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"That's right my little friend. SCORPIA's back...and out for revenge..."

The ominous words bounced around Alex's head as he was dragged across the floors of the school's hallways, his mind still in complete shock. The thought was too much for him to handle in his state. SCORPIA was still alive. Still alive and out for revenge...on him. The same agency that had killed his uncle, his mother and father, and had tried to kill him was back in play. Back to finish the job they started two years before.

Ever since he had heard the infamous agency's name, he had tried to think of some sort of escape plan to get Cat, Ivan, and himself out alive. But in his weak state, he didn't see that happening. He was helpless and completely at the mercy of the dreaded agency. The things they probably had planned for him...

The thought made him shudder.

"Stand up," came Chad's voice. Alex's mind was pulled from his horrifying thoughts of torture and slow death as the two young agents jerked his arms. Alex's stomach swirled violently at the sudden movement, but he ignored the nausea and complied with little resistance. The teen shakily tried to put his feet down on the linoleum, but his head was spinning too wildly to do so. He groaned as the ground beneath him kept shifting here and there, his stomach once again lurching at the dizzying sight.

"I-I can't," he managed to croak out. "The ground...it's spinning too fast."

He heard Mindy growl. "Do it, or I'll give you the shock of your life." She brought up Alex's bracelet control and waved it in his face.

The quick, jerky movement caused Alex's stomach and head to scream in pain. He shut his eyes as a fresh wave of nausea hit him. "You keep waving that stupid thing in my face," he whispered. "and you're going to have to clean up whatever I spill out." The controller quit waving as Mindy thought about what he had just said.

"Ew," was her simple answer. She pulled the controller away from his face quickly.

Despite everything, Alex grinned. "Thank you. You made the right choice for me," He looked down at her feet. "and your footwear."

Chad sighed. "Can you at least help us get you up the steps?"

Alex looked up to see a tall stairway in front of him. Or maybe it was two? He couldn't tell. Oh, he wished the world would quit spinning! He decided to play it off.

"Why should I make this easier for you guys?" he said with a sly smile to all three of Chad's heads. He felt an unbearable squeeze on his arm and cried out in pain.

"That's why," Mindy said, a sadistic grin on her face.

Alex turned to her, his breathing harder. "Point taken." He looked back up at the swirling staircase. "Shall we go?"


"You are a genius."

"I know."

Cat and Ivan crept silently down the empty corridors of the school. They paused and pulled themselves against the walls as they prepared to round the corner. No one was there.

"Clear," she whispered. They began moving again.

"I mean, really. How the heck did you do that anyway?" Ivan asked as they moved slowly down the halls, Cat in the lead.

"I pick pocketed. I didn't always use to be a good girl, you know," she said with a mischievous giggle.

Ivan made a little snorting noise. "Yeah, I know. That's how we found you. You were stupid enough to steal the head of the CIA's wallet."

Cat smiled at the memory. "That was funny...well, it was after he didn't have me arrested." She paused when she heard a footstep; Ivan did the same. It was headed opposite of them, so they moved on. "Apparently," she continued as the footsteps disappeared. "stealing from a government official is a great resume."

She heard Ivan chuckle. "Only if you get away with it," he added.

"Which...I did," she said with pride.

Ivan opened his mouth to say something else, but Cat quickly raised up a hand. Voices trickled down the hallway. They were close. Cautiously, they moved up the hallway toward the voices. There were three of them, and their voices told her they were students. She strained her ears to hear what the three people were talking about.

"Why should I make this easier for you guys?" Cat's heart skipped a beat at the sound of Alex's voice. There was a pause before a startling cry of pain. Alex's cry of pain. An impulse took over her that she could not explain. Cat's body suddenly shot forward toward her boyfriend's pained voice. Luckily, Ivan's hands were quick.

"Cat!" he whispered harshly, tugging her back as quickly as possible.

"That's why."

Cat gritted her teeth and strained against Ivan's faltering grip as Mindy's voice drifted their way.

Ivan desperately tried to hold her back. "Cat! Listen to me! If you go now, you will ruin any chance of us getting Alex back in one piece. Put your motions aside and focus, girl!"

The spy's words hit her hard. As much as she hated to admit it, he was right. If she just ran up to them with no plan whatsoever, there was no telling all the damage they would do to Alex. She sighed and nodded to Ivan. He slowly released her, watching her closely in case he needed to grab her again.

"So, what do we do?" she asked, slightly back in control. She took another deep breath as she heard Alex speak again. Footsteps followed.

Ivan thought for a few seconds. "Follow them," he finally said. "But from a distance."

She nodded. "Okay." She looked back over at him. "But you may want to go in front of me."

He wrinkled his brow. "Why?"

"Because," she said, her voice dangerously low. "if I hear Mindy hurting my boy again, I will kill her."


They had found him.

Yassen ran as quickly as he could down the hallway, his boots soundlessly gliding across the ground. His breath was coming out in small, controlled intervals as he sprinted through the hallways of his school. Sweat beaded his forehead and lips, but it wasn't out of fatigue.

It was out of fear.

