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Chapter 25 – Dreams Do Come True

Arriving at the arena the following afternoon for Raw, Nikki, Skye, John and Randy were all still in great moods. As all four superstars walked down the main corridor towards their locker rooms, they bumped into two extremely familiar faces, who just happened to be holding hands.

"Hey girls!" Charlie grinned brightly as she let go of Jeff's hand and ran over to them before giving both Skye and Nikki a hug.

"Hey biatch . . . so, are you going to tell me what all this is about?" Nikki asked, getting straight to the point as she nodding between the blonde and the Rainbow Haired Warrior.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Nik." Charlie grinned wickedly as Jeff wrapped his arm around her waist.

"You're evil, you know that?" The brunette playfully pouted which caused the rest of the group to laugh.

"Congratulations, guys." Skye smiled as she hugged both Charlie and Jeff.

"Thank you, babe!" The other blonde grinned.

"Yeah, I guess I should say congrats too . . . " Nikki replied quietly, not being able to hold her grin in any longer.

"And we want to say thank you, Nikki. " Jeff began. "If it wasn't for you then Charlie and I would have barely even known each other, never mind been in love with each other." The colourful superstar smiled as he looked down at his girlfriend and placed a peck on her lips.

"Aww, you're welcome guys!" The brunette cooed as she hugged both of her friends.

After chatting about new gossip, storylines and so on for about 15 minutes, the group yet again said goodbye to Charlie and Jeff and began to make their way towards their locker rooms. Just as Nikki and Skye were about to split from the men, they got a surprise when none other than the chairman, Vince McMahon, walked over to them.

"Good afternoon, kids." Vince greeted as he stopped them in their tracks.

"Hey Vince, what's up?" John smiled politely as he wrapped his arm around the brunette's waist.

"I was just wondering if Skye and Nikki had a few minutes to spare, I'd like to talk to them about something." He replied as he turned towards the women of the group.

"Sure, what's up?" Skye asked the older of the men.

"Well, let's start with asking how you're both doing. How are you finding your jobs at the moment?" He asked as John and Randy began their own conversation.

"Well I don't know about Skye, but I love it. I honestly couldn't ask for a better job right now, unless of course, we were asked to become Divas." Nikki grinned.

"I totally agree with Nik, this job is awesome." Skye replied causing Vince to chuckle.

"Well, what would you say if I did ask you both to become Divas?" The Chairman simply asked.

"WHAT?!" Nikki and Skye shouted in unison, both of their mouths fully open in shock.

"You heard me right, how would you both feel if I asked you to become WWE Divas? Since you've both been here we have heard nothing but good things about you and well, I'm sure that the majority of fans out there would love to see you both wrestle as much as you'd love to yourselves." Vince finished as both girls still stared at him in shock.

"Vince . . . I . . . we . . . how can we thank you?" Nikki stuttered, her eyes still wide.

"Well you start training in two weeks, just as long as you both work your asses off and get back here as soon as possible, then you can thank me by getting my ratings up even higher." Vince finished with a smug smile before he left them to it.

Without another word, both girls looked at each other before letting out a huge squeal and diving into the others arms. After what seemed like forever, Randy and John managed to stop Nikki and Skye from jumping up and down in excitement so that they could find out what had happened.

"What the hell did Vince do to you?" John laughed as his girlfriend grinned up at him brightly.

"Let's just say, depending on how long it takes us to get the hang of things, in a few months . . . we could be wrestling together." Nikki giggled.

"What? Really?" John asked shocked.

"Yes!" The brunette squealed as she jumped into her boyfriend's arms as he spun her around in the air.

"That's amazing, princess!" John grinned widely as he placed her back down on the floor and placed a passionate kiss on her lips.

"It sure is." Nikki smiled brightly as she moved towards her boyfriend and hugged him tightly, watching Randy congratulate Skye as she did so. "I love you, Johnny boy." The brunette grinned yet again as she pulled away and gave him another kiss.

"I love you too, Nik." John smiled before they finally turned back to the other couple.

"Come on then bitch, we better get ready." Skye told her best friend as she took hold of her hand and began to drag her away.

"I'll see you later, John." Nikki grinned back towards the WWE Champion before giving in and following her friend.

"Can you believe it, Nik? We're actually going to be Divas . . . this time in a few months we'll probably be wrestling in front of thousands of people." The blonde said excitedly as they reached their locker room at last.

"I know, and to think . . . a few months a go we were school children." Nikki laughed as she shook her head, not believing how far they had come.

"I guess that just shows that if you stick with something, it'll finally pay off." Skye shrugged with a grin before walking off to get ready.

"Yeah, I guess it does . . . " Nikki smiled to herself before getting changed herself.

The brunette couldn't help but grin as she got ready for her interview. She thought to herself that it just goes to show that if you have a dream, you should go for it. If you want it that badly and if you work for it hard enough, your dream will come true . . . hers definitely had.