Alright, this is a story of a trainer named John who starts out in the Sinnoh Region on a quest to become a pokemon master. Check back EVERY day for an update to the story.

John ran at top speed to Sandgem Town to pick his pokemon. He already knew what he was going to pick. No matter what, he had to get a chimchar. All he had to do was get to the lab before the other starting out trainers and grab it.

"Tododile!!!!!!!!!" John froze. Whatever that noise was, it sounded like a big squabble. Forgetting about his desperate need for a chimchar, he went to investigate. A tododile was squaring off against a large group of nuzleaf. Immediately, John jumped in front of the tododile.

"Whatever this tododile did to you, I'm sure it didn't warrant a-" he stopped to count them, "-twelve on one attack!" The nuzleaf weren't having it.

"tododile," John said as he turned to the big jaw pokemon, "can you use a water gun on these nuzleaf?" The small green pokemon nodded. Wait, green? It let out a spurt of water that knocked one of the nuzleaf into a nearby tree. Now the nuzleaf were absolutely pissed. Their leaves all began to glow.

"What are they doing?" He asked the tododile. He didn't have to wait long to find out, as eleven white beams shot out of their mouths. Out of instinct, he scooped up the young pokemon and ran.

"Shit" He mumbled under his breath as the beams got closer and closer.

"Alakazam use psychic!" The white beams stopped right before they hit him.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" John asked, unable to believe she would follow him.

"I just wanted to make sure you made it alright, and it was a good thing too, wasn't it?" John hung his head low.

"I guess…" a Nuzleaf had jumped on his back. He tried desperately to shake it off, but it clung on for dear life. As he spun around, he saw all the other nuzleaf had run off. This was undoubtedly the one tododile hit with it's water gun.

"Get off!" he commanded forcefully. And, almost as if it was listening to him, it released him. John turned around to see that tododile with it's teeth sunken right into the nuzleaf's neck. After that, it slammed it into the ground, where it lay motionless.

"Pokeball go!" His mom threw a Pokeball at lightning fast speed towards the quiet nuzleaf. It was absorbed by a red light, and was swallowed by the Pokeball. It shook three times before the red light on the ball faded.

"Alright!" His mom exclaimed.

"That's quite a strong tododile you got there," She looked at it's light green scales and said "shiny too." "What do you mean?" he asked.

"It means your pokemon is a different color than normal and it shines as it comes out of it's Pokeball." She said as she picked up her Pokeball that now contained nuzleaf.

"Looks like you got your starter pokemon." She said.

"Damn it! I forgot to go pick up my chimchar!" John yelled angrily.

"You should still go to the lab to pick up your pokedex." She said.

"Yeah, gotta go!" And with that he took off for Sandgem. His shiny tododile by his side, he left his mother behind.

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