Something hit her nose causing her to scrunch it up but did not open her eyes. In a second another thing hit her nose, this time she reached up and rubbed her nose. The third time, she opened her eyes to the bright hospital room she had fallen asleep in. Christina looked at her expectantly from the bed. For a second she didn't react. When her brain caught up with her, she jumped off Mark's lap to her feet.

"Thank god." She sighed out as she looked down at her friend. "How do you feel?"

"Like crap. What happened?"

She couldn't stifle a giggle as she sat down on the edge of the bed. "It's been one hell of a week."

"Never a dull moment in Seattle Grace." Her eyes shut as she listened to her friend.

"You collapsed a few days ago. They didn't know what was wrong with you and needed a diagnostic team. So, I called my uncle."

"You're uncle?"

"Gregory House."

Her eyes popped open. "You're uncle is Gregory House?"

"Sh…" She hushed. "You just woke up."

She glanced over at Mark who was waking up.

"How could you not tell me that you're like a freaking inbred?"

"I'm sorry." Meredith giggled.

They were silent for a long time. "So, what's wrong with me?" Christina finally asked.

"You had an aneurysm."

"Who did the surgery?"


She groaned. "I hate Shepherd."

"I know, but he is the best."

"I get to meet House right?"

"Yeah." She giggled rolling her eyes. "Get some rest, Chris. I have to go get ready for work."

"Okay." She mumbled already drifting off to sleep. Standing up from the bed, she intertwined her fingers with Mark's and led him out of the room. Before he could say anything, she was pulling him into an on-call room and locking the door. Within a second, her fingers were intertwined in his messy hair and her lips were on his. It took his body a second to catch up, and he opened his mouth welcoming her tongue. He pushed her back up against the door and pulled back slightly.

"Good morning."

"Good morning." She giggled before crashing his lips against his.


She couldn't help but smile as she drove to the hotel. She had to be in the locker room in four hours, so she decided to get her uncle and take him out to breakfast. She knocked on his hotel room door hard and waited for him to open the door. After another loud knock, he opened the door. He was still wearing the sweatpants and t-shirt he fell asleep in. His hair was a ruffled mess, and he did not look happy to be awake.

"Meredith." He groaned sleepily.

"Come on, get dressed. We're going to get some breakfast." She told her smiling brightly at him.

"Are you high or something?"

"What do you mean?"

"Nobody can be this happy this early, Mer." He said as he walked further into the suite allowing her to follow.

"Why not? It's a beautiful day!" She sung out. He turned and raised an eyebrow at her. "Christina's okay. I'm pregnant. Everything is finally going well. So, come on we're going to breakfast. Where's Jimmy?"

He chuckled and sat down at the end of the bed. "Next door."

"Be ready in ten minutes." She called back as she walked out. Rolling his eyes, he sighed and headed towards the shower.

Knocking on the door to the right, she impatiently waited for Wilson to answer the door. To her surprise, the door opened and Cameron stood on the other side.

"Ah, where's Wilson?" Meredith stammered.

"The other side of House." Cameron said with a small smile playing her lips.

"Oh, sorry." Meredith blushed. "Didn't mean to wake you."

"Meredith?" Cameron called when she started to walk away. "Yeah?"

"What's it like having Ellis Grey as a mother and House as an uncle?" She asked hesitantly.

For a second, she searched for an answer. Her mother wasn't around much when she was a child, and she was practically raised by her uncle, surrogate uncle, and her "gal pal" as House called Lisa. "Just like with any family… we have out problems." She shrugged. Even though they had more problems then most with Ellis with Alzheimer's and House being House, she was brought up well.

"Cameron, you coming?" Chase called as he left his room to find Foremen already waiting.

"Good morning." Meredith said to Foreman and Chase.

"Good morning." They echoed back.

She tuned and walked to Wilson's door. After a brief knock, he opened the door.

"Good morning, Mer."

"Good morning." She smiled. "We're going to breakfast. Get ready."

"Okay." He nodded and walked back into the room.