Title: Susan Storm Was Amused
Author: Dragondream08
Rating: PG-13 (for sexual innuendos)
Pairing: Johnny Storm x Peter Parker
Fandom: Marvel universe (Fantastic Four and Spider-man)
Word Count: 476
Disclaimer: None of it's mine, unfortunately.
Comments: Man, I wrote this in, like, June (June 25th to be exact). Unfortunately, right after I wrote it I got in this funk in terms of my writing and hated everything I'd done so I just kind of shoved it all away in my computer and forgot about it. And this one certainly isn't brilliant or anything -- it's probably one of my worst writings. But. I'm posting it anyway. (This is set in my Selfish Spider universe, FYI.)

So you know, for all you JohnnyxPeter fans, there's an excellent livejournal community called johnny[underscorepeter that's focussed on the pairing. Only there can fulfill your JohnnyxPeter craving!

(Oh, and I saw this on Oprah, but did you know that the average male functions best when he has sex four times a week? That's a lot!)


Susan Storm didn't particularly like the kitchen because whenever she was in it she felt like she was succumbing to what society dictated she should do – namely, cook. So, she made the men cook just as much as she did and tried to avoid the place whenever possible. However, on a glorious Thursday in June she got a horrible hankering for a strawberry banana smoothie, and the need for the food was enough to override her qualms.

And so it was that she found herself peacefully flitting around the kitchen as she made the small snack for herself and then waited as the blender worked its magic (rather loudly).

It is not at all strange, then, that she jumped in surprise when her boyfriend – the usually mild-tempered scientist – stomped into the room with his brow set especially low over his eyes.

"I cannot believe this," he declared, voice containing a barely hidden tremor.

Curious, she asked, "What?"

With a faint glare aimed somewhere outside the doorway, Reed responded, "Turn off the blender and listen."

So she did. The sudden quiet that overcame the room startled her, but as she listened, she realized that the silence wasn't true. There was a vague sound in the background, as if someone was knocking at the door. She looked at him questioningly.

"They," he started vehemently, "have been together for months – eight months! – and yet they still – still go at it like they're newlyweds! I swear, they have to have sex at least twice a day!"

Ah, Susan thought to herself in amusement. Her brother had been grating on Reed's nerves lately and she was sure that if Peter was even just a bit less sweet her boyfriend would be telling him off, too. Good thing that he's smart and cute, she considered, with more than a hint of affection. She liked Peter – really, quite a bit. There was just something about him that made her want to mother him and feed him and make him happy. Maybe it was his rather cherubic face. (That was the conclusion at which she usually arrived when she pondered the situation.)

"I just – scientifically speaking, I mean, really you shouldn't be able to have sex that often! And – and they should at least have the decency to close the door!"

As she poured her smoothie into a cup, she smiled. And so the real reason comes out.

Reed caught her look and said in a rather distressed manner, "Hey! Don't smile! If you'd seen them – well! They didn't even make it to the bed!"

Susan burst out into giggles and simply walked out of the room, enjoying her fruity drink. She had other places to be, other things to do, after all.

But maybe she would go out and buy earmuffs for Reed. It was the least she could do.