The Scary Man


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"Of all the things that matter in this world, compassion is the most selfless."


In all of the years that Roy Mustang has lived he has been called many things. Yet the one thing that hurt the Flame Alchemist the most was the words of an Ishbal child.

"Look! That's the scary man!" Said the child as Mustang and Hawkeye walked the streets of Ishbal.

He stopped in his tracks when those little words reached his ears.

Roy looked to the boy and he began to quiver. He had never seen a child so frightened.

He himself began to shake.

The Lieutenant walked beside him and said, "We should get back to the others sir." As if nothing had happened.

They soon made it to the command center and Roy went to his tent upon arriving. Hawkeye, being a good subordinate, followed him in.

Roy sat at his desk and got a liquor bottle out. Hawkeye came up beside him and took it from him.

"You shouldn't have this with you sir," She replied calmly.

Mustang closed his eyes and then responded, "Am I…scary Lieutenant?" Tears began to blur his vision.

Hawkeye was taken back by this question, but chose her words wisely.

"Not to me…"

Roy looked to Riza and for the first time in a long time, he saw the little girl that helped him learn alchemy with her dad's help. He saw the helpless blond that followed him around. He saw the woman he had fallen for. And for the first time, he saw her cry.

Roy took Riza in his arms and began to rock her as they both silently cried into one another's uniforms.

Riza finally saw the little boy she met when he wanted to learn alchemy from her dad. She finally saw the raven-haired kid that she had a huge crush on. She finally saw the man, not the beast, she had fallen in love with those many years ago.

Roy Mustang wasn't a scary man. He was human. She was human. And together they were whole.

The End

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