It all started that one night when Superman met Lois Lane for an interview. Unknown to them that encounter would intertwine their destinies. Then their was Clark Kent and Lois :Lane, partners in journalism. Lois had eventually grown to like the nerdy, goof, but also had something for the super hero. In time the two would become one and his identity revealed to Lois. They were married and Clark Kent continued to save the world as Superman and then he joined the Justice League.

One night would change everything though. Lois found out she was pregnant; something they weren't sure could ever happen. Nine months passed and David Kent was born. His kryptonian name Dae-El would never be known to him. Both Lois and Clark agreed not to burden him with his heritage until he could understand. Because what child wouldn't want to brag about having Superman as a dad? But now David was sixteen and things were about to change...


"David Kent you're going to be late for school!" shouted Lois from down the hall.

David pulled a pillow over his head before finally throwing the covers off of him self. He slowly got up and got ready for school. Like most teens school wasn't a good reason for him to get up in the morning. He had inherited his father's looks for the most part. He had his long black hair except when he got the occasional hair cut. His eyes the a piercing blue and his facial features a mix of his parents.

One thing he did not inherit was his father's fashion. Maybe it had something to do with growing up in Metropolis, but he couldn't stand plaid. His outfit consisted of a black shirt and red shorts with a black strip on each leg.

"Be good at school" said Lois as she gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"Where's dad?" asked Dave grabbing his bag.

"You know he had to finish up a report for the planet" lied Lois. Dave simply nodded. He walked out the door and walked in the opposite direction of the bus stop.

One thing his parents didn't know, or at least he thought, was his powers. Taking a look around to be safe he took off at sound breaking speed. David showed up at the school with time to spare.

"Yo, Dave" called a voice from behind him.

Dave turned and saw his best friend, Dick Grayson. He had lost his parents in a freak accident and lived in Gotham, why he went to Met High, Dave had no clue.

"Hey what's up?" replied Dave as they walked.

"Nothing much, so is today the day?" asked Dick with a grin.

"For what?" asked Dave confused.

"The day you ask Colleen Smith out" he said. He knew Dave had a crush on her, and Clark thought it was irony when he heard that she was the daughter of Lana Lang, or Lana Smith, now.

"Very funny, Dick, but things haven't been going good lately" replied Dave.

"Why, what's up?"

"I'll tell you later" said Dave as the bell for classes rang.


Classes went by as usually, boring. The final bell rang and Dave headed home after he was unsuccessful in locating Dick.

"Dave?' questioned a feminine voice as Dave sat at the bus stop.

"Huh? Oh h-hey Colleen" greeted Dave a little nervous.

"I assume you're waiting for the bus?" she asked.

"Yup" replied Dave.

"Do you want to hang out or something?" she asked.

"Uh-S-sure yea" replied Dave and then he heard voices, a gun shot, a bank robbery. "Actually can I call a rain check."

"Uhm, sure" she said a little confused.

"I'm really sorry but there's something I've got to do" said Dave as he took off around the corner. He knew it wasn't his job, there were real heroes, but they couldn't be everywhere could they.

David approached a Bank of America and saw the situation. 'This should be easy enough' thought Dave looking at the four criminals. Taking a step to open the door, the next thing that happen was four bank robbers on the ground unconscious.

Dave stood outside satisfied; he turned but ran in to a brick wall.

"And here I was thinking I'd have to stop a bank robbery" said the voice of Superman.

"Yea, well I guess not" said Dave with some attitude.

"I saw what you did" said Superman and Dave turned a little pale. "How long have you been able to do that?"

"My whole life I guess" said David.

"Well head home for now, and be safe" said Superman as he headed off. 'How will Lois react?' thought Clark as he flew through the air.

"Mom! I'm home!" shouted David as he entered.

"Can you come to the living room" Lois shouted back. Dave walked through the house to see his mom and dad sitting on the couch.

"What's going on?" he asked trying to remember if he did anything bad.

"Nothing, just sit down son, we have something to tell you" said Clark. Dave sat down curious now.

"Dave I've come to understand you have some powers" said Clark.

"Lis..." "Let me finish" Clark cut him off. "There's a reason you have these "gifts"."

"What your father is trying to say is you are the son of Superman" said Lois ready to get this over with.

"Wait, you had an affair with Superman?" said David not getting it.

"No, son I am Superman" said Clark.

Dave sat in his seat dumbstruck. Finally things began to fit into place. "This is awesome"

"This sucks!" stated Dave as he sat in the backseat of the car.

"Watch yourself, David Kent" said a stern Lois.

"I told you, until you learn to control your power you'll be staying at Grandma's" said Clark.

'How can they do this? I'm a city kid and now I have to live in hic-ville' thought Dave bitterly.

They past the welcome to Smallville sign and Dave thought of putting it on fire, but decided not to...

After settling in, his parents left him stranded, even though he tried to persuade his mom to take him back to Metropolis.

Dave went up to his room, which was formally his dad's.

"Just great" said Dave as he looked out the window to see nothing but farm land. He needed to get control of his powers and fast.