I actually started this before I finished the book, but it was only after I was done with the Outsiders that I really began work on detail and an actual plot. The rating will most likely go up, and yes; this is slash. As in, boy/boy love.

This is my first non-anime, full slash fic. Please read and review. :3

Reincarnation can be a tricky business. Even if there is someone you promised yourself you'd see on the other side, or in this case another life, there is always a catch; for one, the time during which you died did not always guarantee the time during which you actually came back. So two golden-eyed brothers could have been killed at the exact same time, perhaps even committed suicide together, and ended up born again twenty years apart. You could even be reborn a little while before you died. Confusing, yes, but according to the church, a baby can not be allotted into heaven until it gains its humanity, and that while off could be just about the time Dallas Winston went down underneath the streetlight.

Another big issue with all this reincarnation business was the location; for instance, when good 'ol Two-Bit made his way back into the world of the living, he ended up a farm boy in Wyoming. It was pretty far off from our next former greaser, Steve, who was currently studying to get into MIT while bunking out in his friend's apartment in western Pennsylvania. Now, a funny thing about Steve; like the other boys, he didn't remember anything about his past life. And while he didn't participate in quite so... well, outright redneck activities, i.e. tipping cows like our dearest Keith (as Two-Bit was now known), Steve did have his fair share of differences.

Steve was a health nut; in all of his eighteen years of living, he hadn't once touched a can of cola. It wasn't until the night before his entrance exams that his roommate offered him some grape soda. Normally, Steve would have turned him down, but he had just downed his fifth fat-free latte and was drifting off, so he took it, supposing he needed a little pick-me-up. He'd heard caffeine was a good way to keep someone awake, which was just the reason why his mother had forbidden him from it in the first place. Bad nights with his father; she'd never had the chance to see if Steve would react the same way, seeming as she forbade him almost as soon as he could process words but wasn't quite old enough to protest.

It was warm and burned the end of his tongue ever so slightly, but it kept him awake the rest of the night (as his mother had predicted) and then some. In fact, he was awake to the point where he ran out of studying to do. And first thing in the morning, hours away from the start of his test, he headed down to the neighboring grocers and bought five cases of every soda brand he could find. True, he wondered a bit about his odd obsession, but then almost immediately decided he had just been a sodapop salesman in a past life and went on caressing a precious case of Pepsi.

But past lives didn't always have an effect on current ones, whether it be the mild, fun-loving influence like Keith or the raving OCD of Steve. Cherry bussed tables at a diner where Darry went every morning before work, and he didn't say more than two words to her unless they were to hurry up, you dumb broad, because he had a real working job to get to. She promptly spit in his soup. Blood relations had barely any effect, either; the Curtis boys had been all split up.

But in all this un-redemption, there was one almost good thing; Ponyboy knew Dallas. But that didn't necessarily mean he wanted to.

At this key moment, Ponyboy happened to be sprinting down the rain-soaked sidewalks, using his books as coverage rather than an actual umbrella, just as he did everyday and for which he would eventually pay. This was Seattle area, after all.

Ponyboy supposed he could've waited a while for the rain to let up, as it did every morning for a short period of time, but as it was there was danger lurking behind every corner that enjoyed the dry hours. And that was where Dallas came in.

Every morning, perhaps even on the weekends, the strikingly blonde boy stood by the cross-section between Smith Blvd., Vines Way, Torristown Avenue and Blessem Street, which was near most people's routes to school. Most of the students came from one of the four locations, and the school was on B Street across from the churches on Vines Way, overlooking its Catholic school rivals.

They weren't sure what he was doing there (by "he" meaning Dallas). They weren't even sure if he was a student or not! If he was, he would most likely be a senior this year, as a small stubble was just visible along his jaw. But no one was brave enough to approach and ask. You see, the thing about Dallas that hadn't changed was that he was a criminal. And the thing about criminals was, over the years new offenses and crimes kept getting thought of. Dallas still stole things, knocked out a couple of headlights here and there, rolled a couple of drunk guys and stole their senior class rings. But Dallas did other things, too. Things that made every younger or smaller-built boy who passed him break out into a run, and even the bigger guys who could probably take him break out into a cold sweat. Girls would skirt about him too for mildly similar reasons, but everyone still hoped the same; that the cops would bust him for loitering or prostitution and send him away for a few months. Every so often he was, so everyone got their peace. But the guys down at the station got bored with him after a while and just let him have his way. In the end no one was safe.

Back to Ponyboy, or Michael as he much rather be called, and how he felt a strange sensation this particular day. It could've been that the rain went later than usual for Autumn (that was the name of the town, though technically it was autumn in Autumn) or the fact Dallas Winston was nowhere to be seen. People were still wary of where they stepped, as if he'd leap from the shadows at any given moment and attack. As Pony-Mike stepped over the threshold of the school and felt a shiver rack his body, he realized things weren't right. And he was absolutely correct; Dallas had shown up for school.

If anyone was more surprised than Pony-Mike that he was there, awaiting him in homeroom, it was the tow-headed boy himself. Dallas was unsure of why he made the decision, even less so now under the uncomfortable and skeptical stares of the student body and faculty. But he had had a feeling, deep in his gut, that he should go, maybe even start going on a mildly regular basis. There was a bright side, of course: free water and showers, and although the lunches could be pricey at times, he could always beat up someone smaller for theirs. He wasn't sure why he hadn't thought of this before.

The two of them were right to feel strange. Something big was about to happen that would change the two of them. Perhaps for the better. But then again, perhaps not.

Guess who shows up in the second chapter? The second main character, that's who. 8D (My apologies for the short chapter. THey get longer from here, I promise.)

Also: I love Two-Bit. I really do. But he and the rest of the characters won't fit in this story. This is for the boys (meaning our two mains and our dearest Pony-Mike) to duke it out. XD