Epilogue: Love

Later on, they all congregated in Jareth's throne room. It had never been so alive. The goblins were up to their usual tricks with Jareth trying to control them. Sir Didymus was telling Ludo and Alfred about how he braved the storm and saved the land and Hoggle was gazing admirably at Helga's pendant.

"You really loved her didn't you Hoggle?" asked Sarah.

"Yes I did, and she loved me. I guess it was because I was forgetting about her that I confused my friendship with you for love. I'm sorry" he said.

"Don't apologize Hoggle. I'll always forgive you. You're my best friend, and I know that Helga's looking down on you down with all the pride in the world."

"Thanks Sarah" he said.

Everybody seemed happy for once. Well, except for one. Sarah turned around to see Elva's head bowed down low. She looked sad. She walked up to her and sat beside her.

"What's wrong?" she asked gently.

"I have a confession to make Sarah. I could have stopped all of this happening" declared Elva.

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked.

"I knew the storm was coming and I could have told everybody so they could have been prepared. Now I've destroyed the entire Labyrinth."

"But…how did you know the storm was coming? Storms like that hardly ever strike the Labyrinth."

"Exactly. The only other storm like that was back when Helga got taken away. That was when I realised what the cause of these storms were". Sarah stared in perplexity, not quite sure what Elva was saying. "Love Sarah! Love causes the storms and earthquakes. It's the Labyrinth's curse. Love is the only emotion that the Labyrinth cannot control. Hoggle loved Helga so much that the Labyrinth could handle it, so it created a storm to take Helga away. When you came here Hoggle found out that he loved you just as much. That's why the tempest happened. And now all of those creatures have died all because of me."

Elva began to cry.

"But Elva. Hoggle just told me that he didn't really love me, not like he loved Helga" said Sarah.

Elva looked up.

"But if Hoggle didn't love you, then who did?"

Just then, Jareth approached the two. He reached out his hand for Elva to sit on. He brought the little fairy closer to his face and spoke to her.

"It was me Elva. I was the one who loved Sarah". Then he turned to face Sarah. "And I hope she can forgive me for all I've done."

Sarah stood up and looked him in the eyes.

"I can forgive you Jareth" she said as she smiled.

He leaned forward to kiss her but something got it the way.

"I'm still here you know. You could at least wait until I've flown off" said Elva before leaving them to embrace.

This time Hoggle looked up at them and smiled as he held the necklace to him tightly. He knew now that just because you lose someone it doesn't mean you have to stop loving them. Hoggle and Helga will always be together as long as he never forgets her.

The End