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Peter Parker hated getting up early. I mean, really, what was so hard about letting a grown man get his well-deserved rest? All he wanted was to sleep in after seven, but he was up by five in the morning, dragging himself to work.

Teaching high school science was not something Peter had seen himself doing when he was young. He thought he'd be like his father, a great and honored scientist. Well, there was always time for that later. He was close, anyway.

Peter was glad he had second period off. Having a planning period right after the first class let him regroup from the early slumps. He arrived right on time, as always, and pulled into the teacher parking lot. He made his way to his classroom and opened up the locked door, turned on the light, and started to plan the lesson.

Class began at seven-thirty, and his students piled in. He got ready to discuss the day's topic. Although he taught only part-time, he was a respected staff member with great wisdom.

"Class, rise and shine! We have a lot to cover today!"

"Aw, can't we take a nap?"

"Nap time's after the lesson, Marcus! Now, I'll save you the agony of taking notes. Just pay attention. Now, today I thought we'd cover…drum roll, please, astronomy! Ah, yes. Everyone loves space. Now, we won't be talking about aliens or U.F.O.s to get us off-topic, so you can put your hand down, Steve. No, space is the final frontier for a reason. Who can tell me something about any planet, any planet at all? Yes, Lucy."

"Pluto is no longer considered one. It's a gnome or something."

"A dwarf planet. You were close, at least. Okay, Steve?"

"Yeah, uh, Jupiter's the biggest."

"How…elementary-school of you, Steve. No, facts that are of high-school level, please."

A girl in the back raised her hand. Peter called on her. "Jupiter's red spot is actually a storm."

"Good! And, Mary."

"Mars has evidence of water and life."

"Excellent! Drew?"
"Earth is the only planet with life."

"Good point, although that's like, what, fifth grade? But no, I do want to talk about that!"

Peter leaned on his desk, spinning a globe. "How is it that we are the only planet with life? How is it that we are exactly the right distance from the sun, that we have water, that we can support life? Why isn't it some other planet? Do you think that other planets have life?"

A young girl raised her hand. "Yes, Marie, go for it!"

"Yes. We may be the only planet in our solar system to have life, but in the entire universe? We can't be alone."

"So you think aliens exist? Ha!" Marcus said.

"Now, Marcus, I think that Marie has a great point. The universe doesn't end. How can we be the only living creatures? Now, turn to page fifty-seven and complete activities one through five."


"Hey, stop whining, you little babies. You call yourselves sophomores?"

As his class worked on their assignments, Peter graded papers. His arm was sore from something that happened two nights ago, and he was wearing long-sleeves in late June to cover his bandages.

"Take this! Die! Die! Die!"

"Whoa—I didn't think you were that tough, Electro!"

"Shut up! I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"

"Aw, and I was going to invite you to my birthday party!"


"Arrgghhh! My arm! You—ah! You stupid—gah!"

"Now who's laughing?"

"Not me, that's for sure…awhh!"

Peter Parker looked up from his desk. His class was still there, still busy. He sighed. Long nights will do that to you. He finished grading Tara's quiz, the last in the bunch, and filed them in alphabetical order. After passing them back the bell rang, and his planning period awaited him. He sat back in his chair…the sweet sound of silence around him. Second period off…he loved second period…

It was then that a voice came on the loud speaker. "Mr. Parker?"


"Mrs. Barkus is out for the day, would you cover her class?"

"What period?"


"Aw, come on!" he shouted aloud, not meaning to sound angry at the woman on the other end.

"I'm sorry?"

"What? Oh, no! Fine, fine! I'll be right there…" he moaned, getting up and walking down to the first floor. Mrs. Barkus was an English teacher. What the hell did he know about English?

A/N: This story may seem a little odd or out-there, but I had an idea and I'm gonna give it a shot. I don't really have a plan for it yet, so I'll just make it up as I go. I'm good at that.