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CHAPTER 8: Stone Cold, But Looking Good

Bella awoke to a faint sound; she pulled herself up, and out of bed, squinting to perfect her site in the complete darkness. She pulled the covers off and went to the window, then she recalled the night before.

She wanted to throw it open… but she remembered Matt and the fact that he was sound asleep.

She carefully opened it, after a few seconds she would creak it open more… and more… and more


It made a screeching sound and Matt grumbled.

She stopped, dead in her tracks, red-handed.

Matthew just rolled over, and then quickly went back to his peaceful slumber.

Bella opened it even more, until she was almost positive her head would fit.

She looked outside and stared straight down, down to the side-yard of their apartment. Her eyes quickly, but swiftly traveled up. Then she met the gaze of a god.

He stared back, not even blinking, wow how much time had past between them?

You could tell that inside his mind, he was completely lost, he knew in his head he needed to leave, right now, but his heart told him to stay… to wait for her.

He finally blinked, and he heard Bella take a breath of fresh air and she let it out, still holding his gaze.

Bella quickly turned away, putting her head down and shook her head. She told herself to look up just once more, but she knew he was most likely gone by that amount of time that she had let pass, but she allowed herself to look up.

…and there he was, still across the building, his head turned down.

Bella smiled and nodded her head; she turned and left the window open, crawling back to bed.

What Bella did for the next few moments was just think, thought of all the memories they both shared, and the things that might have been.

…and while Bella pandered, Edward looked up finally, but he only saw an open window, so he jumped off the building and headed back home.

The next morning, Bella awoke again, to find the window wide open, and she was shivering, her whole body became overwhelmed with then sudden chill.

All she could recall was her getting up and opening the window, the rest, she convinced herself, was just a dream.

Bella quickly got up and took a shower, dressing in jeans, and a dark blue trench coat with a simple gray scarf.

Matt was still asleep, sound asleep in boxers and a white undershirt.

She gave him a quick kiss that headed out the door, the clock struck 8am.

Bella got in her car and drove off to her destination, the coffee café.

A few minutes later she arrived and was greeted by Alice, with a huge smile that played across her face.

Bella somehow gracefully got out of the car, and Alice engulfed her in another hug.

Then Bella turned to grab her purse in the back seat, when she was pushed into someone else's arms, she welcomed the hug, then pushed back a little to see this mystery hugger.

"Bella, darling, how are you?" Esme Cullen asked politely.

Bella smiled and hugged Esme again, a smile played across her face this time.

"I'm wonderful Esme, and you?"

"Oh… you know the same."

Bella laughed and Esme and Alice joined in.

Bella grabbed her black purse, and they all walked into the coffee café.

Alice started talking about how Jasper couldn't come because he forgot they were going hunting, so Esme gladly opted to replace him.

They ordered their drinks then quietly sipped their drinks down, blabbing about their few years apart, and about Matthew.

Esme finally broke the calm, soothing talking.

"Bella, I miss you so much. It's never been quite the same without you."

Alice's head nodded 100 times per minute, in agreement.

Esme then added, "Bella you must see our house that we have here, it's quite adorable, you'd love it."

Bella checked her watch, 9:30am, Matthew!

She forgot to wake him up when she actually left to tell him to get to work, how could she forget!

Alice handed Bella her phone, already seeing it happening.

Bella dialed his cell phone, no answer.

She tried the house phone, and no answer.

"How odd," Bella said to no one in particular.

"Oh don't worry, his little carrot-cake thing was canceled, and he woke up on his own." Alice said to Bella.

"Oh alright, thanks Alice."

"Bella, I insist you come to our house, Carlisle and the others are dieing to see you." Esme exclaimed.

Bella thought about it, if she ran into Edward at this wonderful house…

Esme interrupted her thoughts, "Bella, Edward isn't there, don't worry, hun."

Bella smiled, but not too quickly, not enough to make it look like she was excited he wasn't going to be there.

"Oh alright, just a quick visit, not too long."

Alice jumped for joy and hugged Bella, Esme the same, without the jumping, and with more mother-like authority.

The group of girls headed to their cars and Bella got in her car.

Alice came and tapped on the window, and Bella put it down.

"Just follow us; it's not that far from here."

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