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SoumaChat 106-


Is:Your:Drink:Safe? signed in
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D.DR signed in

Is:Your:DrinkSafe?: how could you just leave me here, with HIM?!

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe:I had no choice darling!! TT-TT I owe him nearly 100 dollars!! I can't afford to pay him back.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:Hmph. What's your excuse Hari?

D.DR:Hmmn? excuse?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:Don't play dumb with me! Why did you leave me here with Akito?

D.DR:I was quite comfortable leaving you here with Akito, acutally.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:GASP!! You're so mean to me Hari!! :cries: Why do you hate me?!

D.DR: Because of you I owe him several hundred dollars...

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe:So you thre him to the dogs?!

Is:Your:Drinkl:Safe?: Nice pun :D

D.DR:So did you, Ayame. -.-

Is:your:Drink:Safe?: Hey! That's right!!

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe:Why'd you remind him for Hari? TT-TT he had already forgotten.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: so unloved am I -.-

Imma-Ninja-Ushi signed on

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:Looks who's finally not dark haru!


Imma-Ninja-Ushi: I don't really remember much from the past couple of days. Can you guys fill me in?

D.DR:i'm Hatori.

Imma-Ninja-Ushi: Holy shit. O.o

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe:I'm Ayame :heart:

Imma-Ninja-Ushi: yeah, like that wasn't hard to guess.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: -.-

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:they fed me to Akito.

Imma-Ninja-Ushi:le gasp.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: I know, right?

Imma-Ninja-Ushi: actually that sounds like fun. :D

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:NOT YOU TOO!! TT-TT

D.DR:I found it pretty amuzing, Hatsu.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: You guys are mean!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:You left me too, douche bag! DX

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo signed on

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo:Is Shigure alive?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:No thanks to you! TT-TT

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo:HA! You should have left sooner. XD

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:He threatended me! How could you just :poof: and leave me there?!

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: Because I don't like you :D

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Gasp! I feed you!

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: No. I buy take out.

Is:Your:DrinkSafe?: You live in my house.

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: By force.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: I pay the bills!

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo:Sometimes, but usually Hatori pays the bills.


TeruTeruCottonTail signed on

TeruTeruCottonTail: Moo!

Imma-Ninja-Ushi: what's that supposed to mean? -.-

TeruTeruCottonTail: O.o... meow?

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: ahem!

TeruTeruCottonTail: hiss!!


TeruTeruCottonTail: o.o... woof?

Is:Your:Driunk:Safe?: Bark!

TeruTeruCottonTail:WTF?! Why can't rabbits have an onomonapia?! TT-TT

D.DR: I know the feeling

TeruTeruCottonTail:Seahorses kinda have one... 'glug glug glug'

D.DR: no.. that's the sound of someone drowning.

TeruTeruCottonTail:O.O OMG i just killed someone!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:i always knew Momiji would be the one to do it!!

TeruTeruCottonTail: NO!! :falls to his knees and cries: Who have I killed?!

Imma-Ninja-Ushi: :dies:

Imma-Ninja-Ushi signed off

TeruTeruCottonTail:NO! Not Hatsuharu!!

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo:Congratulations. You're officially the biggest loser I've ever met... how depressing is it that i'm related to you... :sigh:

TeruTeruCottonTail:Shut up! I was aiming for you, not Hatsu!

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: Don't tell me to shut up, brat!!

TeruTeruCottonTail::hits Kyou:

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: I'm not playing this game, twerp

TeruTeruCottonTail: :hits him again:

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:Are you just gonna stand there and take that, Kyou?

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo:I'm not even standing. I'm sitting infront of a computer.

TeruTeruCottonTail::kicks Kyou:

D.DR:he's going to put you back in the hospital, Kyou.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe:I never realized you were such a pansy, Kyoun.

TeruTeruCottonTail::round house kicks Kyou:

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: :catches his foot and throws him back:

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: HA!! You're such a DORK!!

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: SHUT UP YOU TOLD ME TO!!

