Sun light drifted down on the different species of trees, caressing the dark forest with specks of illumination between branches. Silent wind whipping leaves and light weight branches across the mild desert of dirt, a gray wall separating the wilderness and the city, the city of tall skyscrapers and modern day houses, of rules and regulation followed to the letter by its citizens who feared evacuation by the police. Evacuation to the forest, to the outside where the hunters and thieves roamed free, where the infected and diseased lay coughing and dieing in underprivileged hospitals barely able to keep a newborn alive.

And that is where we find the sixteen year old brunette, standing outside one of the many entrances to the city glaring hatred at the brick hoping it'd crumble and fall away allowing her to safely cross back into its warm safe arms. Berating her self for leaving her home, her heaven on a dare...on a stupid dare by her friends who without much thought closed and locked her outside and no matter how much pleading and banging on the door they wouldn't let her back in. The sun danced on her tan skin which she was very proud of, got it at one of the most expensive spas in the city. But she knew the sun would be setting and if she wasn't back inside the city limits than she may never see inside again.

Heaving a sigh the brunette walked along the wall, heading left as it didn't matter which way she went, the wall went on and on for miles in each direction. Chocolate brown eyes scanning behind her, to the side, up a head, never resting on one location for any amount of time for danger lurked everywhere. As night approached and hours of walking flew behind her, fear crept into her brain at the slightest noise. Jumpy and hungry she continued her trek along the wall, her hand skimming the flat un-climbable gray surface feeling the smooth texture on her finger tips.

Miles away, but ask the brunette it was much closer, a wolf howled at the beginnings of night as the moon and sun decided to change places. "I so need to get higher up!" she thought glancing around, knowing there was no way inside the city and she wouldn't be able to see in the dark she had to get to a place where no creature or human, same difference for the brunette, got her and did the horrible things to her that she'd been shown in class. Seeing a tree she shrugged her shoulders, her skirt would allow her movement thank god but her two inch heeled open toed sandals would have to go. Tying the black hoodie tighter around her torso, which covered a nice band t-shirt, and kicking off her shoes stuffing them into her pockets she began climbing up the massive piece of wood.

Hands groping like an inexperienced teenage boy she made her way up, higher and higher. The timber digging into her un-worked hands making them tingle with heat and soreness. Breathing ragged her feet followed the same path as her hands, bark cutting the bottom of her hardly ever un-shoed feet. Passing tree branch after tree branch till she finally felt safe enough to stop. Sitting on a large thick branch staring out toward the wall, eyes glistening with tears as she saw the massive buildings lit up on the other side, knowing the people were safe in bed or partying it up in the late night bars. She wouldn't be missed really till late tomorrow evening when she was supposed to be home, this weekend she was staying at her friends house and her 'friend' had locked her out so she knew the person wouldn't tell anyone that she was gone. Tears floated down her cheeks as the day's events caught up with her, laying her head against the base she closed her eyes and let her tired body fall into a fit full sleep.


She awoke to yelling down below, wiping sleep from her eyes which held together like glue from all the silent crying she'd down last night. Glancing down she saw a female, a teen maybe a few months younger than she was with long blond hair holding a semi automatic in her arms pointing it at two large men.

"Get away this is mine," she growled shifting her weight so the weapon fit snugly against her forearms.

" we don't want any trouble, just hand over the generator and we'll leave you alone." The largest one spoke calmly trying not to make the blond any angrier.

"Yeah right, I spend days working for this I ain't giving it over so easily."

"We need it more than you do," the other pleaded.

"Don't try that humanity crap on me; you're going to use it for your own selfish needs."

"And you aren't," the first argued back.

The brunette listened and watched hidden from their views, her mind wondering a mile a minute to the fact these people looked just like her and not like the images plastered all over the city of what Outsider's apparently look like.

Getting mad the two men rushed the smaller girl as shots rang out loud causing the girl up in the tree to grip her branch harder, knuckles turning white as the men dropped down dead at the blond girl's feet, trickles of blood splashing her jean pants and white converse. Shifting the weapon to her shoulder she bent down turning both bodies over to face upwards, their glossy eyes seeing forever night as they stared up to the sunny sky. The brunette leaned further toward the ground trying to get a better look as some leaves blocked her view.

Suddenly she found her self face first in the dirt, her weight shifting enough for her to fall out of the tree startling the blond who'd been stealing what ever she could from the dead men. The brunette stood up quickly even though the wind was knocked out of her and her chest burned with need for oxygen, the blond had pulled a hand gun pointing it at her, their eyes locked. The brunette couldn't believe how blue the girl's eyes were, like the ocean on a stormy day as she saw the fear dancing in the other teen's eyes.

"Who are you?" she demanded with a raised eye brow.

