A cork flew into the air as a bottle of champagne was opened. The whole Justice League was stationed in the tower, not a soul was missing. All in celebration for their victory over Darkseid, or more specifically the success of the young heroes.

"Let's hear it for the new guys. I always knew you could do it" said the Flash as he lead the crowd in three cheers.

"I'd just like to say something about Mr. David Kent" said Oliver stepping up. "Kid, you remind me of myself only a few years younger. I've accomplished a lot in both the normal and superhero world; but what you did; I take my hat off to you."

This was followed by another round of applause as Superman began making his speech. "I'm proud of my son, but applause does not belong to a few people in this case. It belongs to all of you; everyone in the Justice League helped save the Earth from certain doom…"

Dave turned away from his father's speech and caught the sight of Wonder Girl standing towards the back. He made his way over through the crowd until he reached her. "This is pretty unbelievable huh?"

"You could say that" she replied with a grin.

"Cassandra right?" Dave asked as they started to walk away from the crowd and threw the watchtower.

"Right, everyone just says Cassie for short" she confirmed. "So it must be pretty exciting to be Superman's son."

"Eh, you'd think but not really" Dave replied. "I mean you get all the powers but your identity is a secret so it's not like you're famous for being his son."

"But you are now, aren't you?" she asked stopping at a glass panel that looked out into space.

"No, I'm famous because we saved the world" he said pointing between them. "Even though you came out of nowhere."

"I saved you guys from a beating" Cassie said with a smirk.

"Suure" Dave replied.

"So what's your hero name anyway?" she asked. "I mean there's Robin, Green Lantern, Starfire, Terra, what's yours? Superboy?"

"Hey I'm not a boy. I am all man" Dave said flexing his muscles to show his natural built arms. Cassie began to laugh and Dave was in a trance. She's really beautiful, he thought. Cassie noticed him staring and soon the feeling was mutual as they moved closer.

"Hey guys!" Flash said zooming up behind them. "Well just thought I'd tell you Ms. Kent sent up some great victory cake with Superman; you should try it. Well hope I didn't reunion a "moment" or anything. You know that always seems to happen in movies, when someone just comes in right before-"

Dave rolled his eyes with a smile. The Flash was aimlessly rambling and he didn't even know it. "You know what I think I'll go get some cake" he said before getting up to leave.

"Flash was right, this is some good cake" Dave said as he bit into his piece.

"You're taking advice from the Flash now?" asked a voice from behind Dave. It was so sudden that he almost choked on his cake.

"Can you give a guy a warning?" he asked as he turned to Bruce.

"Sorry. You did good out there. You held your own and when it came down to it, you did what needed to be done. Good job" Batman finished. All night different heroes had been congratulating him, but when the Batman tells you that you did a good job, it just has something more to it.

"Thanks" Dave said still in shock from what he just heard.

"You think you can handle an eventless few months now that the troubles over?" asked Bruce. Dave looked over at Robin, then the rest of his team.

"I think that might be a nice change he said with a smile.

Dave headed into Smallville High for the first time in a few weeks. Business had been shut down due to the damage on the city buildings. Now there was only a few days left in school.

"Dave!" called Nick as he caught up with his friend. "How are you feeling?"

"Great" Dave replied as they headed to their lockers.

"Almost super?" he asked with a smile.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Dave curiously. If Nick was this happy then he knew something and wasn't telling.

"Nothing, nothing, but hey I'll see you in second period" Nick said as he headed down the hallway.

'What does he know?' Dave thought to himself as he shook his head in confusion. Dave continued to mess with his locker as he got the few books that he needed. Now that school was basically over, he really didn't need much. As he closed his locker he felt someone come close to him.

"Hey handsome" said a familiar voice.

He turned around to see the figure already walking down the hall. Although that person were in a pair of blue jeans and a red tank top instead of their costume he knew who it was. "Cassie" he said to himself. This was going to be an interesting summer.

In the Torch News Room

Sam sat at the computer. The end of another school year was coming. That meant it was time to lock up the Torch for now, although something big was on the horizon. Her internship at the Daily Planet could open up a lot of avenues, just like it did for her mother.

Currently she had the biggest headline of her writing career. Her initial idea was to write the exclusive account of the battle, from a personal perspective; however then she thought of something bigger and better and that was what was on her computer screen and had her thinking.

The Identity of Superboy

Under the title was Dave's yearbook photo, compared next to a picture of Superboy, even though his face was covered by a hood.

Sam had a decision to make. Better her personal career while sacrificing her best friend, or turn back now and keep his secret. Sam ran her mouse over the print button before clicking the 'X' at the top of the document. Sam let out a relieved sigh, tomorrow she would confront Dave about his secret.

"This should be an interesting summer" she said as she ran her hand through her hair.

In Space

The unnamed figure only known as Darkseid's son rested in his throne. Currently he had his slaves trying to find a way into this dimension known as the Phantom Zone. All of their trials had come up inconclusive.

"They will feel my wrath, and the wrath of my father through me" he said as he opened his eyes, which had a red glow to them. An image appeared on the ships main console. "And I will start with you…Dae-El."

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