I've decided to write another House/Grey's Anatomy Crossover fanfiction.

Summery: When illness strikes her person, Meredith doesn't want anything but the best. House/Grey's Crossover. MerMark. Sort of Bang.

Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's or House.


She sat at the nurses' station watching as Burke attempted to talk to Christina. Christina glanced over at her pleading with her eyes for help.

"Christina," Meredith called standing up.

"Yes, Meredith." She turned giving her a thankful smile.

"I need some help with a patient. Would you?"

"Of course." She quickly followed Meredith into an exam room. Meredith shut the door as Christina hopped up on the bed.

"What did he want?" She asked sitting backwards on one of the chairs.

"I don't know. You know, he left me at the altar and comes back just to... you know, I don't know why he's here. But he keeps wanting to talk to me."

"You're preaching to the choir," Meredith sighed. "With the whole Derek thing and all."

"But you got you happy ending of whatever. You have McSteamy."

She sighed resting her hand on her head as she laid back.

"You okay?" Meredith asked slightly concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just have a headache… I'm just stressed." She rubbed her temples letting her eyes fall closed. Her rest didn't last long as her pager went off. Quickly standing up, she grabbed it off her belt. The room began to spin as she tried to concentrate on the words on the lit up screen. Bringing her hand to her head, she tried to stop the room from spinning.

"Christina? Are you okay?" Her words seemed slow and distorted as she stood up.

"I… I… I…" Before she knew what was happening her knees buckled and collapsed into Meredith's arm. Meredith fell to her knees trying to hold her up.

"Help! I need some help in here! Help!" She yelled. She looked down at her friend and felt her pulse to find it weak. "HELP!" The door opened and Alex stood there. "Alex, I need help."

He picked Christina up. "What happened?"

"I don't know. She had a headache and he pager went off and she stood up to check it. Then she just collapsed." He laid her down on the bed. A nurse hurried in. "Page Dr. Shepherd. Christina. Christina, can you hear me?"

"Get me an eighteen gauge needle."

Meredith grabbed the eighteen gauge needle as Alex set up her heart monitor. Alex moved to set up her IV.

"I got it." She said locating a vein and setting it up. Derek hurried into the room.

"What's going on?" He asked noticing the patient.

"She collapsed. She had been complaining of a headache then just… collapsed." Meredith said hanging the bag on the stand.

"Did you tell Burke?"

"Last time I checked, Burke was no longer in her life." Meredith argued.

"He would want to know." He argued back.

"She wouldn't want him to. And she's the patient. Her wishes come first. There is this little law called HIPPA. You can't do anything to get around it."

"How do you know she wouldn't want him to know?"

"Because I'm her person." She almost yelled.

"We should tell him."

"HIPPA, Dr. Shepherd. Patient privacy. Right now, Christina is just like every other patient." She walked back to her side of the bed.

Derek sighed knowing she was right. "Let's get her to MRI and CT."

"Dr. Shepherd, if I find out that you say anymore then 'she's stable' to anyone I'll be sure the medical board is so far up your ass that you won't be able to even sit without a lawsuit." Meredith threatened before kicking the break off the bed. Derek silently nodded not daring to say anything about him being her boss.