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Chapter One

How could this happen?

Naruto had been incredibly persistent with Tsunade, insisting she declare missions on finding Sasuke. And that's where they were, Hinata, Naruto and Sakura, in Tsunade's office.

Hinata stood there with an absent expression set upon her face. She had no real interest in finding the Uchiha, it was only the thought of being with Naruto that drove her to volunteer herself in the hunt. Selfish? Yes, but as long as no one knew her true intentions she would not feel one ounce of remorse. And in actuality she wouldn't mind helping, only if it were a little.

"Hinata, as you know, you will be accompanying Naruto and Sakura in the current mission to seek out the Uchiha. As a Tracker, you are an incredible asset." Tsunade reminded, shifting in her seat.

Hinata bowed in response, eyes wandering off to the direction of her teammate, Naruto. He was beautiful, and amazing in so many ways. Hinata looked up into his eyes, full of determination and more anxious than ever. He was so eager to set out again; it seemed no one could hold him back. And she couldn't help but smile at this.

She glanced back up at the hokage and nodded. They had just been dismissed and Hinata was now following the team out the door.

"We can do this you guys! I swear, we can get Sasuke back this time! I know where he is, and I know for a fact he'll be there." Naruto explained as they ran towards the destination of their friend, willpower emanating from him.

Naruto glanced over at Sakura, determination resting in her eyes as she looked forward.

Hinata seemed sickened by the sight before her. It's not like she didn't like Sakura, it was that she didn't like how Sakura treated Naruto. She thought it was unfair that Sakura had Naruto's attention the majority of the time when she didn't even like him, when she treated Naruto as a pest rather than a human being and for that Hinata despised Sakura.

After hours of continuous running they had finally made it to the destination.

Hinata was lagging; she couldn't believe how much endurance these two had. It was unbelievable, even their stamina was great. They both looked as if they had done nothing, while she looked like she should be at the hospital. Her face was red, and she was drenched in sweat, barley able to breathe.

Hinata turned towards the ground trying to find a reasonable pace of breathing. How she could get the most oxygen, and in what position?

"Sasuke!" Naruto suddenly screamed towards the sky. He had just seen him, so did Sakura. It wasn't such a surprise that he didn't answer, it was amazing enough to have seen him at all.

"Hinata where did he run off to? Which direction?" Sakura asked hastily.

"Follow me, he's straight ahead!" Hinata answered while running off with her Byakugan activated. Everything was happening so fast.

She had gotten to him first. Sasuke was right there in front of her. Hinata turned slightly to alert Sakura when she suddenly felt a kunai being pressed against her neck.

"Sasuke! Don't…" Sakura breathed, "Don't hurt her! We're only here to take you back!"

"What if I don't want you to take me back?" He asked calmly.

"Then I'll force you!" Naruto yelled, jumping from behind.

Sasuke quickly turned Hinata around, pushing her back into his chest, still pressing the weapon into her fragile flesh. "Come any closer and she dies." His voice was so cold that it caused Hinata to pale, she had goose-bumps. Every word he had said was true and everyone knew it.

She looked at both Sakura and Naruto, the situation was terrible. She was in danger, and she was causing trouble for her teammates. She had to do something, prove that she wasn't a waste, and that there was a point to her coming on the mission.

She had slowly started making hand signs. It was a simple jutsu, one that barely required any skill. As long as Sasuke was touching her it would work.

Sasuke glanced down, the cause being the sudden rushes of chakra go through his hostage. As he jumped away he had pushed her shoulder, giving her the slightest contact she needed to make everything work.

Everyone suddenly gasped. Hinata turned to see that the technique had worked, Sasuke was knocked out, he had hit the floor and Hinata had freed herself from being a helpless hostage.

Sakura ran to him, now kneeling over his body, while Naruto watched with mixed emotions.

It had been a few minutes before anyone had touched him; though Sakura was impatient she had abided by the unspoken rule. It was purely for safety reasons.

It was finally after a few moments when they had decided to do something.

"We should confiscate his weapons…just in case he wakes up." Naruto said slowly.

Sakura was of course, the first to volunteer herself in stripping him of all his weapons. It was her chance to touch him after all these years. Her first form of contact- of connection that was so out of reach for that unimaginable amount of time.

She lightly dragged her fingers down his chest and near his side. Finally she had extended her arm far enough to where her hand reached his katana, one of the few items he had on him. She tugged slightly and his eyes' shot open.

Hinata jumped back in surprise, the tension was unbearable. "My god, be careful! He's dangerous." She sighed, almost having a heart attack.

"I know, I know." Sakura stood, lifting the sword and throwing it towards Naruto who had caught it. "Luckily we put that chakra net over him. At least now he can't flee when we're most vulnerable."

"Smart idea Sakura. Now all we have to do is get him back to the village. There, everything will be figured out." Naruto said looking at Sasuke, who had been struggling.

"What the fuck? Get me out! What the hell is wrong with you people?" Sasuke spat while trying to rip through the net.

"Sasuke, you know we're not letting you go. Not now, not when we just got you back. We must return you to the village!" Sakura explained.

"I don't even know you fucking people!" He yelled in an exasperated tone.

Sakura's eyes widened when she realized what he had meant. "Hinata! I thought the jutsu only put him in a defenseless state, not erase his memory!" She looked at Hinata with unbelieving eyes.

"I did not erase anything!" Hinata walked over to Sasuke, cautiously, "Sasuke-"

"You get me out." he whispered, now much calmer.

"Wha-" she whispered back.

"You heard me." he said, with an expression so serious.

'I never did agree to the net. And if he did loose his memory, he'd be harmless…right?', she thought to herself as she neared him slowly.

"Hinata what are you doing?" Sakura asked quickly, before Hinata had the chance to lift her hands and remove the chakra that was securely containing him.

"N-nothing. I just think, if Sasuke did…I'm saying if he did lose his memory... which is probable, seeing how the situation is, he'd be completely harmless, right? I never did agree on the chakra net anyway. And I feel for him. He's stuck, like some frightened animal that has been captured." Hinata explained while uncoiling the chakra weaves gently with her fingers.

"No, Hinata we need to take precaution, he may be more dangerous because of the situation!" She yelled as she ran towards them, but it was far too late.

"Sakura watch out!" Naruto yelled as Sasuke pushed her aside to make a bolt towards the forest.

Naruto ran to her side and brought her to her feet.

"Where did he go?" she asked, trying to breathe.

Naruto glanced over at Sakura, "That shove knocked the wind out of you, rest here. I'm going to get him!"

Just as he was about to leave, she yelled, "No-"

"It's ok, we're wasting time!" Naruto said in a haste.

"No! Where's Hinata?" She explained, now catching her breath.

"Let go of me! …Now!" Hinata said, trying her hardest to set her hand free.

He had said nothing in reply. Just run, while dragging her alongside.

He had finally stopped. Now standing behind a large tree with Hinata pressed lightly against him. He looked behind the tree then back at her.

Hinata had started to cry. It was all because of a stupid decision she had made that her whole team is now suffering. 'Oh Hinata…sympathy isn't always a good thing. See what happened? He's a traitor, a traitor that had lost his memory because of you, and is running wild because of you, now your with one of the most dangerous person known to the village…if your lucky he just might get that kunai back and let your suffering end.' Hinata thought to herself.

Quickly Sasuke had cupped her face, and held it softly as he looked into her teary, pale eyes. He then swiftly put his lips to hers and whispered a quick thank you.

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