Memories were a very strange thing. Some memories were vivid and somewhat disturbing. Hisoka could remember them clearly as if they had happened just a few minutes ago.

Some memories tend to fade away after a few hours.

Hisoka sometimes wondered why some memories were so easy to remember. Most of the time, all the memories that he could remember so frightfully well were the ones that gave him nightmares. Just thinking about them gave him the chills.

What about happy memories then?

Most of the happy memories that he had were all so hard to remember. Some of the happy memories that happened just a few days ago felt as if they had happened in ages.

And then, some things he could only remember moments of.

Sometimes, Hisoka wished that someone would create an invention that bottled up a memory, like a scent. And, when one wanted, the bottle would be opened it would be like living that memory through all over again.

But, then again, if there really was such an invention as that, then maybe all the memories he did have wouldn't have been so precious to him.

I've been wanting to write something in the Yami no Matsuei section for a long time. So, I just decided to do a random drabble that popped into my head a few days ago. XD