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It's those days. The ones when she reattaches his atomail, and Ed yells in pain. When She pretends to be strong, "You should be used to it now." "Serves you right for breaking it again." "It's only your arm, I didn't attach both" Suppressing her concern; for his sake. He pretends to be strong to, his shouts sudden, biting his lower lip and drawing crimson blood. It's not the only thing he's bled for, by far.

It's those days that she finds him, staring off into a world that she can't glimpse. The only hint of what he sees in the reflection of his eyes; and there it is, a watery image of all the pain that he hides. There's his Mother, there's his Father, his Bother's smiling face, his limbs, his losses,- his failures.

It's then when she calls his name, and he looks and her with cold, lost eyes. When she goes up to him and wraps her arms around his neck and his eyes soften to a sad glow as her tears soak his shoulder. "I'm crying because you won't. If it's the only way I can help then so be it. I'm crying for you, because you can't."

And then it's that day, that day when he hugged her back and she felt his silent tears on her shoulder, the day she didn't cry alone. 'If this is the only way I can help so be it, but I won't let you suffer alone. You're not as alone as you think, Ed. You'll always have a home. Itsumo,'

Kore kara zutto itsumademo

"Hai, wakarimasu"


Itsumo – always

Kore kara zutto itsumademo – always and forever

Hai – Yes/yeah

Wakarimasu – I understand/I know

Shoutan – crying in pain

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