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Well, I'm just warning you, so please bear with me. And f you on't like what I'm doing, it would be greatly apreciated if you told me what I'm doing wrong.

Btw; This story is sorta based on Jaclyn Moriarty's "The Year of Secret Assignments".

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"Quack" -Talking

"Quack"- Inner


"Ice Breakers"

Sasuke lied down on his bed, annoyed. All those stupid fangirls had followed him around again. "Sasuke-KUN! Pwease! Go out with me?". Who on earth had given those retards the right to add the suffix -kun to his name anyways? If he hadn't been raised the way as an Uchiha, he would've snaped their fingers like a twig everytime they dared to touch him.

Not that he's someone to break people's limbs everytime they come into a 2-feet-radius, but these girls? Oh, they deserve to raped by Orochimaru to later be thrown into a volcano, where their "pretty" faces were to be horribly distortioneduntil the point that they wouldn't even recognize themselves, to later be thrown into the bottom of the sea, kunais stuck into each of their limbs, making them bleed out while their lungs burst because of the pressure.

His daydream was interrupted by a Kakashi, who had inconspicuously apeared in his window. The boy didn't even flich, for he had sensed Kakashi's chakra about 5 seconds ago.

"Hey there, Sasuke! Anything wrong?". Asked the masked sensei as he smiled (or semed like it to Sasuke).

"Idiotic fangirls. Won't even let me breathe without squealing or asking me out" answered the black-haired boy, not even rising from his bed to greet his sensei appropriately.

"Well, can't really help you there!" Answered Kakashi cheerfully. "Anyways, I just dropped by to give you a message."

Sasuke laid down, eyes closed, waiting for his teacher to continue. Kakashi did not resume talking, as if waiting for Sasuke to retort. Said boy opened one eye lazily to look at his silver-haired mentor, giggling creepily while having his nose buried on his book.

Sasuke grunted angrily. As soon as his sensei took notice of his student looking at him expectantly, he sweadropped, and put down his book. After a sigh, he resumed talking.

"Remember that Naruto nagged Tsunade so much to let him go on a mision alone that she sent him on a C-ranked by himself?" Started Kakashi.

"How could I forget? That dobe spent hours and hours rambling about how he is such a great ninja that he doesn't even need a team to complete a mission. I bet you an entire fortune that the dobe screwed it up." Retorted Sasuke. Kakashi stiffled a laugh.

"Well, you see, Naruto isn't exactly the brightest candle in the box, and he insulted the costumes of one of the villages when he said that he prefered eating ramen than a specially made meal that they prepared for him"

"Why doesn't this surprise me?"

"Anyways, you and Sakura need to go get him back." Said Kakashi plainly.

"Why the hell won't you go?" asked an anoyed Sasuke, who didn't feel like going on a 3 day trip to the village of the Mist with yet another annoying fangirl.

"Because I'm needed here. Besides, Why are you so angry? It won't take you that long and you can get away from your fangirls for a few days." Reasoned Kakashi.

"What do you think Sakura is?" Sasuke asked sarcastically.

"Sasuke, you haven't worked alone with her since you came back some time ago. Trust me, she has changed, A LOT. And besides, You're on probation, so can't go out of the village on your own, which is the reason that Sakura is joining you."

"Please, Kakashi, Do you honestly think that even if I did try to run away, that she would be able to stop me? Do I have to remind you how things were back when we were Genin?"

"Don't underestimate her, Sasuke, she is stronger than what she looks. Why do you think that Tsunade sent you on a mission with her in the first place? If she didn't think that Sakura could handle you, then she would've sent someone else."

Sasuke 'Hn'-ed and lied back on his bed. He took a deep breath and thought for a while. Sakura had improved since they were kids. Of course, not enough to beat him, but she made a decent Chunin.

"Get your things together! You guys are leaving in the morning" And with that, Kakashi dissapeared in a 'Poof', leaving Sasuke alone once again with his dreams of dead fangirls.

"Ok, give him 3 mg of vicodin and he should be alright, but to be sure, he must stay under observation all night." Sakura spoke quickly to the nurse, who was writing down everything sakura said.

"Sakura, Lady Tsunade asked me to remind you of the mission. You are leaving in the morning and it would be best if you went home and rest a while. After all, it's a long trip and you have to take Sasuke with you." Shizune told Sakura, who had just administered an I.V. to one of her patients. The pink-haired ninja hastened out of the room, trying to hide her nervousness over this mission.

"Shizune, I'm ok. Really, I can go on and still have energy in the morning! Besides, I have tons of patients and I can't leave them." Sakura said with a smile which had been forced to her lips.

"No. You're leaving, now." An imponent voice was heard behind all three medics. It belonged to the Gondaime. "Sakura, I need you on top shape. You have worked a lot lately and need some rest, or you will get sick and will end up as a patient here."

"But Tsunade-shisou--"Sakura was cut off by the blonde Doctor.

"Sakura, you're going home, and that's final. If you don't want to see it as an afternoon off, we can call it a suspension" Tsunade teased the young medic, knowing how proud she was of her flawless discipline record.

"No! I mean, there's no need Tsunade-sama. I'll go now." Sakura sighed in defeat.

"Just to be sure... Ino, Hinata, Please, escort Sakura home." Tsunade said as said girls popped from behind Tsunade's back.

"You heard, Forehead! Words directly form the Gondaime's mouth! Let's get going! "Ino hastily grabbed Sakura's arm and dragged her down the halls of the hospital and out the doors, while the Hyuuga heiress watched the scene amused.

Tsunade shook her head, an amused look on her face. She then snuck out while Shizune was turned and ran to her office for a bottle of sake.

"How do you feel?" Asked Hinata while walking down the streets of Konoha next to her friends.

"About what?" Responded Sakura.

"What else, Forhead! You are going on a mission with Sasuke! By Yourself! You haven't directly spoken to him since he got back to Konoha 6 months ago! Doesn't that make you nervous?"

Sakura felt her stomach drop to her feet. Of course she was nervous! What kind of question is that?!

"God, we really need to get someone smarter as a best friend!"

"You know, that's plain mean! Ino's being supportive here! It's not her fault that she has a hard time dealing with the obvious!"

"Umm...Yes! It is!"

"Why do I even talk with you? Go to hell!"

"Hi! I'm Already here!"


"Well Ino, to tell the truth, I'm sort of nervous. I will spend 3 days with him. And besides, I don't know how things are between us. We haven't spoken in so long!" Sakura said, after having cut off her inner from saying anything else.

"What I don't understand, Is how do you not speak to your own teammate for 6 months?" asked Hinata, half to herself, half to her friends.

"You see, most of the talking was done by Kakashi or Naruto. I only had to answer specific questions, like 'Do you see the target?' or, 'What time is it?' and things like that. We haven't really spoken."

"Well, you have three days to talk to him!"

"But I don't know what to say, or even if he want to say anything." answered a preocupied Sakura.

"Well, then play a game!" Ino suggested.

"Excuse me?" Both Hinata and Sakura had grown curious on Ino's idea.

"Yes, for example, dares. Those are always fun. You dae him to do something, he dares you back. To see who is the boldest. I don't think THE Uchiha Sasuke will turn down a competition." Said Ino, a smug smile plastered on her face.

"I don't know..."

"Come on Sak, what's the worst that could happen?" Retorted a VERY wrong Ino.

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