"Um...I..." why can't I speak...god she's beautiful...shut it brain your not suppose to think like that, girl's can't like girl's it's a law...but she's...don't!

"Well!" she spoke harsh ready to leave and get home.

"Don't get an attitude with me!" the brunette glowed with anger, sure she knew better as the girl in front of her held her life in very shaky hands.

"What are you going to do about it?" she asked, a smirk replacing the frown of fear causing her face to soften considerably.

"Well...I...nothing," the brunette lowered her head. This wasn't someone she was used to dealing with, this wasn't someone who would do her bidding and bow down, she had to be more careful.

"That's what I thought," the blonde's eyes danced with laughter though her face did not, "So what's your name?" she asked again.

"What are you going on about?"

"Going on about?" the blond mocked in an English accent, "Your name...what people call you?" her voice laced with amusement.

"Well why didn't you say so, I'm 241945483885884-AD but most people call me 24." She stated proudly, holding her head up in the air, hoping the woman in front of her would recognize her label and return her to her rightful place.

"That's not a name, it's a number." the blond furrowed her eyes brows in thought, "Are you...are you an Insider?"

"Yes," the brunette nodded in glee glad someone knew of her or at least knew she didn't belong out here, "Can you help me get back in?" The blond started laughing, belly trembling tearful giggles, "What's so funny?" 241945483885884-AD growled not liking how this Outsider was making fun of her.

"If I could get in you think I'd be out here," she said between gasps while wiping her tears away with her free hand not holding the hand gun.

"You didn't have to laugh at me," she said feeling hurt that the only person she met so far was a mocking blond teen.

"Awww, did I hurt the Insider's feelings...get over it. Your out, there is no way to get back in." at this the blond did sound sad, genuinely upset and regretful.

"No, there has to be...please can you help me?" the brunette pouted using her famous charm knowing that no one alive could resist.

"Yeah, no..." okay so at least one person could, she thought, "I ain't helping you..."

"Why not?"

"I don't want to die," she stated plainly as she replaced the hand gun feeling like the girl before her was no threat and continued to rummage thru the dead bodies.

"I don't either; please me get back inside."

"I told you, there is no way back in...If there was no one would live out here." She offered, glancing up and knowing she was going to help no matter what. Cursing her good nature and wishing she could be more cut throat she stared at the girl for a minute, ""


"Okay okay...stop, first off if I'm going to help..." her sentence was cut off by two strong, which surprised her quite a bit, wrapped around her slender body pulling her into a bone crushing hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," the brunette yelped in glee.

The blond pried away from her, "Anyway..." she spoke straightening out her shirt, "You need a name...go around here with that number and your sure to get killed."

"A name?"

"Yeah it's what people call you, sort of like an identifier, part of what makes you...well you."

"Like my number, no one else has it." The brunette responded unsure of why this girl couldn't call her what ever one else did.

"Right but it's an Insider thing, out here we use," the two girls stayed quiet for a long time before the blond walked over to the tree the brunette fell out of, "You know what this is?"

"Yes, a tree," she rolled her eyes.

"Duh but what kind?" the girl shrugged her shoulders; "It's an Ash tree so how bout I call you...Ashley."

"Ashley..." the brunette said her new name, trying to get used to the wording.

"Yeah, like?" the blond asked hoping she did.

"I think so...what's your name?" she asked the question in an awkward way as she had never asked anyone their name before and didn't know how to do it right.

The blonde's face flushed red in embarrassment, extending her hand in greeting, "Spencer..." she smiled, when Ashley didn't take her hand right way she smiled even bigger and leaned over taking the girl's hand in her own shaking it properly. This time it was Ashley's turn to blush.

"So...Spencer, what now?" Ashley asked glancing around trying to keep her mind off the dead bodies a few feet away.

"Now...we go to my home, my dad can probably help out." She nodded toward the bodies, "Grab what you can and we'll get going," she made her way back and started pick pocketing the guy.

"Isn't that wrong?" Ashley wondered earning her a glare of ice from Spencer.

"Don't judge me Insider, I'm not some savage I do what I have to to survive...I didn't want to kill them but they gave me no choice," her voice broke and for the first time Ashley saw a young child before her and not some Outsider gangster who had shot the men cold.

"I'm sorry," Ashley spoke softly trying to give the girl a hug knowing it helped her when she felt bad but Spencer pulled away out of her reach.

"Well you should be," the words held much sorrow for some one her age but Ashley left it for now knowing she needed Spencer's help to get back to her life inside the walls, "Come on..." the blond packed everything up in her backpack flinging it over shoulder and headed off further into the forest, further away from the wall and everything Ashley knew but she followed with a slight bounce in her step because deep inside she felt safer and warm with Spencer than she ever did with the other Insiders...

TBC...maybe, let me know what you think...