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Miles!!!!!Will ya come down here"Miley's dad ,Robby, shouted.

Upstairs where Miley's talking on the phone

" 'Kay Daddy!!I'll be there in a minute!!"She shouted back. "Uh oh.Sorry Lilly,I gotta go now.Daddy's got his "panic" voice on."

"Okay Miley,but you promised me to help the sitch with Oliver.I mean he kisses me then doesn't talk to me for a week."

"I know.Boys are just like that."

"MILEY!!!!!!"another shout from Robby came.

"I'll be there Daddy!Lilly i gotta go now.BYE!"

Hangs up and heads downstairs
"Yeah daddy?"She sees him pacing and holding a letter.Sits down on the couch."Daddy what's wrong?"

"Sweetie,we have to cancel the North American Hannah Montana tour."He said sitting down on the couch.

"WHAT!?!?!?!?"she said while jumping off the couch."Why in hell do we have to cancel the tour?!"she shouted."Why daddy?Why?"she said in teary tone.

"Sweetie--"The front door burst open with two people.One,an old man, tall with a long white beard.Another,an old women who seems slightly shorter than the man but still tall,holding a hat.Both wearing what looks like witch hats and robes.Witch hats?Did Halloween come already?Miley thought.

"No Miss Stewart.It's still far from Halloween."the old man said in a calm voice.

"Woah!How'd you do that?!How do you know my name?"she asked sounding confused and scared.

"I haven't exactly told her,her special gift yet,Albus"Robby said.

"Oh I see.We'll be over here then."They went off to the kitchen,observing the kitchenware.

"Okay,daddy.What the hell is going on?Why do I have to cancel the tour?And,who are they?"She asked while pointing to the two people."And WHY are they here?"

"You see,there is something special about our family other than our great singing voices."he said calmly.

"Oh yeah,what's that?"she said sounding angry.


"What?Say it more slowly,so i can hear it."

He sighed."Ok,our family is born with magical powers so we're wizards and witches."

Laughs"Yeah,daddy.Now really what's the secret?"

"That is the secret.Here I'll show you."He takes a stick from his pocket pointing at a vase and something that Miley thought was gibberish .The vase he was pointing at started to levitate.

"Woah!!!"And after that,everything went black.

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