-1A/N Yay, I finally got to this! This is the sequel to my fic Sold, so if you haven't read it, then you might want to.

Summery: Stars twinkle, they shine, and they fall. People live, they fear, they die. The BAU is still trying to recover from Reid's abduction when another case is brought to them, young girls are being murdered, and Reid is still fighting his own darkness.

Disclaimer: Criminal minds is not mine.

1. Prologue

David and Henry ran through the small forest out behind the town, over logs and under branches. Sliding on the wet ground, slippery from the previous nights rain. They laughed, as all young boys did over nonsensical jokes and rumors they heard in school. They laughed, clear, young boys' laughter.

It was hard for them to keep their breath as they jumped through the forest, screaming at each other playfully. Laughter echoed against the trees, who's branches waved gracefully in the breeze. Every few minutes one or the other was grazed by a stray branch, not hard enough to mark, but with enough force to sting for a few seconds afterwards.

They ran over dirt trails, and onto wild grass, their eyes bright with anticipation for whatever the remainder of the day might hold. David was sly, snatching up an acorn and throwing it back at Henry, hitting him in the chest without faltering. Henry did not have that grace, and toppled over trying to pick up a small pinecone.

He fell slowly, grabbing wildly for anything to stop his fall. His fingers closed around a thin branch, snapping it with the weight of trying to hold him. He slid, bringing his arms up to protect his face as he slammed into the dirt. He tensed at the initial contact, feeling the sting of torn skin.

David stopped running, worried, and ran back to where Henry had fallen. He looked down at his friend who was pushing himself up and trying to swat the mud away.

"You all right?"

"Course I am." Henry said, but his voice shook.

David smiled and sat down on a nearby log. "You klutz." He chuckled, watching Henry's face redden.

"One day, David, I'll be a better athlete then you." Henry nodded, climbing up on the log with David.

The forest was quiet now as they sat there, catching their breath. All of the little sounds stood out more, amplified, as they sat in momentary silence.

"Weren't there supposed to be holes out here, where Old Mitch was digging those traps?"

David shuddered, the old hunter had always creped him out. "He probably covered them up, to fool the animals."

Henry grinned. "Ya know, they still don't know where Susie and the others went."

"That's not funny!" David said, shifting uneasily.

A rustle and a low groan drew their attention away from each other, but they saw nothing.

"Dammit Henry." David said, annoyed. "Why do you always gotta try and scare me?"

"It wasn't me this timeā€¦" Henry said, looking towards the direction the sound had come.

Both boys watched as the mud around one of Old Mitch's holes moved, almost unnoticeably. The ground pulsed again, and each of the boys tensed, equally scared. They watched, terrified, as the mud twitched, and then a shape became more clear, and each boy yelled as they watched a muddy hand claw through the mud to the surface, where it fell limply.

"Go get help!" Henry shouted, and David ran as fast as he could toward the town while Henry pulled on the slender, dirty hand. No one was laughing.

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