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"NO!" Marlene barked. There was no way she would go back to being a person for somebody else; she wouldn't do it.

"Why not?" Jonathan asked, for the first time getting angry. Marlene returned Charmander and ran away from the boy at full speed.

"Wait!" Jonathan called after her, but was distracted by the Magma grunt taking off in the opposite direction.

"Man, I want to go after her, but I have to capture that Magma grunt. Looks like She's gonna have to wait." And with that, Jonathan ran after the Magma grunt.


"Badge number three, here I come!" John cheered. Him and Clara stood in front of the Veilstone city gym. John made sure he made it in first, so he could go first. As soon as he entered the gym, bright lights flickered on. Both John and Clara covered their eyes.

"Welcome to my gym. Who will be challenging me first? A female voice reached their ears. Both children looked around, and saw a woman with purple hair walking up to them.

"I'll be going first." John said, stepping forward. Clara said nothing, and went to sit in the stands.

"Okay, I'll be starting things off with Meditite!" The leader called, releasing her pokemon.

"And I'll be using Shade!" John called, releasing his Murcrow.

"Start things off with Shadow ball!" John called. He knew he had a double advantage with this matchup, and he wasn't going to forget that. Shade fired a black sphere at Meditite.

"Teleport." The gym leader said, closing her eyes. Meditite obeyed, disappearing from the path of the shadow ball. This caught John off guard. Meditite appeared right behind Shade.

"Now focus punch." Meditite pulled back a fist, but before it could even start charging John yelled out an order.

"Peck attack like there's no tomorrow!" Shade twisted in the air, making its head face Meditite, and began repeatedly slamming its razor sharp beak into the small pokemon's abdomen. Pain was etched all over the its face as the beak began to leave giant bruises on its chest.

"Rolling kick!" The gym leader called for the attack, but it was never performed. Meditite fell towards the ground at high speeds.

"Now use aerial ace!" John ordered. Shade rose high into the air, and flew straight at the falling Meditite, slamming its beak into the opposing pokemon's chest again, before pulling itself back up into the air. Meditite hit the ground with a loud thud, kicking up tons of dust. When it finally settled, Meditite was laying on the floor, completely still. The gym leader returned her pokemon.

"Well, it won't be that easy to get rid of me. Go Machop." She said. A Machop erupted from its pokeball, ready for battle.

"Gimme a sky uppercut." The gym leader said. Machoke grinned wildly, and leapt at Shade. John, not expecting this, swung his arm through the air. Shade got the message, and got out of the way. Machoke continued until it hit the ceiling.

"Use steel wing Shade!" John yelled. Shade flew at the airborne Machoke, ready to use that silver wing of his for some serious damage, but the gym leader had another idea.

"Use close fight." When Shade got close, Machoke went balistic, punching and kicking any part of the bird pokemon it could. Both pokemon plummeted to the floor.

"SHADOW BALL!" John screamed. Shade opened its mouth and fired another black sphere at Machoke. Unable to counter, it was hit by the attack in the face. Both pokemon hit the floor, and neither moved. Both trainers returned their pokemon.

"Good job Shade. You took out two of her pokemon. That means a lot to me. Go Jolt!" John released his electric type.

"Lucario, let's go!" The gym leader was finally getting into it.

"Okay Jolt use thunder punch!" John ordered. Jolt ran at Lucario at high speeds, with its fist becoming surrounded by electricity. Lucario was not ready for Jolt's extreme speed, and was hit by the electric fist right in the face. The Steel/fighting type was knocked off of its feet, landing on its back.

"Counter with aura sphere." Lucario sat up, and without even getting to its feet fired a light blue ball at Jolt. It also flew at incredible speeds, hitting Jolt right in the chest, knocking it backwards. The Elekid managed to hold its footing, though.

"Now use metal claw." The gym leader said. Lucario got to its feet, and ran at Jolt, its hand glowing a bright yellow.

"Use thunder punch!" John countered. Jolt, with its fist becoming surrounded by electricity, ran at Lucario. Both attacks collided, knocking both pokemon back and creating a huge explosion. John, the gym leader, and even Clara had to cover their faces from the wind that was created. Once everyone felt safe to look again, Jolt was on the floor, and Lucario was standing over him. John stared at his opponent's pokemon. This was going to be tough.

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