Fear was not something he normally felt. He hadn't experienced the feeling in a while. But that didn't mean he didn't remember what it felt like. He knew all too well what it felt like, and the feeling was overtaking him now.

They had found him. They knew he was and were probably there now.

And he was pretty sure who "they" were. He knew SCORPIA would find him eventually; but he was hoping that by the time they had figured it all out, he would have already died of old age. He didn't want to think of how he would die now that they had found him. No one leaves SCORPIA alive. It was against their rules to leave any loose ends. And Yassen was definitely a loose end.

And, the worse part: it was all his fault. If he would have been more careful in his choosing of students, none of this would have happened. He had gotten to attached. To attached to people who turned on him in an instant. They had been against him since the beginning.

Mindy and Chad had betrayed him. They had played him for a fool, and he had let them. He had suspicions about Mindy and Chad the moment they had arrived. There was something about them that seemed off. But because they had been such excellent fighters and students, he had agreed to let them in despite the nagging thoughts in the back of his mind. It wasn't until now, as he was running frantically down the hallways, that he realized what it was that made him suspicious. They were good...too good.


And now, because of his stupidity, his old agency had found him...and they had Alex.

Out of everything that he could have been worried about, Yassen was more concerned for Alex's well-being. SCORPIA would be more than thrilled to have another crack at the teen; and the last time he had seen Alex, he had been completely depleted of adrenaline. There was no way the boy could make one of his amazing escapes in his condition.

It was all his fault. Yassen had pushed him hard in the past twelve hours...too hard. Of course, the boy had pushed back; but it was still no excuse. He had run the boy ragged, and now he was completely defenseless against the two SCORPIA agents he had seen forcefully dragging Alex out of his office.

Now he had to save him.

Yassen had almost taken on the two teenagers by himself, but he knew better. SCORPIA would have back up waiting for them. If the two teens didn't show with their prize in a certain amount of time, a dozen more agents would be there to take their place. Yassen was good...but not that good. He needed back up. He already had his assistant, Gerald, watching the outside of the complex; but that wouldn't be enough. He needed more help. Unfortunately, his help had disappeared...

Yassen rounded the corner to the room where they had locked the other two spies only to find the door wide open. He cursed aloud as he saw the empty room. They had escaped. Of course they escaped, he thought with a chuckle. It was Alex's girlfriend he had locked up. She was just as resourceful as the little spy. She had to be in order to keep up with Alex.

Yassen sighed and rubbed a hand over his sweaty face. He placed his hands on his hips and closed his eyes, listening. He had developed a very keen sense of hearing during his training with SCORPIA. Keen enough that he could hear two voices whispering down the hallway. He focused in and smiled. It was the American spies. He had found them. As quickly as he could, Yassen made his way to the towards them.

I just hope I get to him in time...


"Alex! Cut it out!"

Chad jerked the teenager as hard as he could, trying to right the fallen boy. Alex cried out in pain and surprise as the world started to go black. He couldn't put up with this for much longer. His body just wanted to sleep. It hurt too badly to be awake. He felt another jerk as he began to drop off again. He grit his teeth and did his best to find the floor beneath him.

"You know," he said softly. "you might as well just leave me here. I'm just a dead weight anyway, and that's what your bosses want. Me...dead. That's the revenge you're talking about." Alex felt the two teens pause. The teen spy looked up to see them smiling of all things. He blinked up in confusion. "That is what they want, isn't it? They want revenge on me?" he asked more than stated.

Chad chuckled. He actually chuckled. Alex wasn't sure he knew what was funny about this whole situation; but if it kept him from walking for a millisecond or two, he didn't really care.

"You really are as arrogant as they say," he smiled.

Alex blinked. Those two heads of his were really starting to get on his nerves. "Why do you say that?"

"You think this is all about you? That's rich," Mindy chimed in with a snort.

Alex rolled his eyes. Oh, don't do that again, he thought as his head sent a shock wave of pain through his nerves. "You guys care to explain any of this to me? My head already hurts enough without you two idiots going cryptic on me." He bit his lip as Mindy squeezed his arm again.

"It really would be good for your health if you would quit insulting us," Chad hissed.

Alex bit back the pain. "Once again...point taken." Chad nodded and tried to continue up the stairs. "But I still want some questions answered," Alex said, pulling back as much as he could. Just keep stalling, he told himself. If I know Cat, she's already on her way to get me.

"Just move," Mindy growled.

Alex did his best to hold his position. "I could just start screaming right now, you know. I'm already about to pass out. What more could you do to me?"

Chad bit his lip in thought, studying the teen. He gave a heavy sigh. "Fine." He looked Alex in the eyes. "You weren't the original target," he said simply. He tried to tug Alex up the stairs.

"Uh-uh," Alex said stubbornly. "If I'm going to move any faster than this, you better give me more than that." His ears pricked up. Did he hear footsteps?

Chad rolled his eyes. "You're a pain in the butt, you know that?"

"So I'm told," he retorted. He heard another footstep. There were two of them. His heart fluttered.

Please let that be Cat...

He raised his eyebrows. "I wasn't the original target? Then, who was?

Chad and Mindy exchanged looks.



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