By anna

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Sakura was feeling jaded.

Tugging lightly at black fabric that was clinging fabulously to her body, she moved forward. Her mind passively noted her lack of agility and grace. Maybe she wasn't in her right mind, but she hasn't been right for the past two years. Her eyebrows furrowed when she noticed how guarded the Academy was. The odd heightened security was obvious, however, when she realized that this was the newest batch of Anbu. The pink haired medic stole past an inexperienced guard and proceeded to walk across the hall with ease. Her pleasant stroll was cut short when a more seasoned Anbu member suddenly appeared. Sakura clicked her tongue in annoyance when she realized that this was going to be more difficult than she had thought.

She wondered why she thought kidnapping the Anbu captain would be easy.

The medic lifted an eyebrow and with a swift punch, knocked an oncoming jonin unconscious. Pushing the door lightly opened, she breathed inwardly when it made no sound. She smiled lightly when she saw her husband industriously documenting the last mission. He was always incredibly punctual when it came to paperwork, an annoying trait she always hated.

The Hyuuga's pencil broke and he closed his eyes when the familiar cold blade pressed against his neck. The room was still and he could feel his wife's heart beating lightly in her breasts. Despite the irony of the situation, Neji couldn't help but noted how intimately her body draped over his.

The quiet spell of the room quickly dissipated when the door was roughly kicked open. A group of Anbu entered, weapons unsheathed.

"Put down those kunai or I'll kill the Hyuuga," she commanded coldly, her green eyes scanned across the team of Anbu.

He sighed calmly and tested his mobility inside her loose hold. His men were looking back at him nervously, their fingers refused to let go of their weapons. They were immature and he could tell Sakura knew it too from the way she was tracing the cold blade along his neck lazily.

"Hurt her, and I'll kill you," he commanded with irritation.

With a pretty smile, Sakura tugged the Hyuuga awkwardly and he complied. They walked past the team of Anbu who followed their movements quietly. The door to the office closed with a small click.


Naruto held a piece of paper tightly within his fingers and clicked his tongue in slight annoyance. When he woke up that morning, Sakura had disappeared, and he knew her first stop had to be to the Hyuuga. Not that her visiting preferences had anything to do with the blonde, but there was a nasty rumor floating around about a certain Anbu and his late night rendezvous. He practically broke the door opened, mentally prepared for a one-sided tirade with the brunette. Blue eyes looked around in slight confusion, his eyes landed on a group of newbies who appeared mildly stunned.

"Where's Neji?"

"The Anbu Captain has been kidnapped," one man behind the bobcat mask answered, the voice sounded strangely immature.

"How the hell did that happen?"


Neji looked around the small room in mild curiosity. It was a simple enclosure with no windows, and it felt strangely out of place on hospital ground.

"You don't look so surprised," she asked. Her fingers ran through her hair, persuading a sense of sensuous idleness.

"I wasn't worried, I knew you were with Naruto," he answered, after a few seconded, decided to elaborate, "He called me last night,"

"Oh?" her pretty mouth curved into a delicious pout.

"I told him to take care of you, feed you, water you, and give you plenty of sunlight,"

"How considerate, did you tell him that before or after you slept with your subordinate," her spell of girlish naïveté dissipated.

"Does it make you angry knowing that Sakura probably… Spent some time with him?"

"During," he answered indifferently.

A fluttering expression of disapproval crossed her face, followed by a light scoff.

"Don't twist your face like that, you look almost ugly," Neji said, his fingers traced along her admittedly beautiful face, down to her ivory neck and settled on the upper part of her arm.

His wife flashed a charming smile settled herself comfortably on his lap, her right arm draped luxuriously over his shoulder.

"I noticed that the new batch of Anbu is awfully adorable," Sakura said, her lips pressed lightly against his skin.

"What are you saying?"

"Here is what's going to happen, you won't know who, and you won't know when. But I will have an affair with one of your colleagues. Then we will be even and I'll file a divorce,"


She twitched when the sensation of pain washed over her. Blue eyes fastened on her arm in fascination as she watched the wound on her skin closed.

"If I'd known you were hurt during the mission, I would have healed you. I'm sorry for my oversight," Sakura apologized, her voice noticeably hollow.

