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Who better to describe love than yourself?

A person in love? No

No one better than…

"…yourself! Chels? Chels! CHELS! Earth to Chelsea!" Came the voice from the other end of her dreams. Raven huffed into the phone knowing full well Chelsea Daniels was famous for zoning out when something important was going on.

Chelsea rubbed her eyes a little and sat up. She was staring out at the bay from her refuge more appropriately described as a campsite overlooking the better sights of San Francisco. She had volunteered to spend her summer days taking children 10-14 on camping trips.

"Hey Dreamer! Get your head out of the clouds and back onto your shoulders! I'm talking to you and this is EPIC!" Raven started up again.

"Yea, Rae. I'm here. I'm sorry. Weird dreams." Chelsea replied in a groggy, yet sincere tone. "What were you saying?"

Raven rolled her eyes from the other side of the phone. "Chels! We're going to end this summer with a bang! My dad just booked the vacation house of our DREAMS! Nothing you were dreaming of could compare to THIS!" Raven started up again, trying her best to hold back her squeals of joy. "They even have that nature-y stuff you love so much. Plenty of trails and trees and stuff. I even saw a mall in the brochure! This is IT! BRING ON THE REUINION, GIRL!" Raven lost her composure and started dancing.

"Really? You're inviting me?! Oh Raeeeeeeee you're so sweet!" Chelsea decided to lay it on thick even though her mind was venturing again. "When do we leave?" She scratched her head and shrugged.

"This weekend, Chels! A Friday to Friday stay in Paradise! It's ON!" Raven couldn't help but gyrate again.

"But Rae… that's one day. Hah! How is that a week?!" Chelsea rolled her eyes.

"THIS Friday to NEXT Friday, Chelsea! This Friday to next Friday!" Rae stopped mid fist-pump.

"Ohhhh well that makes sense! Ok count me in!" Chelsea smiled softly. It was true, she missed her best friend something awful since she came home from New York at the beginning of the summer, leaving Raven behind in New York.

"Great! So pack your bags, leave the tofu and meet me at my house on Thursday before 10!" Raven lost it again and started dancing in place.

Chelsea let her have her moment on the other side of the phone as she finally pulled herself out of her sleepy haze. Just her luck, this was the last weekend of the summer that she'd be taking the kids camping. She had three weeks before she'd be returning to New York City to prep for her Junior year of college in Columbia University, majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Sociology. She had resolved to spend the time in the library refreshing her mind of last semester's courses, but Raven's announcement put an end to that plan.

Raven had flown back into San Francisco earlier that week to visit her family. She completed her second year in F.I.T. with flying colors and was a shoe-in for advanced placement design next semester. She thought she'd go home and personally deliver the good news to her parents. "Chrave" experts would say she flew back because two months without Chelsea was virtually two months without oxygen, but Raven stuck to her story about coming home to visit family, and that was that. Now she was standing in the middle of God-knows-where dancing with joy. When Victor opened up his third Chill Grill in San Antonio, he celebrated his booming success by booking a vacation house on a remote island in the Bahamas for his family.

Family, of course, was a loose term when it came to the Baxters. Family didn't necessarily require a blood line or marriage license. You had to be more than just someone with the same name. It was in Chelsea and Eddie that the Baxter extended family came to be. It wasn't until Tonya found herself buying clothes and food for Chelsea and Victor handing Eddie a house key that they realized that they had two kids they never gave birth to. Yet, they were the children of a warm, loving family - other than their biological own.

Much to Eddie's dismay (and, man oh man, he cried like a little girl!), he wasn't able to go on vacation with Chelsea and the Baxters. He had enrolled in summer courses, and there was no way he could miss the last days of classes when finals were creeping up on him like a cloaked skeleton with a scythe. The girls promised to make it up to him any way they possibly could.

Snapping back to reality, Chelsea summoned Raven from her dancing and grinned. She could picture her best friend gyrating her hips in the middle of Sassy's due to the overwhelming excitement of the vacation news. Somewhere into the daydream her heartbeat picked up the pace and her face warmed substantially. As of late, she had been having unsettling dreams about her and Raven. She was ready to chalk it up to her just missing her best friend, but the day Raven landed in California, Chelsea's dreams became incredibly vivid almost to the point where she could feel the sensations from her dreams. She had an idea about what it could be, but she wouldn't admit it. Not even to Eddie. She knew for so long that she loved her best friend as more than a best friend, but now it was starting to get the better of her, and she had no idea how to stop the momentum.

