"Concentrate." Ileana instructed. She focused her eyes in on her student. True to her word, they were having class on the lawn. The dragons were safely penned away. She saw Camryn take a deep breath, her eyes closed and sweat started to form on her brow. Ileana knew she was trying too hard. "Apolla, no." She sat down next to her student. "Watch." She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and cleared everything from her mind. She began to meditate. She could feel herself lift off from the ground.

"Cool." Camryn said. Ileana began to descend back to the grass. She looked at Camryn. "Clear everything from your mind. Relax you will get this." At least I hope. she thought. Camryn took a deep breath and relaxed. As hard as it was, she cleared everything from her mind. And then, slowly but surely, she began to float.

Not thinking, Ileana clapped her hands together once. Camryn opened her eyes and fell. "Oh, sorry." Ileana apologized. But she was excited. "You did it. You were finally able to mediate properly."

"I know." Camryn was just as excited. "But you never explained why I had to meditate in the first place."

Ileana opened her mouth to respond but the voice that spoke was not hers. "Meditation clears your mind and allows you to concentrate on the spell at hand." Camryn turned around and there stood her boyfriend, Demitri. "Am I right?" He asked Ileana. She nodded. He held out his hand and pointed at the air. A second later, a bright red rose appeared. "For you, your highness."

Camryn reached out and gently took the rose from him. She knew he was joking about the 'Your Highness'. He still worked in the kitchen and he finally had his magic back, thanks to Miranda, but he no longer had to call Alex, Camryn, Miranda or Aron 'Your Highness'. As a matter of fact, Aron and Miranda offered him a better job but he thankfully declined. Something about working in the kitchen builds up character. It didn't matter to her. She loved him anyway. And he loved her. She turned to her teacher. "Can I go, please?" She pushed out her lower lip into a puppy dog face. She didn't have to. First of all, she was a princess. Yes, she had duties, but when she wanted to take a break, it was allowed. Second, she matured a little bit. She still loved fashion, but now she put what was the right thing to do in front of what she wanted to do.

Ileana smiled. "Go, run, have fun. Class is over for the day anyway. I'll go see what Karsh is doing." Demitri held out his hand and Camryn took it. They started off on their journey but were stopped by Ileana. "Oh, I just remembered something I need to inform you about." The young couple turned. "We are meditating now to clear your mind. But you always won't have time to meditate before a spell. Just remember to relax and everything will go as you want it." With that said, Ileana turned and went in search of her newlywed husband.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Come on." Alex complained. Karsh had been waiting for her at the Barnes' house when she got home from school. It was time for magic lessons he had said. She put down her books and followed him to Coventry like a good little student but they had been practicing for hours now. Unlike her sister, Alex didn't need to meditate. She was always calm and relaxed before performing a spell. Instead of meditating, Karsh had her practice various spells out of a very large spell book.

"We're almost done." Karsh replied. He flipped the page in the magic book and found the spell he was looking for. Scrying. "Scrying is one of the oldest spells ever performed. You can scry to see other people in other dimensions. You can use any element to scry but water works best." He pointed to the table and a bowl of water appeared. "All you have to do is picture the person you want to see, stare into the bowl and say the spell."

Alex's watch beeped. Another hour gone. "Can we do this tomorrow? I have a ton of work I have to get done, not to mention Marcus and I have a date later."

"Artemis." Karsh said, stating her birth name. "Ileana and I are you and your sister's protectors. It is our job to teach you magic. It's not just Ileana and I that want you to learn this. But your mother and your father want you to learn as much as you can too. But even if we didn't want you to learn you have to learn."

"Why?" Alex asked. "Why so much so soon?"

"Because it's who you are." Karsh said. "You were born a witch. One of the twin daughters of Aron and Miranda. You can't deny who you are and who you are meant to be."

"I'm not denying anything. I know I'm a witch. I love being one. I really do. The princess thing not so much, but I am what I am. I can't change that and I wouldn't even if I could. But I am already going to school. This is like a major overload." Alex explained.

Karsh took in what she said and started to think. "Okay. You're right. We won't meet everyday. But we can't meet any less then four times a week."

"Deal. Right now I have to get ready for my date." She grabbed her book bag off the chair and ran out of the room.

He closed the spell book and stood in silence. "Having problems?" a voice he recognized asked.

"Just a few." He replied turning to his wife. Ileana walked up to him and laid her head against his shoulder. He snaked his arm around her shoulder. "Then again she does have a lot on her plate."

"We need to face the facts. If we keep pushing them, we're going to pull them apart, and believe me. I've seen that done once and it wasn't pretty." Ileana stated. "They've got lives to live in the Earth Dimension as well as lives to live here. Not to mention they've got love lives they have to keep up with."

"You're right." Karsh agreed. He leaned down and gently pressed his lips against hers.

"Are we interrupting something?" a male voice asked. They broke apart, both turning a light shade of red.

"No, Your highness." Karsh replied. "We were just discussing the girls' education."

"And?" Miranda asked.

"We think they need a break." Ileana answered. "If they would have grew up here on Coventry, it would be okay. But they grew up in the Earth Dimension. They have multiple lives to live all at once."

"Yes. We know." Aron agreed. "And we're sorry about that. But we have no other options. The council will be here soon and you know how ruthless and heartless they can be. The girls need to be prepared."

"Sir, if I may, why not tell the girls what is happening? That way they will grasp the seriousness of the situation and then do what they have to do to make sure they're ready."

"We thought about that." Miranda replied. "But it would only make the situation worse. You two have to swear that you won't reveal what is upon them."

"You know we won't." Ileana assured her.

"We know." Aron took his wife's arm and led her from the room.