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SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe signed on

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Now where is he?!

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Oh sad is the world! When Gure-kun isn't here with me!!!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe? signed in

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Gure-kun?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Aaya?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: ::prances towords him with arms wide open:: Shiiiiiguuureeeeee!!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: ::does the same:: Aaaaaaayaaaaa::glomps::

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: So why did you call me here?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I missed your beautiful voice :heart:

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: ...can you hear me?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I can in my memory!!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: U know they made phones for that XD

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Maybe I missed your beautiful typing, Gure-Kun!

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo signed in

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: Who's in here?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Kyou?

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: Who're you and why is your chatroom called "Souma Chat?"

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Kyoun! Can you really not tell who we are? After all of those baths we gave you as a baby!

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: What?!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Kyounkichi Souma!

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: ?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Why did you run out on me? Didn't you think little Chikita needed a father?!!

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo signed off

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Gure-kun, I think you scarred him off. :)

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: lol, well he should have taken care of his baby XD

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: :9 you're not nice :heart:

seahorseswillruleyouall signed in

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Hari!!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Hatori!!

seahorseswillruleyouall signed off

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: ...

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Is it something we said?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: TT-TT Hari!

Dr. Doom signed in

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Hello?

Dr. Doom swtiched to invisible

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: are we being stalked? O.O

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: I think so XD

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Dr. Doom? Have you spoken with Johnny Storm lately XDDD

The:Only:One:You:See signed in
Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo signed in

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: Friends of yours?

The:Only:One:You:See: idk. I don't think so.

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: What the hell does 'idk' mean?!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: I don't know.

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: I wasn't talking to you!!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: lol

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: lol? What the hell?

The:Only:One:You:See: idk means I don't know, stupid cat.

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: Shut up! If you're suposed to be the smart one why don't you use proper english?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: lol

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!!

The:Only:One:You:See: LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! moron.

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: You're the one who can't spell, stupid rat.

The:Only:One:You:See: I can spell, I just dnt want 2.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: please stop fighting

The:Only:One:You:See: who r u?

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: Who the hell do you think you are?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: your cousin

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: ?

The:Only:One:You:See: y r u yelling at me when u wont even spell out 'what'

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: shut the hell up! Ass hole. You know how hard it is to read what you are typing?! It dosn't make any sense!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: It is me Kyou! Yuki! You live in my house, I feed you.

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: Shigure? You do NOT feed me. Who's the Sailor Moon guy?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I'm Ayame, silly :D Hi Yuki::huggles::

The:Only:One:You:See: signed off

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Why do people keep doing that to me?! Y-Y

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: I would never, Aaya::huggles::

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: What does that mean?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Well...when 2 people love eachother

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: lol

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: Idiot. I mean 'huggles'

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: It means hugs and snuggles

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: How? You guys are on the computer.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: It's the thought that counts Kyounkichi!!

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: Don't call me that!!!! What if someone signs on and sees that? I will kill you

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: You don't get on the computer much do you?

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: What's that suposed to mean?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I mean you know nothing about the world of chat! No one can see what was typed before they enter the room, silly! ;)

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: ::glomps:: Kyou

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: You what-ed me?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: I glomped you

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: That's an ugly word, what does it mean?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: hmmmmmmmnnn

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: It's like a tackle hug!

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: I don't get the point! You're not really doing it, we're over the computer!!

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Oh just go with it Kyoun!

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: ...

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: ok...get the hell off of me, Shigure.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Yayzies!! He played along :heart:

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: You guys are weird.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: ::huggles:: Kyou

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo: ...::punches Ayame::

Souma-Sama-NyaNyuNyo signed off

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: TT-TT He punched me, Gure-kun.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: ::kisses Aaya's boo boo:: I lovers you Aaya.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Lovers you too, Shigure, and you too Dr. Doom :heart:

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: rofl I forgot about him

Dr. Doom comes back from invisible

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: hello:heart:

Dr. Doom signed off

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: ::cries:: why do people hate me?!! If they don't ignore me they hit me!

D.DR signed on

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: will you hit me, sir?

D.DR switches to invisible

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I'm getting off and getting somthing chocolate and bad for me! I'm depressed! Farewell Shigure:heart:

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe signed off

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: TT-TT now I'm alone. D.DR are you Dr. Doom? I bet you are...

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: ...TT-TT

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: D.DR will you talk to me?

D.DR came back from invisible

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: gasp!! I feel like Im trying to get close to a wild animal::cups hands in front of him like he is holding food:: Ok, come on, don't be scarred..

D.DR: ...

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: TT-TT PLAY WITH ME!!

D.DR: ::bites Is:Your:Drink:Safe? hand::

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: AH! Not nice::flips D.DR's nose::

MetalHead signs on
Don't-Shave-Me signs on

MetalHead: excuse me...?

D.DR switched to invisible

MetalHead: I'm sry, did I interrupt somthing?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Not at all, is there somthing you needed?

MetalHead: I was just wondering if my friend and I could join this chat, it has our family's name.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: You're so polite, you could only be Kisa!

Don't-Shave-Me: Who th' hell r u?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: And this must be little Hiro!

MetalHead: Who is this, may I ask?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: It is grandpa Shigure. Kisa! I didn't know you liked metal!

MetalHead: Death Klok, Snot, and Rob Zombie are my favorites:heart:

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: o.o; that's nice, heh heh, they sound scary

Don't-Shave-Me: You're to old to be hanging around in chatrooms, Shigure, you old pervert.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: gasp!! i'm insulted

Don't-Shave-Me: That's what I was aimin' for, stupid.

MetalHead: Hiro, pls be nice to Grandpa Shigure.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: yeah!

Don't-Shave-Me: ok, KISA, I will try.

MetalHead: Oh! I forgot to tell you Hiro. I rented the anime you wanted to see!

Don't-Shave-Me: I'm on my way.

Don't-Shave-Me signed off

MetalHead: heheheh, Hiro :heart: . He loves that show. I need to make some popcorn. Love you Grandpa Shigure, I g2g.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: okies :heart:

MetalHead signed off
MetalHead signed on

MetalHead: Mother is leaving on Friday, can I stay at your house over the weekend?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Well of course Kisa! My house is your house!

MetalHead: Thank you ::muwah::

MetalHead signed off

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: You hear that D.DR?! She loves me!! HAHA! YAY! XD

D.DR signed off

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: TT-TT

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe signed on

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Aaya!! Meh love!! I am so lonely!!

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Love love love, umm do you remember the time we did that experiment to see if jell-o could explode?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Yeah. Why?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: do u remember what we did with my fire extinguisher?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: I'm coming over!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe? signed off
SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe signed off

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