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Chapter Two: The People we Meet



We all wear masks to cover up our indiscretions,

And we fear to be judged,

So the demons within cause us to create a front,

And to keep everyone out,

Because in the end we do not want people to know,

That we are broken like everyone else.


She walked down the streets, companionless as usual. The streets were wet from the previous night's storm, and although the sun shined presently, clouds of grey threatened to partake in the early spring day.

Her stomach churned uneasily as she saw a woman and man coddle their young daughter. Oh, how she envied them. They did not know how lucky they really were. Her heart ached for a child of her very own; a small child with small tufts of golden hair and blue-grey eyes.

But the fates did not envy her. Her womb was bare even though the marriage had been consummated. Rosalie wanted her and Royce to see a doctor, but Royce absolutely refused. Perhaps he was afraid that something was wrong with him, but the conversation had been dropped. Such a scandal it would be to find out the golden couple was barren.

At first, Rosalie put it upon herself. She thought because the carnal acts were performed before her marriage, and that she was not chaste on her wedding night, God saw fit not to give her a child. But it was not her fault, for Royce had forced himself upon her. She had always been a devout woman; Rosalie confided in God constantly. She did not swear, nor commit adultery.

She had a clean slate.

The world seemed to disappear as she lost herself in her thoughts. She did not even notice that as she was about to cross the street, a carriage rapidly came her way.


Rosalie's eyes widened in horror as her feet were planted in place, shocked. Her heart began to pound profusely, and all the regrets in her life flashed before her eyes.

Before the carriage pulled her under the wheels, she felt her body being thrown to the floor, out of harms way. Her head thumped against the stone floor, and a trickle of liquid ran down the back of her head. Someone held her down, calling out instructions to the people in the streets.

Her eyes fluttered open, but snapped shut once she felt a stinging pain from her head. As she attempted to test out her sight once more, she noticed her vision was blurred. Eventually, she could make out the tufts of cloud in the sky, and she felt the rain splatter on her cheeks. She tried to get up, but found herself being restrained.

"Easy there, Miss. You should not move."

Rosalie's gaze shifted to the man, the one whom held her down. A frown formed on her lips as she swatted her hands at him. "Let me up, now!"

The man loosened his grip, steadying Rosalie on her feet. "There you go."

Rosalie snatched her arm away. "Leave me be!" As she tried to walk off, she stumbled, and felt her body plummet to the ground.

He caught her before the impact with body and stone would occur once more. "I think I will keep a hold on you," he chuckled heartily.

"Who do you think you are?" Rosalie asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Emmett McCarty," he responded, his hazel eyes brightening.

"Well, Mr. McCarty, thank you, but I must be off—"

"With all do respect, you are in no condition to do much of anything."

She glared at him, knowing that the throbbing in her head and impaired sight proved Emmett right. "Very well. If you would be so kind to call me a carriage—"

"I need to take you to the doctor's office, Miss." Emmett smiled as she shrugged off his coat, placing it over Rosalie's head and shoulders. "I think you may have a concussion."

"And how would you know, you ogre?!" Rosalie exclaimed, hissing at Emmett.

Emmett smirked at her sharp tongue. "I am a doctor," he said dryly.

Rosalie huffed, pursing her lips as she allowed Emmett to guide her to his office. Her eyes wandered down and noticed the dirt all over her clothing. She curled her lips in disgust, her frown deepening.

"You know, if you keep frowning like that, you will get lines."

"Shut up!" Rosalie snapped, unashamed at her brazenness.

"Touchy," he whistled, guiding her inside a building. "Patronizing the world will get you no where, Miss."

Before she could respond, another woman spoke from behind a desk. She smiled up at Emmet and Rosalie. "Good morning, Emmett." Her smile remained as she turned to Rosalie. "Do you have an appointment, Miss?"

"Good morning, Bella. No, she does not have an appointment. I'm taking her in for a quick check up. Is Carlisle or Edward in?"

"Carlisle is finishing up with a patient, but Edward is out with Alice and Jasper."

Rosalie coughed, rudely, glaring at Emmett. Noticing her agitation, Emmett nodded to Bella and led Rosalie down the corridors to his office. "Sorry about the delay, princess."

"I do not appreciate your sarcasm."

"And I do not appreciate your ungratefulness," Emmett responded quickly, pointing to a seat. "I save your life, and I get nothing but disdain."

Perhaps the fates were envying me. Rosalie thought bitterly, taking a seat upon the examining table. "Thank you," she whispered resentfully.

Emmett faced her with smiles once more. "All is well." His fingers began to gently probe her temple, and the back of her head. "Oh dear…it seems that you are bleeding in the back."

"I will not scar, will I?" Rosalie gasped, horrified at the possibility and the pain.

"You will not scar, but you have a bump on your head from the fall," he murmured. He pulled back and stared at her face, grinning. "Oh, you have some dirt on your face." Emmett reached for a tissue, wiping her cheek clean.

"Thank you."

"Oh, this is not good at all." Emmett's fingers caressed her cheek lightly. "I'm afraid from the fall; I have hit your face. You have a developing bruise."

Rosalie's heart dropped, knowing very well where the bruise was from. Images from the night before flashed through her mind, causing her to shiver. "N-no. I got this from yesterday."

"Let me guess—you were almost run down by a train?" Emmett teased, grabbing cloth full of ice, pressing it to her head and cheek. His eyes softened, full of pity. "Do not worry, Miss. You are still beautiful, despite the bruising."

"I think your wife would not appreciate your compliments to another woman," Rosalie replied coldly, turning her cheek from Emmett's fingers.

"My wife?" Emmett thought for a moment, astounded, and then laughed once more. "Bella? You are mistaken, Miss. Bella is my sister."

"Oh…" Rosalie's cheeks burned with embarrassment, flushing a deep red. "I must be off."

"Of course." Emmett grinned, helping Rosalie to the waiting room.

She had been surprised that none of them noticed who she was. Rosalie's name was always in the newspapers of New York, along with her picture, and yet everyone kept calling her Miss. "Have you just moved here?"

"Yes. Dr. Carlisle Cullen owns this office. He has kindly taken Isabella and I under his wing."

"Are you orphan's from the depression?" she blurted out, though immediately regretted her words.

Emmett shook his head, still smiling down at Rosalie. "No. Our parents were good friends, but my father died in the war and my mother passed from the influenza. Carlisle and his wife have kindly shown Isabella and I compassion." He mused to himself quietly. "It is funny how things work out. You see, Bella is to be married to Edward Cullen, my best friend and Carlisle's son."

"Oh. So there was no arrangement between Isabella and Edward?"

"No. Please, call her Bella. She will be angry with me if I tell people her name is Isabella," Emmett said sheepishly. "Edward and Isabella fell in love when we were younger—of course they despised one another, but in the end, it was love. Then there is Jasper and Alice."

"Jasper and Alice?"

Emmett's smile widened at Rosalie's curiosity. "Jasper is Edward's older brother and Alice is his wife."

"And they too had a love match?"

"Well of course! You sound shocked."

Rosalie walked, both fascinated and envious at Emmett's stories. She stepped into an awaiting carriage, turning back to Emmett. "I wish your sister a life of happiness."

"Thank you." As she was about to close the carriage door, Emmett grabbed a hold of her hand. "Please. What is your name?"

"Rosalie," she said, and for the first time that day she smiled.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Rosalie," he said breathlessly. "And do not worry about scars or bruises. Nothing can defile the beauty one was born with."

Nothing, no. But someone can. She thought to herself, before thanking Emmett and riding off into the busy streets.


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