One of our own

By: Wickedclowns101

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SUMMARRY: When Cassie becomes a controller to a new breed of yeerk without the need for

Kandrona Rays, what will the Animorphs and Ax do?

My name is Tobias. And again, as always, I heard the voice. You vile little bird! It said.

Her voice, playing in my mind, over and over. Taylor. My torturer. I heard her almost everyday

now, and my mind kept wondering, is she alive? The last time I saw her, she had been blowing

through a natural gas tunnel, laughing like the lunatic she was. Of course, I was in Taxxon morph

at the time, so who knows what I saw. Anyway, I was headed toward the free Hork-bajir valley.

Cassie had called an emergency meeting. As I flew, something kept bothering me. Why had

Cassie called a meeting? She never calls meetings, and when she does, it's never spur of the

moment. I approached the valley. At least, I think I did. I always think I know where I'm going, but

my eyes keep sliding away, until north is east, south is west is north. And then- the valley just

opened up, and I'm never sure how I got there. I spotted everyone. Jake, pacing, like he always

did. Marco, laying on tree branch that looked kind of like a chair. Ross, staring up at the sky. He

had been kind of withdrawn lately, but then I spotted Alyssa, walking over to him. He turned

around and smiled. They took each others hand, and walked back toward the others. I found Ax,

working at the Z-Space communicator he had configured. And finally Rachel. I glided down and

landed on her shoulder. I did not see Cassie. "Hey, Red Baron." Rachel said. Hello, Xena, I

said, just to get on her nerves. Marco calls her Xena. The ironic thing is, it's not far from being the

truth. "Oh shut up." She said, good heartedly. Just then, I spotted Cassie come out of one of the

makeshift cabins. Again, I felt that something wasn't quite right. "Hey, Cass." Ross said. "What's

up?" Jake asked, cautiously. But I already saw. I flapped off Rachel's shoulder and flew straight

at Cassie. But, Jake and Marco grabbed me. "What are you doing you mouse eating freak?"

Marco said. Run! I yelled. But, it was already too late. "Thank you Jake. That makes this so

much easier." Cassie said. Everyone spun around, and saw Cassie. Wielding a dracon beam.

"Yeerk!" Alyssa yelled. "Yes, Yeerk. Now, all of you will do as I say, or I can kill you right now.

The six of you had no idea. It was priceless!" Cassie said. Wait a minute… Six! I looked around.

Jake, Rachel, Ross, Marco, Alyssa, Me… Ax! Guys, Ax isn't here, I said so only they could

hear. Ax! Listen to me, and don't ask questions. Cassie is a controller, she hasn't seen you

yet. We need you to sneak up behind her, and knock her out. Ax didn't reply. But I saw him,

trotting silently across the grass. "Visser One will be so happy. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself.

I believe you know me." She pointed straight at me. Then, I knew. Taylor! I screamed in

disbelief. "Mm hm. But not Taylor anymore. You can call me Cassie. Cassie the Animorph."

Taylor/Cassie sneered. You'll be out of there in three days. I said. "You'd think so, wouldn't

you? But I---" just then, Ax's tail blade came down on her head. She went down. Hard. " Great

job, Ax-man." Jake said. It was nothing, my prince. Ax said. "Don't call me prince." Jake said

automatically. We all laughed. Even Ax and Jake. It was good we laughed, because we wouldn't

be laughing anytime soon.

It took a good three hours for Cassie to regain conciousness. She awoke to Ax's tail

blade at her throat. Get out, Yeerk. Ax said. "Haha. very funny. But I don't think so. I rather

like this body, with its morphing power." She said. She walked over to me. "Hello, Andalite. Or

should I say, Tobias! Hahahaha!. I always knew there was something strange about you. I

learned so much from our time together, didn't you?" I said nothing. "We'll get that thing out of

your head, Cassie. Don't worry." Rachel said. "I don't think so. As part of my agreement with

Visser Three, I agreed to help him, if he agreed to transform me with our new biological weapon. I

no longer need to return to the yeerk pool." Taylor/Cassie said. There was a short gasp. If this

is true… then the yeerks will be unstoppable. Ax said. "I need some time to think this over."

Jake said. He motioned for us to leave. We did. We talked about it, suggested every possible

alternative. Nothing. "Oh my god. She's a controller forever?" Alyssa asked. Unless we can

think of something, I said. "Look!" Ross yelled. Out of the cave, came a creature never seen on

earth. Well, never seen by humans. Never been seen for 65 million years. A Tyrannosaurus

Rex. But wait! I thought we couldn't morph those! She must have acquired the DNA from bones

in a museum. After all, bones do have DNA.

I rather enjoy this morph, she said. Then, looking at me, You are coming with me.

Her arms snatched me right out of midair! I didn't know her arms were that fast. The

others were human, except for Ax. It was child's play to knock them out. She picked up my cage,

and ran into the woods. When she was far enough away, she put me down and demorphed.

How did you get inside Cassie? I demanded. "Hehe. You'd like to know, wouldn't you, Tobias?"

she laughed. I began to screech, hoping my friends would hear. If only I could distract her long

enough, I could morph to fly and get out of here. "Ok, ok! Enough with the bird talk! I'll tell you.

After our last encounter, I spent my time trying to find the Hork-bajir fugitives that escaped

sometime ago. I was in a plane, searching for Hork-bajir DNA readouts, when something went

wrong with the equipment. Long story short, the plane crashed. I escaped, but just barely. I

wandered around the forest, when I found a lake. I soon discovered Hork-bajir footprints in the

mud. I followed them back here. It was night, so you eight were asleep, but the guards were not.

