Orochimaru simply because Orochimaru left him the hell alone. Sure he would do a mission from time to time, but only when the mission was of the utmost importance to the village, if only to protect the village that gave him such a peaceful life style. Other than that Naruto was left to his own training and devices so long as he agreed to protect the village should it be attacked. That was how the blond liked it, and so long as he was content, Orochimaru could rest assured that Naruto was no threat. Though that didn't mean Orochimaru wouldn't be weary around him.

Orochimaru's thoughts where cut off when the door to his office creaked open and the subject of his thoughts walked inside, Kyuubi trailing right behind him. After motioning them into the seats in front his desk Orochimaru pushed a letter towards Naruto. They boy began to quietly read, with the Kyuubi peeking over his shoulder. "Naruto-kun that letter was sent to us a few days ago. It would seem that this young lady's village in wave country is being abused, and taken advantage off by the infamous shipping magnate Gato. Her father is a local bridge builder who is working on a project that would effectively destroy Gato's monopoly as such she has asked for protection from Gato's henchmen. Apparently her father has already hired some ninja from another village, but she's afraid that will only prompt Gato to be more aggressive in his actions. As such I decided to send you and two others to help." Kyuubi's eyes narrowed on the snake sannin.

"You're not one to do charity Orochimaru. What is the real reason you're sending us to Wave."

"Gato's fortune has earned the man a large army of mercenaries in addition to a moderate sized army of missing nin. There are rumors that mist, and rain have approached the man with business propositions for alliances and such. Needless to say this could be very bothersome for us. The real objective for you is the elimination of Gato and his forces. However, should some of them be able to be recruited by all means do so. This way we get what we need, and in protecting this country we up are status with other potential clients." Orochimaru stated calmly.

"I accept." Was the calm, cold answer of Naruto.

"Your teammates should be waiting for you at the gate." Naruto and Kyuubi got up to leave, but when Naruto got to the door Orochimaru's voice rang out again. " You should know. The ninja's the bridge builder hired are from Konoha. Team 7 under Hatake Kakashi, Team 8 under Yuuhi Kurenai, and Tokubetsu Jounin Mitarashi Anko." Without turning to acknowledge Orochimaru Naruto answered.


Tayuya sat by the gate to north gate of Oto bored out of her mind. According to Orochimaru-sama she was supposed to be going on a mission to wave country today. She had arrived a few minutes ago with her friend Kin. Supposedly the 'Insanity of Oto' was going to be their team leader. She was quite familiar with Naruto, she found him to be a decent enough guy. He was perhaps a little to quiet, but at least he wasn't a loud mouth. The two would occasionally hang out together playing the occasional duet between her flute and his violin. All and all Tayuya wouldn't mind spending more time with him, though she'd be damned if she would ever admit it. Kin on the other hand wouldn't shut the hell up about the guy. She had been sporting a huge crush on him ever since he saved her from one of the darker aspects of being a kunochi of Oto. She would occasionally complain about the rarity of actually finding the guy, something that Tayuya could agree with seeing as she was very interested in the well known enigma.

Naruto arrived at the gate to find Tsuchi Kin and Tayuya waiting at the gates for him. With only a nod of acknowledgement he walked past them and out the gate, Kyuubi following him dutifully. Kyuubi for her part was irritated with Orochimaru's choice of partners for the mission. She could easily see the infatuation that both girls held for her Naruto. Not that it was all that difficult to see in Kin. Really she didn't mind sharing her Naruto, to be quite honest she was almost sure that she'd have to if only because she wasn't sure it was possible for her alone to give Naruto the affection needed to heal the scars that Konoha had bestowed upon him. However just because she was willing to share didn't mean she wasn't going to be discreet about it. Her Naruto only deserved the best, girls that were going to do their part in helping him to heal and not cause more damage. For if they hurt her Naruto, they would have to deal with the rage of a former demon lord.

Anko Mitarashi was pissed, the day had started out so freaking promising to. Ibiki had a handle on the interrogations for the day, and she didn't have any missions. She was going to the hot springs for some down time when she had been summoned to the Hokage's office. Apparently Kakashi and his brats had been sent on a C-rank mission earlier and the old codger that they where protecting had lied about the danger on the mission. Now she along with Kurenai and her brats had to go reinforce the cyclops and his kiddies, including that little prick Uchiha. The little bastard that was directly responsible for one of the biggest lights in her life being snuffed out in front of her and being taken by the one man she despised more than anyone.

When they had caught up to Kakashi's gakis they had just barely managed to survive a run in with Zabuza Momochi. Kakashi had passed out and the group was making it towards the old man's home when they found themselves here, standing in front of six rain missing nin. The two sides where simply staring at each other, Anko had quietly prepared for a Senaijashu (Hidden snake hand) when music drifted down onto the road. The occupants of the road looked up to see the sky turn blood red as ashen grey clouds swirled around them. A figure that made every Konoha nin freeze appeared behind the missing nin. The Kyuubi stood in all it's malevolent glory, the only difference between it and the memories of the leaf jounin was that this Kyuubi was covered in malevolent flames.

The flaming Kyuubi let loose a fearsome roar that had the genin and the old man laying on the floor tears pouring out of their eyes. Anko, Kurenai, and the six rain missing nin where brought to their knees by the raw aura of malevolence and despair. Even the unconscious Kakashi was rolling around and crying out in his sleep at the utter misery produced by the beast. The leaf nin then bore witness to the flaming demon lord snapping the missing nin into it's jaws. Their screams for mercy and assistance made even the coldest blood curdle. After the demon fox had swallowed the missing nin, it leveled what could only be considered a hateful glare at the leaf nin. It then let loose another soul shattering roar. By now everyone in the clearing was sobbing.. The fox lunged at them, and is it flew towards them the soft melody from before returned and instantly the fox disappeared, the sky cleared and the clouds returned to normal. Where the sum of their nightmares once stood lay the twitching bodies of the missing nin, Over which stood four unidentified nins.

" Did you see them crying like little fucking kids? Haha! That was so god damn hilarious!" Cried out a redhead dressed in green cargo pants, a black sleeveless shirt, a cap and a purple rope belt.

" Tayuya leave them alone. The first time you where caught in one of his techniques you didn't do any better." came the voice of a black haired girl that was dressed in black and white camouflage pants with a black tee shirt and a black vest.

" Shut up Kin!" snapped the girl known as Tayuya.

" Both of you be quiet. I thought it was quite a flattering display, the unbridled fear on their faces serves as quite the ego boost." came the voice of a second red head as she walked around the quivering bodies of the missing nin, slitting their throats with a bladed fan.

" Enough, all of you." came a cold tone. The Konoha nin that where finally coming around to the fact that they where in a genjutsu looked up to see a face that drew gasp from three of them. Naruto turned to the kneeling forms of the leaf nin. " Anko-chan, Kurenai-chan, Hinata-chan, it's…been awhile." Through teary eyes Anko was the first one to choke out a reply of disbelief.

" Naruto-kun?"

Introducing another story. I know alot of you maybe put off that I'm extending myself even more. But to tell you the truth, I'm a very impulsive writer, once an idea gets in my head I have to wrtie it before I can focus on any other story. Hence why I've been known to update some stories multiple times in a week yet ignore the others. Any way I hope you find this one interesting. It'll be like WTCH in that it'll have smaller chapters, and the events leading up to the story will be explained via flashbacks throughout the story. Well I've talked enough. Hope you enjoyed it. Take care