I did 'Heaven' now it's time for 'Hell'.

A lot more angsty than Heaven. Again prompted by my mum.

Spoilers for S3, although most of us have seen all that now?

Sort of a Doctor-ish rambling. Least that's how it came out, not how it was intended. Usual disclaimers apply.


"See you in hell."

That's what Jack always used to say. It's what he said to the me and Rose as he left us on the Game station to go and fight the Daleks.

"Those co-ordinates over there, set them all at six."

That's what the I told Rose to do. The coordinates for the void. The coordinates for hell.

"One tiny little gap in the universe left."

I said that too. Only tiny little gap left in hell that let me say goodbye. Even though I didn't.

"You are not alone."

That's what the Face of Boe had said. What Jack had said. He was right. Maybe in more then one way. What if it wasn't the Master he meant. What if Martha was half right. She said I had her. What if the Face of Boe meant both the Master and Rose.

What if there was that link between "See you in hell" and the fact the void was hell.

What if Jack could get through the void. And not die. And get Rose back.

What if hell was the answer?

Maybe me and Jack would have to go to hell and back to get Rose. That Black Hole led to hell right? And they are portholes to alternate universes, yes?

But what if the Beast had been right. That she would die in battle.

She's not dead. She's oh so alive.

What if the battle that kills her, is the battle to get home.