Misao sighed, she wasn't exactly sure how to feel. Whatever it was, it was probably not remorse.

"I know you slept with my husband," the medic said, the tone of her voice conveyed a sense of idle gossip.

"It happened last night," the blonde answered, matching the Hyuuga's callousness.

As Sakura turned to leave, her fingers twisting the door knob open, Misao couldn't help but called after her.

"He threw me out of bed the second Naruto called and said you were alright,"

After that, Misao definitely felt no remorse.


Neji scanned across the faces of the men who were present, the Hokage's voice fading in the background. He scoffed indifferently, it wasn't anything important. The Hyuuga narrowed his silver eyes when they landed on a relatively well built man. He shook his head in disapproval; Sakura didn't like men with mustaches.

"Tsunade-sama," a dark haired man inquired.

"Yes Shakun,"

Their conversation faded out of his conscious as the Anbu captain proceeded to stare menacingly at the folder in front of him.

"Neji, Neji?"

"Hmm?" he looked up to see the Fifth Hokage's disapproving façade.

"Do you agree with the proposal?"

"Yes," he answered passively, although he had no idea what happened in the last 40 minutes.


Sakura chewed on her pen lightly, she breathed out in annoyance when she realized that her patient was 10 minutes late. The Hyuuga tapped the table quickly, she stopped when her nails began to hurt.

The doors creaked opened and the woman glared at the newcomer with her pretty green eyes. He had boyish charms that seemed ridiculously out of place. There wasn't anything particularly eye-catching, his hair was a common brown and his eyes a common blue. When he smiled, it was another perfect boring smile of a charming boy.

"You're late," she said simply.

"I'm sorry, the Anbu meeting ran a little late," the young man apologized, but his smile betrayed the tone of his voice. Sakura noticed he had a little dimple on his left cheek and concluded that he was just the kind of boy to break pretty little girls' hearts. It was all so typical, everything about him.

"Just sit there," she commanded in dull irritation, her eyes scanned the piece of paper in front of her, "… Shakun-san"

The boy obliged; the mattress of the hospital bed bounced lightly when he sat on it. From that vantage point, he could see the medic and the angry vibes that were unmistakably emitting from her. He had only seen her a few times before, but she hardly ever noticed him. The medic was occasionally seen with his captain, and he sometimes managed to catch a glimpse of her pink hair around the Academy.

"Where did you get this wound?" she gestured to a particularly nasty gash on his upper back.

He winced when she applied the cotton, "You don't remember? I accompanied you on the last mission,"

"This might hurt," Sakura said and proceeded on healing her patient.

"You've healed me once before," the Anbu reassured, "But I guess you really don't remember me, that's too bad, I always thought you were beautiful,"

"And I've always thought you were another one of my husband's lackeys,"

"Husband?" he repeated dumbly, his blue eyes widened in surprise.

"Neji Hyuuga,"

He scoffed mirthlessly, so that was why he often saw her with the Anbu captain.

"Well… isn't this awkward," Shakun chuckled, "The one time I decide to talk to the woman I've had a crush on for months, and I find out she's married to my captain."

"Tell me if it stings too much," she said, disregarding his obvious flirtations.

"No wonder he chose you for his wife,"

At that comment, Sakura stopped. She looked down at the half naked young Anbu on the hospital bed.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I'm just saying that the Captain has good tastes… that's all," Shakun chuckled lightly.

"You mean he chose me because I resemble him. We both lack human emotions, egotists, and have our heads up our asses," Sakura said bluntly.

"Those are cold things to say about your husband,"

Sakura shrugged indifferently, the bounce of her shoulder created a frenzy of pink locks, "If you know him well, you wouldn't disagree."

"Hyuuga-sama often bypasses me; I'm usually given the menial missions, if any at all. To him, I'm just an invisible subordinate who's always the back-up." His wide smile softened, and the dimple became shallow. Sakura curled her lips in satisfaction, now he was getting more interesting.

"I guess we need to change the way he perceives you then,"

"Hmm?" his eyes widened.

"I'm saying, you're a pretty good looking kid, and you do have a pulse… how would you like to finally get on my husband's radar?" she slowly unbuttoned the white hospital coat, revealing the top half of her perfect breasts, "you still have that crush on me, don't you?"


