Years later:

She inhaled slowly, liking the feel of the forest air go through her. Not so far behind, waiting patiently was the man that captured and took her away. At least, that's how she imagines it to be.

Taking slow strides towards the vast plane she took her time, not wanting to rush it. She stopped briefly, thinking of options, choices she could make.

She looked back once, she knew very well that he was watching her every move, yet she didn't care, she had been used to it by now. And before completely gunning it to the other side, where the same forest met an end and the hidden leaf became visible she gave the most confident smile. She was ready to go back.

Was she running from him?

No, no she wasn't, she just wanted to break a rule, one that she had abided to for four years… and that was going back to Konoha.

"I wont let you." He had said, trying to hide the wide range of mixed emotions he had for this subject.

"I don't belong to you, Sasuke. I can do what I want." She stated firmly.

He shifted in his seat. His expression was one of irritation, he didn't like that she was trying to change the plans, work through his rules, "You may do what you wish, but you are wrong about who owns you." he smirked.

"Right." Hinata said blandly, "If anything, you belong to me." She smiled declaring her win.

"Whatever …" he said looking at the silver band she had on her finger. "She belongs to me…" He thought smugly.

And now she was here. Two days after that conversation took place, she sneaked away from him and ventured off, knowing full well that Sasuke wouldn't be far behind. And he wasn't.


Walking through the town she felt it, the sense of peace. It still lingered. Though she felt foreign, like she didn't belong, comfort and familiarity struck her.

Hinata passed the Yamanaka flower shop and saw a woman drowning in boredom. Her bleach blond hair framed nicely around her face in playful layers. "Ino…" Hinata thought, "She looks great."

Ino suddenly turned her head, noticing someone staring through the shop's window. "Who is that?" She thought briefly and cleared her throat, " Don't hesitate to buy flowers!"

Hinata jumped at the sound of her voice. Ino was waving her in now.

"Ah, no thank you." Hinata laughed it off and went on her way, making sure her hair draped over her face casually.

Did anyone even recognize her?

Did she even have to hide her face?

Does anybody remember Hinata?

Moving on Hinata, hiked up her jacket collar, covering the bottom half of her face, specifically for precaution.

Moving down past the ramen stand she didn't care to look at, she went straight towards the Hyuga compound.

"My apartment's around the corner." She thought mindlessly. Jumping up over the fence/wall she made it inside. Of course she didn't look out of place here. Her eyes were the same strange shade as all of theirs. And of course they didn't recognize her. Hinata's hair had grew out, no more bangs, just locks framing her face and features that had matured, curvy and tall. She was practically a different person. If anything, they'd mistake her for just another branch Hyuga.

Hinata pulled her hair back and started walking along the side of her former home. She walked past a few people, acting as natural as possible. No one had even noticed her presence, just like old times. Peeking around the corner she had a great view of the kitchen. Her eyes widened at the site she saw: Her cousin and Ten Ten, too close for being just comrades.

What a site it was.

"Excuse me miss." Hinata started escalating closer to them without noticing. She stopped and before turning around, seeing the person who had tapped on her shoulder, she escaped.

"Close," She thought, pressing her back against the building wall. "Where am I?" She thought, looking at her newest surroundings.

The hokage's tower.

Hinata went up the spiral steps towards the entrance, not to go in but to have a good view of the mountains. Somewhat hoping to find Naruto's head carved into the right, like he had said so confident before.

Her eyes scanned the past hokages' and soon stopped. She smiled proudly almost. There to the right, was a man's face with the whiskers that could never be mistaken. Naruto made it to Hokage?

"Everyone moved on…" She thought feeling content, she lightly padded her stomach, "So have I".

"Aren't you done reminiscing?" Sasuke asked, standing next to her.

Hinata, not so shocked with his presence nudged him with her elbow and turned around towards the gates again.

"You mad?" he stated nonchalantly.

"I've been here not even five minutes." Hinata sighed, rushing towards the exit now.

He kept pace, "The doctor said you shouldn't travel. We should have stayed in the village."

Hinata was running now, keeping Sasuke at a distance, "Stupid."

Sasuke laughed grabbing at her arm, " Calm yourself, Hinata. It's not good for you-" She stopped and rolled her eyes. " …I know."

She looked away towards the gate, now only steps away from leaving.

"Did you want to see them?" He asked, stroking her cheek.

Hinata looked down, "…No…"

"That's not a lie." He said sarcastically.

Hinata continued to back away from him, going towards the gate one step at a time, "You-" she pointed a finger at him. And his smirking smile suddenly turned into a frown. Hinata stopped and Sasuke's eyes averted from her.


Hinata turned around.

Sasuke took his place next to her. Hinata felt frozen.

"You came back."

"Naruto, I didn't-" Hinata started.

"Genji!" A woman yelled in the distance. It was Sakura, yelling after a child with strawberry blond hair.

The boy ran to Naruto, then to Hinata in such a haste, "No!" The little boy yelled back at her with a temper.

"You are too much!" Sakura yelled, and before she could get the young boy she stopped in her tracks, "Sasuke…"

"Goodness." Hinata stated, looking down upon the child with whiskers. "A mini Naruto…" she thought, almost having a flash back.

Sasuke stood idly by, looking at the boy like it was some mutated creature, "Yours?" Sasuke asked, looking toward Sakura like she had committed a crime.

Sakura couldn't even nod.

"Whore." He thought, knowing full well this child had to be three or four years old.

Hinata blinked, the silence was threatening.

"That is Genji…my kid." Naruto stated.

The boy looked at his father with furrowed brows.

"…?" Hinata nodded and turned towards Sasuke showing her discomfort.

Sasuke looked at her, and glanced at the child in front of them, "We're on our way out…Hokage."

Naruto, was a bit taken aback by the formalities.

"Good. You must go, but Hinata must stay. She is a missing nin." Naruto said quickly. Sakura's eyes widened.

Sasuke let his arm slide around Hinata's waist, "Don't think that's going to happen, Hokage. She had decided a long time ago. You were there." Sasuke smirked. He had known that Naruto had been there. How could he not?

Naruto inhaled, "That was a long time ago. You forced her to be with you. I could have stopped her if--."

"You could have stopped nothing. If you had been right next to her, whispering promises, and declarations I still doubt that she would have stayed. She would still be in this very spot, standing next to me, and not you. Don't think one bit that your presence would have made such a difference."

Naruto looked down, upset, his child looking up into his eyes.

"And I'm sure the child was a mistake." Sasuke added harshly. Hinata dug her elbow into Sasuke's side, she couldn't believe he had just said that.

"Move, Lord Hokage…"

Naruto stepped aside and looked over toward Hinata. Her eyes pleaded for some type of forgiveness as she walked passed him in Sasuke's arms. She just wanted to see everyone one last time.

Naruto nodded and looked away. Sakura took Genji in her arms and watched Sasuke slip an ANBU mask onto his emotionless face. Placing Hinata securely in his arms, noting the Rain's forehead protecter strapped around her arm, he disappeared with her.

Naruto and Sakura looked dazed for a moment as they tried to process the look of happiness Hinata had on her face, almost as if this was her proper goodbye.

"She's pregnant."

I just wanted to write what happened to Hinata after she ran away:

x Got with Sasuke

x Got married

x Having a child - early stages, no belly yet-

Everyone else moved on, and Naruto and Sakura got together, Ten Ten and Neji got together too. Why? I don't know, they just go, I guess.