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: No we didn't. We simply asked if you were going to take the way he was talking to you, :D


SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: You guys are stupid. I'm leaving.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:Hold on, Kyou

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: What the hell do you want?!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Don't forget, it's Sunday, we're having a party tonight. :heart:

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: Oh great... I'll stop by the store and buy a padlock.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Why? o.o

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo: To stupid-proof my room

TeruTeruCottonTail:awwll, why would you want to lock yourself out of your room? XDD

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo:Momiji... where are you?

TeruTeruCottonTail:Kisa's house :D

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo:i'm going to kill you.

SoumaSamaNyaNyuNyo signed off

TeruTeruCottonTail: O.O

D.DR: run.

TeruTeruCottonTail signed off

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:heh heh XD

D.DR: I weep for the future. -.-

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: YAY!! Ferris Bueller.. you could have picked a better character then the annoying french guy though Hari.

D.DR:You watch way to much television, Ayame.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I don't think i watch enough!

D.DR::sigh: Shigure, what do i need to bring to the party?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Bring? O.o

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Do I need to bring games?

Is:your:Drink:Safe?: o.O games?

D.DR: And food.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: and movies!!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: o.o huh?

D.DR: You haven't planned this at all have you..

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: ... :cries:

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Don't cry, we'll help you plan!!


D.DR:Ooooohhh.. I hate it when I get dragged into your 'we'... :sigh:

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: awwwll, you'll always be part of our 'we' Hari!!

D.DR: I was afraid of that :sigh: First... we'll need food.

Is:your:Drink:Safe?: B-but I don't have any money..

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I loaned all of mine out. TT-TT

D.DR: :sigh: I knew I had a bad feeling... I'll buy the food...

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?::glomps Hari:... any way!

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I have some game I can bring!! I have scean it, twister, and pictonary... and twister XD

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?:I would love to play some twister XD

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: You just want to get twisted up with me :heart:

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: :heart:

D.DR:Omg... get a life.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: TT-TT


D.DR: now all you need is a time, some drinks, and some movies

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: i have movies!!

D.DR:Apropriate ones?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: ... never mind.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I have movies!!

D.DR: Interesting ones.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: HA! never mind.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: TT-TT you guys are jerks.

D.DR: You know what, I'll buy the damn movies!!

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: I have drinks though! That I know I have!!

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: HOORAY!

D.DR: Good, something I don't need to buy. What do you have?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Vodka, Jack Daniels, Red and White wine, and sake :D

D.DR: I'm going to kill you.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: O.O Wha- Why?!

D.DR: There will be middle schoolars and high schoolars there!! What do you have for them?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Vodka, Jack Daniels, Red and White wine, and sake XD

D.DR: NOO!! Damn it -.- i'll buy the drinks then O.o i'm gonna have an aneurysm y'know that o.O

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: so what's left?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: A time!!

D.DR: good, something I really don't have to buy.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: heh heh! I know! 5 o' clock 'till forever!!

D.DR: or atleast a couple of hours. whew... glad that's finally over.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I wonder...if... nah.. it'll be ok.

D.DR: Uh oh... what?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Well... I just wonder.. if Momiji is ok.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: O.O


SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: O.O

D.DR: I'll check on him on my way to the store.

D.DR signed off

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Don't you kinda feel bad for making Hari buy everything for you?

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: Nah, he wouldn't do it if he didn't want to.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Y'know.. one day he may make you pay him back.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: O.O.. no... he would never... nah... would he?

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: iono... i mean, you'd think he'd hate us by now.

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: No, I think he represses it.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Can't that give him a tumor. o.o

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: ...o.o... atleast he's a doctor.

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: I guess so TT-TT

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: enough of this sadness!! Aaya darling, come help me get my house ready for the party :D

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe: Of course!! :heart: I'll bring some music!!

SailorMoonHasNothingOnMe signed off

Is:Your:Drink:Safe?: oh... great -.-

Is:Your:Drink:Safe? signed off

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