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Author's Note: This is my first real fanfic so I don't expect this one to be perfect either. Oh and there are a few things you need to know for the story.

1. The whole twenty years later thing, NEVER happened.

2. Sora never loved Matt, EVER.

3. Not everyone in the world has a digimon, like at the ending to Season Two (at least that is what my brain figured out), only the 12 digidestined and one other person (you'll know who he/she is when you read it)

Okay then, enjoy.

The Courage to Face the Darkness

Chapter One- The Darkness is Coming

"They probably won't see it coming," a shadowed figure said. It was around 2 am in the city of Odiba, as a young man stood on the rooftop of a tall building overlooking the city.

"Yes," replied another being standing next to the shadowed figure.

"The digidestined better be prepared. For the darkness is coming." The shadowed person's chest then started too glow a dark black color with the outline of a circle. Then he and his partner (wink, wink) faded away into the night.

Later that day, Taichi (Tai) Kamiya walked out of a large grey building. The seventeen year old had just left school as the ending bell rang. He had a grin on his face since school would be out of a week and he couldn't wait to spend the time doing the two greatest things he can think of: eat and sleep. As he walked down the block, a man his age with blonde hair walked up next to him.

"Hey Tai," he said.

"Hey Matt," Tai replied to his friend. "You know were supposed to pick Mimi up at the airport, right?"

"I know. Just to refresh my memory, why are we picking her up again?"

"Cuz Izzy asked us to. She is going to be in town for this week only and Izzy wants to have some meeting or something. He seemed pretty wound up about something."

"Izzy is always wound up about something."

"True. I just wonder what it is this time."

Just then a young auburn haired teen appeared beside them. "Hey guys," she greeted.

"Oh… hey Sora," Tai replied as her face started to turn red. "What are you doing here? I thought you were going straight to Izzy's?"

"Well… I thought it would be more fun going with you to get Mimi."

Tai said nothing. He only stared.

"Tai… You okay?" Sora asked.

"He's fine," Matt replied covering from he speechless friend. "He's just brain-dead from the math test he took earlier, that's all."

"Oh… Okay then." She replied.

The three of them called a cab and in no time they were at the airport. Tai was silent the whole way there. When they arrived there was a crowd of people on the runway, and there appeared to be a young girl, with pink hair, neeling on the ground with a blanket covering her back. The three digidestined realized who the girl was it was Mimi. They ran over to her.

"Mimi!" Sora yelled. "What happened!"

Mimi just sat there with a cold blank look in her eyes. She mumbled something under her breath, "Palmon's gone. Palmon's gone.''

"Palmon's gone?" Matt replied. "Where is she?"

Mimi began to burst into tears. Her friends tried to calm her down, but nothing they were doing seemed to work.

"Let's just get her out of here," Tai said fianally saying something.

"Good idea Tai." Matt agreed.

The three of them helped Mimi up, walked her to the cab, and drove off in the direction of Izzy's house. Their thinking was maybe Izzy might know what was going on.


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