Note: Each drabble is actually a separate KH kink meme prompt on live journal, but I decided to connect them together and form a short story. Dedicated to Lady, who's finally back in the game.

Title: Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
Summary: His finger was his Achilles' heel.
Prompt: Paper cut

Roxas admits that he's better than Sora. It wasn't that he was pompous about it, it was a scientific fact. He's better organized, has a calmer head on his shoulders, and is currently the better speller as he corrects yet another error in his brother's English paper.

Sora is next to him, lying on his back, staring at the ceiling, probably thinking about what their mom is cooking for dinner. Roxas rolls his eyes and thinks that if his brother wants to pass this class, he should at least be putting forth an effort in paying attention.

He flips over to the next page sharply and hisses when his skin stings. Sora sits up, eyes glazed from his fleeing thoughts and looks at his brother's finger. He stares at how the small cut gushes with crimson.

Sora grabs him by the wrist and Roxas is tempted to snatch his hand back. He knows it'll get infected and wants nothing more than to run it under water and put on a band aid.

Before he can move, Sora stops him by bringing his finger to his lips. Roxas notices how plump his brother's lips are and is surprised at how soft they feel when his finger outlines their shape. He sucks in a gasp of breath when Sora's mouth opens and suppresses a hiss when Sora sucks, hard and hungrily.

Roxas makes a stifled noise, a noise caught between a moan and a whimper as his fingers slides in and out, hot and wet. He feels the heat of lust rush over his face and his ears feel like they're on fire. Sora finishes, pausing at the finger's tip, giving one last hard suck and Roxas has to bite his lip to keep from moaning.

Sora looks up at him, eyes darker and bluer than before. He smiles and it's almost innocent.


Roxas nods his head slowly.

The cut is no longer bleeding and it doesn't sting as much. Roxas doesn't know what to say and refrains from moving an inch because he doesn't want Sora to notice his hardness hidden beneath a pile of papers.

"Good," Sora says and frowns when he looks the red marks on his paper. He takes it to his face and groans.

Roxas thinks that Sora has been playing dumb with him and he feels like an idiot for ever thinking he was better than his brother.

He looks at his pruned finger, swallowing thickly at the thought of plump lips wrapped around it again. He looks at Sora, who's reading over his paper with a pout, and wonders what other special talents Sora is hiding.