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Chapter 1 – Are You Serious?!

'Okay class, today I have a big treat for you all.' MrFrost said as he entered his classroom for the first lesson of the day.

'Oh really Sir, and what might that be, another20 page essay?' Skye asked her teacher sarcastically, which caused her and her best friend Nikki, to start giggling.

'Now now girls, I suggest you pipe down because I know that both of you are going to enjoy this . . . you don't want me to take this privilege away now do you?' Mr. Frost asked, slightly annoyed at the interruption.

'Sorry sir, no sir.' Replied Nikki, trying to hold in her laughter and saluting him as if he was her general.

'Okay, now that that little situation has been sorted . . . I want to inform you all that I've just got off the phone with my good friend, Vince McMahon.'

From hearing the name McMahon, the girls quickly became interested in what their teacher had to say. They had both been huge fans of wrestling since they were in diapers and 18 years later nothing had changed.

'Seeing as you have all been working extremely hard lately, I thought you could all do with a treat so, 1 week from today Raw is live in Boston and I have managed to strike a deal with Vince. A deal which means that we all have front row seats and backstage passes for the night.'

'Are you serious?!' The girls shouted in unison, not believing what they had just heard.

'Yes girls, you heard right. I helped Vince out a few years ago and I thought he could return the favour by giving us tickets.'

'Oh my god Nikki, that means we get to see . . . RANDY ORTON!' Skye screamed at her best friend, causing the rest of the class to start laughing.

'Randy Orton? Pffh, JOHN CENA baby!' Nikki shouted back.

'Eurgh, I don't see how you can find that man attractive.' Skye replied raising an eyebrow.

'Skye, how can you say that when you fancy Randy boy? He's such an asshole.' Nikki said while rolling her eyes, they had been through this subject over and over again it was driving her insane.

Just as Skye was about to add another remark about John, which was usually something along the lines of he looks like a monkey, Mr. Frost let out a cough causing the girls to realise where they were having this conversation. They both turned back around and gave their teacher a small smile.

'Finished are we? May I continue now?' He asked them, even more annoyed now he had been interrupted for a second time.

'Sure.' Nikki replied, giving Mr. Frost yet another sweet smile and twirling her dark brown hair through her fingers to make her seem sweet, yet she was quite the opposite.

'Okay so, where was I?' The teacher asked, losing his place.

'You just told us that we have front row seats and backstage passes, sir.' A young blonde haired man replied from the back of the class.

'Ahh yes, thank you Justin. Like I was saying, we may have this fantastic privilege before us but it can be taken away from us just as fast. I trust the lot of you to be able to look after yourselves so I will let you rome around as you wish but, if I hear of the slightest bit of trouble, you will never leave this classroom again.' He finished, his glare reaching Skye and Nikki when he said 'trouble'.

'Trouble? That word isn't in my vocabulary.' Nikki replied with a fake look of innocence.

'Yeah, you don't have to worry about us Sir. We'll be on our best behaviour.' Skye told her teacher with the same innocent look on her face.

'Yes, I'm sure you will.' He replied sarcastically. ' Okay well turn to page 236 of your text books, we still have work to do before Raw.'

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The school coach pulled up outside the TD Banknorth Garden arena at 6pm, 2 and a half hours before Raw was scheduled to start. Nikki and Skye dived out of the doors the moment they opened and as soon as they saw the arena they began to jump and down together while screaming at the top of their lungs.

'God, I don't see what's so exciting.' A girly girl said as she stepped off the bus dressed in all pink and whopper heels.

'Obviously not you're face.' Skye spat back, causing the other girl to shut her mouth quicker than she had opened it.

'Nice one.' Nikki replied, giving her a high five and then hooking arms with Skye as they made their way into the arena.

The guards who stood at the backstage entrance had already been informed of the class arriving so, after giving them all backstage passes they opened up the door that led them into one of the corridors. Mr. Frost informed the class that they had one and a half hours to venture backstage before they had to take their seats, then he began talking to one of the camera men passing, asking where he could find Mr. McMahon.

'Skye, I can't believe we are actually inside the same building as the wrestlers!' Nikki squealed excitedly.

'And what the hell are we standing around for?! Let's go find them!' The blonde of the two replied, grabbing Nikki's hand and quickly dragging her away from the rest of the group.

'Be careful girls!' Their teacher shouted after them.

'Will do, Sir!' Skye shouted without turning around.

After walking around the corridors for only 20 minutes, they had already managed to meet Ken Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, Melina, William Regal, Jeff Hardy, Candice Michelle and the one and only Triple H. All of them had been extremely pleasant to the girls, they had all given them autographs and agreed to have their pictures taken with them. Although Nikki and Skye had already met more wrestlers than most fans do in a lifetime, they still weren't pleased.

'Where the hell is Randy?' Skye asked as they now made their way down another similar corridor.

'Don't you mean where's John?' Nikki asked.

'No, because he looks like a monk . . .' Skye began to say, but was soon cut off.

'Skye, please don't start this again. If I have to hear the monkey thing one more time I'll go . . .'

'Nikki, what's wrong?' Skye asked as she noticed her best friend had stopped in her tracks and was staring at something in front of her.

'It's . . . it's . . . ' The brunette replied, pointing in front of her as she couldn't get the words out.

The blonde turned to look in the direction that Nikki was pointing and her draw dropped to the floor.

'It's Randy!!!' Skye squealed, running off towards him.

'Actually, I was looking at Cena . . .' Nikki replied to herself, then slowly making her way over to where the superstars were stood.