'Hey guys, I really don't think this is a good idea…' Oishi interrupted his teammates.

'Why not? We need to make Fuji learn that playing pranks on others is not funny at all. Not funny at all.' Momoshiro replied.

For once, Kaidou nodded in agreement.

'Nyah, make him have a taste of his own medicine.' Kikumaru added firmly.

Oishi released a defeated sigh. 'I'm not part of this.'

Inui adjusted his glasses. 'We'd better hurry, while Kawamura is still able to distract Fuji.'

The boys of Seigaku Tennis Club were having an outing, in celebration of their Captain being discharged from the hospital. The doctors had diagnosed Tezuka with a case of 'severe food poisoning' and he was released after a few days of observation. Momoshiro had suggested going to the newly opened Indoor Water Theme park, and had gained the go-ahead from their Captain. What Momoshiro had cleverly left out was the prank the boys excluding Tezuka and Oishi had cooked up in revenge for the trauma Fuji gave them during the five days that he was banned from practice.

'Is it all clear?' Momoshiro asked Kikumaru, who was on the lookout.

'Tezuka's talking to Fuji, Kawamura's watching them. It's all clear. Go ahead, nyah!' Kikumaru affirmed.

Grinning, Momoshiro brought out Fuji's locker key that he managed to swipe from the pile of belongings that Echizen was guarding. He opened the door, swept out all of Fuji's clothes and replaced them with the paper bag that Kikumaru had gladly donated. Momoshiro handed Fuji's clothes to Inui who promptly sneaked out of the locker room to dispose of it. The boys then filed out of the locker room, pretending as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

'Oh… Fuji's so going to get angry.' Oishi muttered in a tortured voice. 'Guys, we better don't do it.'

'Too late.' Momoshiro grinned as Inui returned and gave the sophomore a thumbs up.

The boys had a fairly fun day, which included Kaidou accidentally tripping Kawamura, who then knocked into Tezuka, sending the senior and the Captain down the slides. Only Oishi didn't laugh, the vice-captain was too preoccupied with the ugly scene he had conjured up in his mind that he was sure to come. When Inui finally produced his latest creation as a reward for a game, the boys deemed it as a signal that it was time to leave.

'What's wrong?' Tezuka asked the tennis prodigy beside him.

Fuji was staring at the paper bag in his locker, at the spot his own clothes should have been but had somehow vanished into thin air. He couldn't purchase decent clothes, as the theme park didn't have shops so it was either to make his way home in his shorts or with the clothes in the paper bag. Silently, Fuji took the bag and entered the changing room. When he finally came out, everyone excluding Tezuka burst out in helpless laughter. The genius of the club was clad in a long-sleeved, white lace blouse and a pink silk full skirt with a ribbon at the back.

Fuji stalked out, grim-faced, past his howling team-mates. Kikumaru was rolling on the floor, holding his stomach, gasping for air. Echizen and Momoshiro were against the wall, pounding it with their fists, Inui was holding the locker door for support, Oishi and Kaidou were hiding their heads in the lockers, trying to avoid letting Fuji see their amusement.

Fuji threw them a death glare and said in a dangerously sweet voice. 'You just wait.' And he left in a flurry of pink silk.

The locker room fell silent for a moment at Fuji's proclamation, until Kikumaru added in a choked voice. 'I wonder if he wore the lace panties?'

This time, they couldn't stop laughing.