Neji drew back slightly when a flutter of papers was slammed in front of him with massive force. The brunette looked up to see a pretty woman, her lips curved into a haughty smile.

"Divorce papers," Sakura said simply.

Quietly, he turned the aforementioned papers one by one… change in priorities…. Irreparable differences….

Those were what she cited as reasons for divorce. The Anbu chuckled dryly; he supposed they were a lot more socially acceptable than "infidelity".

"Who was it?" he asked rhetorically, musing about all the possible answers. If he knew the son of a bitch who touched her…

"A newbie," the medic answered passively, her fingers tapped against her waist in slight impatience.

"I'll give you your divorce," he said, his right hand reaching for the pen.

For a few seconds, the room was deathly silent except for a few scratches that made up his signature. The Anbu got out of his chair and walked around the large mahogany table over to her. She was slightly shorter, giving him the vantage point of looking down at her. He extended his arm, holding the damned papers. Sakura's eyes caught his gaze and she began to reach forward.

Neji's other hand caught hers, and impulsively drew her toward him. His lips caught hers and the stack of papers was dropped to the floor when the Hyuuga's hands became entangled in her pink hair. Sakura's body instinctively closed the small space between them, she opened her mouth almost wantonly and let his tongue continued its ministrations.

His lips parted from hers and began their journey to her earlobe. Neji whispered hoarsely, her body shivered at the selfish tone that was on his tongue, "I don't like knowing another man touched you,"

Silver eyes glanced up at the door quickly and were satisfied that it was locked. Neji's left hand untangled itself from her hair and traveled down her back, bringing the zipper down with it. The dress slid down easily and he could feel her hot skin against his palm.

"I didn't stay with her the whole night," he began, his tone was apologetic.

When his fingers glided to the small of her back, her body convulsively arched up and gave itself to him willingly. The hypnotic movements of her delicious curves demanded his attention, guided the sensuous nature that was in him, molded his very body around her. Her flesh was a revelation.

His honor had not allowed him the luxury of touching her body the way he was doing now. It did not let his lips roam over the nook of her neck. When she slept, he had allowed himself to look at her, the subtle rise and fall of her breasts underneath the light blanket. He had loved her because she was his responsibility; it was his obligation to care for her. Neji did not remember when responsibility coalesced with lust, and lust with love.

The rise and fall of her breasts weren't so subtle now; her chest heaved and collided lusciously underneath his weight.

"I hate people who lie and then end up telling the truth," she said, "If you're going to lie, lie to the end… I did."

He wanted to touch her- he did. He wanted to kiss her- the taste of her lips on his proved that he did. He wanted to possess her- he did that too. Or she possessed him, he wasn't so sure anymore.

When her body quivered in pain, he knew what she meant. She did lie, even when the curtain fell on their marriage.

His wife had never once been unfaithful to him. Her body was immaculate and in the end it was still Neji who ruined her.

The Anbu smiled ironically, because as he drove their bodies to oblivion he knew it was Sakura who possessed him after all.


"What do you think you're doing?" Neji asked, a sliver of anger laced in his tone.

"Getting another copy, you don't expect me giving the judge these papers after we did that,did you?" Sakura answered as-a-matter-of-factly.

Silver eyes narrowed in confusion, she really was going to leave him. Even after he made love to her, she was honestly going to give up. Noticing his irritation, the medic walked over and leaned down at the man who was sitting on the large desk. She drew forward and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Luckily, the page of your signature is still intact. Everything should be finalized within a week," straightening out the wrinkles of her dress, Sakura left the captain's office.

As she walked toward the exit of the Academy, her ears registered vaguely the crashing sounds of destroyed concrete.

The large door closed with a dull thump, Sakura breathed out in relief as the ugly complacency lifted off her chest. Their daily schedule was finally free from the circuitous cliché of endless betrayals and uncomfortable formality. But she was mostly relieved because she knew their second time will be better.


2 years later

"Did you ever fall back in love with her?" a small child whispered and let out a small yawn.

Her father chuckled and nodded.

"Sari, your mother is the only woman I would marry twice,"

The Hyuuga smiled and pulled the blanket up over his small child. Smoothing her dark brown hair lightly, he watched as the small green eyes finally closed.