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Holding onto Hope

At 10 you knew Troy Bolton was the only boy for you. Maybe it was his good looks that caught your eye, his brown locks and his striking blue eyes that always seemed to shine, or maybe it was the way he charmed his way into everyone's hearts. You just knew one day that he was the person you were going to marry, he would be grinning at you and mouthing "you're beautiful" as you walk down the aisle.

At 15 you still knew. You knew that one day Troy would realize that you belonged together. After all you were the Queen of East High and he was the King, it was only right that the King and the Queen be together. You knew him better than his dumb basketball friends; saw behind the fa├žade, the way his blue eyes never seemed to shine anymore or the way his smile never quite reaches his eyes. You knew how it felt, to have people expect more out of you. You knew the constant pressure to be better, to be the best. You knew him, understood him, so isn't it only right that you be together?

At 16 you still held hope. It didn't matter that another girl had caught his eye, it was just a matter of time before he realizes it's you he wants not her. She didn't know him, at least not the way you do. So you tried to push them apart, anything to get her out of the way but it backfired. They grew closer and sang their way into he hearts of everyone at East High twice while you stood behind and watched them, heartbroken.

At 18, you still hoped. Hope that one day he and Gabriella would just drift apart and see that they weren't meant to be. You're friends with them now, you sit at the same table, go to the mall together, and even had sleepovers (just the girls, of course) but you still wanted him. You like Gabriella, really you did but you love Troy, loved him for years and you convinced yourself that by being his friend he'll realize you could be more. But deep down you knew, knew that he and Gabriella were each other's soul mate, each others rock, but you still hoped.

At 25, you walked down the aisle with Troy at the altar smiling at you. You smiled back, your heart slowly breaking as you moved aside and let Gabriella walk towards him. She was beautiful, you admitted, her long black hair cascaded down her shoulders and her gown was simple but it looked beautiful on her. You glanced at Troy who gazed lovingly at the bride and as he smiled at her, his blue eyes shining happily and his smile reaching his eyes, and as they said their vows and exchanged their I do's you knew it was time to let him go.

My very first one shot and I have no idea what possessed me to write it. I was bored so I wrote this. It's pretty bad so tell me what to do to improve it. No flames, please my fragile heart can't handle it.