"CHELSEA!" Raven turned the phone to her face and yelled directly into the mic. "EARTH TO CHELSEA! COME BACK TO ME!" The psychic could feel eyes on her from every angle, but she didn't care. She needed her best friend's attention and she needed it now.

"Yea! I'm sorry, Rae." Chelsea sighed. "Let me get these kids back into town and shower. I'll call you when I'm done."

"Ok, girl. Call me as soon as you're nearby! Maybe we can hit the mall for some last minute shopping."

Chelsea hesitated for a moment pondering the situation. She smirked knowing her best friend all too well. "Rae, you're there already aren't you? I imagine you're in line waiting to pay. Judging by the cheesy back ground music I'd say you were in Sassy's."

Dead silence on the other end.

"I rest my case. Take your time at the mall, I'll swing by tonight and you can help me wrap my head around how you're sweeping me away to some getaway without thinking it through." The redhead stared dreamily at her surroundings.

Still a little shocked by Chelsea's precise description of where she was and what she was doing, Raven only muttered "Ok" before hanging up the phone and advancing in the line.

When the call ended, Chelsea stopped playing it cool and threw herself back on her sleeping bag kicking and squealing. She'd be going away on vacation with Raven for a whole week! A whole week? Oh man! A whole week! With the way her emotions had been working double time, she realized that maybe going away would open a few doors… and a couple of cans of worms. Still, she was more excited than anything to be on a tropical get away with her favorite person in the whole world. Who could really ask for anything more?

You could…

I could?

Don't be so modest, Red.

You want it and you want it bad.




Don't play stupid either.

I guess…

Her mind had been playing tricks with her all summer long, but Chelsea really couldn't shake the voices from her head. Every so often she'd make excuses for these new feelings that weren't exactly new, but reoccurring. Every so often her mind would snap back like a rubber band stretched to its limit with the painful truth. She was head over heels in love with her best friend, and there was no turning back. Then again, the only true doubt she could grasp was that she wasn't sure what kind of love it could be. She flashed back to a conversation she had with Raven shortly after the incident where her and her and Eddie had tried to date.

"I don't know, Chels. When I think of it, Eddie is the perfect guy. I just didn't feel the magic when we kissed. I felt bad, but I'm glad we were able to look past it. In my vision, though, I felt as if I loved him more than anything in the world. I felt as if the love we had for each other transcended everything I've ever felt for anyone I ever loved. When I think about it now, I think I was in love with the idea of being in love with someone I already loved. Do you get me? You probably don't"

Raven laughed softly, knowing her best friend didn't catch on quickly. Giving Chelsea a couple of seconds to let that thought register she continued

"Then again… could it have been the idea of being in love with our friendship so much that I blurred the line between platonic friends and lovers and tried to justify how I was feeling? Whatever the case, it's in the past now and I'm just glad I was able to experience it. It was way different than being with Devon, that's for sure."

Chelsea remembered feeling a twinge of jealousy when Raven said that. Though she had said it absentmindedly, it still bugged Chelsea to think that she wasn't Raven's number one

As of late, her dreams were completely overtaken by the very idea of being with Raven, seeing her, talking to her, touching her, kissing her. It all fell into place like it was completely natural to fall for your best friend of practically all your life and have a happy ever after. Well, I guess it would make sense if it were a more conventional love. Then again, Chelsea never felt threatened by the idea of loving another woman. She lived in San Francisco and she had gay relatives. She lived in New York City for chrissakes! If anything, she was overexposed to gay life.

Pulling herself up off the grass she turned to her campers who had sat around to witness her go completely girly when she finally took a moment to indulge in her happiness of being able to go on vacation with Rae. Smiling softly she nodded her head. "You all get dressed and be back here for breakfast in half an hour!"

Turning back to face the rising sun, Chelsea smiled to herself. This vacation couldn't have come at a better time. She'd take full advantage of having Raven stranded on an island with no way of escaping. "No escape, Rae. I'm coming to get you." The redhead turned again and walked towards the showers.

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