"I do not own the characters from lifetime networks original television series strong medicine"only the ones I made up

Main Characters:

Lu : age 34, same from strong medicine

Adrianne: age 14 , freshmen (my own character)

Lana: Same from strong medicine

Peter: same from strong medicine

Andy: same from strong medicine

What will happen when lu finds out about family she never knew she had and who she is now responsible for?

" Whos next"? lu asked lana, walking out of her office door

"um hold on a sec………. no body for about an hour, your 2 o'clock cancelled"

"ok so im gonna…………."

"hold on a sec" lana says cutting lu off" "something came for you"

"what is it"

"I don't know, why don't you open it" lana says sarcastically

Suddenly all expression dropped from lu's face while she read the mail she had just received

"lu, you ok?"

"ummm …yea ill be back, I need to use the phone" she says as she heads into her office"

On the phone" no this has to be a mistake" lu says" "I don't have a sister….

(quick note from the author- this has nothing to do with the episode when lu thought she had a sister, its totally different and I made this up myself)

…. No I understand , you just don't so let me say it again I DO NOT…HAVE…A…SISTER ,COMPRENDE?"

Guy on the phone" look miss Delgado, why don't you just come down so we can take some blood and do a test to figure this out, to be sure"

"um …yea ,no im not coming to new York I have work and my patients……"

"ok no need mis Delgado you can just send a sample to us and we'll get things straight , ok?"

"fine" lu says as she hangs up the phone


Lana- "lu something came for you"

Lu takes it to open it knowing exactly what it is, the test results.

"oh my god" says lu

"what?' says lana

"I have a sister"


lu sighs-" so the only other family besides isabella and marc, I ever had is now also gone"

"what do you mean"

" she died"


"yea, that's why this was sent to me, it tells me everything ,it says that Rosalyn , my sister, was searching for me because she knew I existed because her mom had told her before she died. She was searching for me because she needed to find some one to take care of her daughter before she died."

"before she died?"

"yea she was sick with lung cancer and she had a living will which stated that if something should happen to her that sole custody of her daughter went to her biological sister because there was no one else in her family to take care of her but the problem was ,she had to find her first.

"well now shes got you"


"so are you going to be her daughters guardian , I mean she is your family ,your niece?"

" well do I really have a choice I mean she was only my half sister but I can't just not take care of her daughter, your right she is my niece but I don't even know if I can do this, marks already left for collage and now I have another teenager to raise?"

"Wow, this is tough kid"

"tell me about it"

"so whats her name"


"when does she arrive"

"3 days"...

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