Fortunately, Hork-bajir are stupid creatures. They said. "Are you human friend?" and I said,

"Yes." I wandered around the camp, until I found Cassie's cabin. I figured any human who knew

about Hork-bajir was better than Taylor. I infested her, and here I am." She said. What about

Taylor? The real one? I asked, puzzled. "Oh, her. You'll find her atoms floating around the

Hork-bajir camp." She sneered. My friends will find you, Yeerk. And Cassie? We will get that

thing out of your head. I said. I saw Cassie's face twitch, and suddenly her eyes were full of fear.

It only lasted a second, then she was all Taylor again. "Amusing." She said, pointing her dracon

beam at my head. Then, the world went black.

I woke up. And I was already mad. Where was I? I took a look around. I was in a

transparent box, making escape impossible, and I saw Cassie, leveling a dracon beam at my head.

"Just one wrong move, Tobias," she said. Where are we? I asked. "You mean you don't

recognize this place? Its your home Tobias. Your uncles house." She said. It was. It was all

coming back to me now. The sagging, beer stained couch, the overflowing ash trays all around…

but no. this wasn't my life. Not anymore.

What do you want with me? I asked. "Oh, it's simple. I want morphing power. I'll morph to

human and leave all of you completely alone." She said. And what do you think the odds are of

us agreeing to that? I said. "It's easy. You have no choice. I have the box. You forgot, I control

Cassie. I just can't crawl out onto the box, without her killing me. So, I need your help." She said.

No. I said flatly. "As you wish, Tobias. But remember, I control one of the 'Andalite Bandits'

Visser One wants so much. And I also have possession of the morphing cube. I could go to the

Visser, and turn you all in, along with the morphing cube, or you can give me the power, and I'll

leave Cassie, and never bother you again." I thought about this for a moment. I…I have to talk

to Jake. I said. "Very well, but you have twelve hours. Starting now." She opened the box, and I

flew back toward the Hork-bajir valley.

When I arrived, everyone rushed over to me, even Marco. "What did she say?" Ross asked.

She said she wants morphing power. She said that if she gets it, she'll become a nothlit and leave

us alone. I said. "Don't trust her. She lied to us once before, she'll do it again." Marco said.

"You're missing the point here, Marco. We only have two choices, and well, let's just say I'm glad

I'm not Jake," Alyssa said, looking at Jake. "Gee, thanks." Jake said. "What two choices,

Alyssa?" Ross asked. "Well, both are hard to make. One, we could trust Taylor, and give her the

morphing power, or two, we would have to… kill Cassie." Alyssa said. That stopped everyone

cold. Even Ax. You too have overlooked another simple solution, Alyssa. This Yeerk may be

bluffing about the need to not return the Yeerk Pool. If we can hold Cassie for three days, much

like we held Prince Jake, we would know for sure. Ax said. That seemed to give everyone else

some hope. But I knew, somehow, that it would come down to one of the first two choices.

Neither was pretty, but if Taylor got away… the war, was over.

Let me talk to Cassie. I said. We were back at the Hork-bajir Valley. "Oh ok. I'll just crawl out

of her, and wait for one of you terrorists to squash me." She said. Please Taylor. I know you

can release control on Cassie, but still be in her head. Please, let me talk to her. I begged. The

others were around, but not inside the cabin where we were holding Cassie. After we discussed

it, I flew back where Cassie was, and told her we'd give her the morphing power. She morphed to

Osprey, and followed me to the Hork-bajir Valley. Once she demorphed, we grabbed her, and tied

her up. Of course, there was little we could do. She had morphing power, but we had done it

when Jake was infested. That reassured me. A little. The truth was, I somehow knew that the

yeerk wasn't lying about the need to return to the yeerk pool. I've learned to trust my instincts.

But still we held her.

On the second day, the yeerk tried to escape by morphing. The T-Rex. But Ax had his tail-blade at

her throat before she could finish morphing.

On the third day, we were all getting pretty weary, even Ax. We have only three of your hours

left, Prince Jake. Ax said. "Ax. You've been on Earth for, what, three years? THEY ARE

EVERYONES HOURS!" Marco yelled. We all laughed. Ax even smiled with his eyes, the way all

Andalites do. "Aarrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!" we heard someone scream. We all ran toward the hut

where we had tied Cassie up. She was slumped over in her chair, struggling to get free. "What

are you trying to accomplish, Yeerk?" Jake asked. "Jake! It's Cassie! I'm free! The yeerk, it has

morphing power, and just left my head. Look!" Cassie pointed with her eyes at the door. And low

and behold, it was the yeerk. Morphing. Into Cassie! When she was fully morphed, she walked

over to Cassie and kicked her square in the chest. Rachel grabbed her shoulders, and threw her

back against the door. Ax cut the ropes that were holding Cassie. As soon as she was up, she

ran straight for the yeerk. Pretty soon, I couldn't tell them apart!

Jake's P.O.V.

Chaos! The two Cassie's were fighting like I had never seen before. Oh yeah. I'm Jake. Just

Jake. You know the reasons. Pretty soon, everyone was looking at me to make a decision. I

gulped. "The yeerk cannot be allowed to live,"

I was already morphing. I knew it would come down to this. I was focusing on my Tiger morph. It

was a morph I had done many times before, and it was the perfect morph for killing. But there was

a problem. I didn't know which Cassie was Cassie! I looked at them, with my specialty designed

Tiger eyes. They looked the same. But I wasn't looking at them, rather, their eyes. Then, I saw it.

Love. One Cassie had love in her eyes. You couldn't tell, unless you really knew what you were

looking for. The other Cassie, while she was alive, her eyes were as dead as a sharks.

I ended it all with one bite. Cassie kissed me, and I kissed back. But there was still
some doubt in her eyes. "How did you know which one was really me?" she asked me. "Cassie,
remember this. It's all in the eyes."

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