Ghost Virus

Chapter 1: Unexpected Guest

The scene is a usual quant house in the middle of nowhere, with an old woman sitting on a rocking chair with the likes of Courage and an old man washing his truck. Out of nowhere, comes a limousine riding right up to the house. Then out steps the likes of a strange man in a suit with a phony-tail hair-do.

"Can I help you?" asked Muriel who placed Courage down as she sat up.

Courage was quite suspicious of this strange man in what seemed like a very expensive suit.

"Greetings madame, I am the Mayor of Amity Park, and I have stopped in this city of Nowhere to acquire land" replied the man in the suit.

"I'm sorry, but I could take your name first?" asked Muriel.

"Certainly" replied the man, "I am Vlad Masters, multi-billionaire, perhaps you have heard of me?"

"Billionaire?!" shouted Eustace with such excitement, "You mean you're here to purchase our land?"

"Sort of" replied Vlad.

"When can we sign up?" asked Eustace who was always in it for the money to which Courage began to growl at Vlad.

"I'm sorry Mr. Masters, but our farm isn't for sale, you'll have to look elsewhere" replied Muriel.

"I get what you're saying, making sure that he'll provide a bigger offer" added Eustace.

"Fine, have it your way" said Vlad as he put away his check and got back into his limousine and drove off into the distance.

"The nerve of that man, coming over to buy our land" said Muriel, "but why on Earth would someone with the likes of that stature want to buy land in the middle of Nowhere?"

"Beats me, I just hope he comes back with a bigger offer" replied Eustace.

"This Vlad Masters better not come anywhere near here" added Courage as he began to growl.

The scene then changes back inside the limousine with Vlad being quite frustrated into not being able to buy the land.

"I just can't imagine why no one would turn down my offer of a lifetime" said Vlad as he shook his head, then he opens up his labtop computer to reveal his latest project, "well if I can't be able to get them to take my money, perhaps the government can simply do my job against these people with my latest ghost virus."

The next day, it was quite just about the same for the likes of both Muriel and Eustace who did their daily chores among other things. But there was something wrong with their food supply as while they slept the night before, "someone" injected some sort of virus into their bodies while they slept. As Muriel and Eustace went about their daily business, Eustace was shocked to see that his hand had just disappeared.

"What the heck?!" cried Eustace as he notice his hand was gone which scared the heck out of Courage.

"Stupid dog, you made my hand disappear!" shouted Eustace as he was just about to walk toward the dog, his lower body suddenly sank right into the ground, "Now look what you made me do! Stupid dog!"

This made Courage scream quite loud and ran toward Muriel to tell her about what happen.

"Courage, what's the matter?" asked Muriel to which as Courage attempted to show how his hand disappeared and his lower body sank into the ground as if there were quick sand.

"Oh my, this must be serious" replied Muriel as she rushed toward where Eustace was but immediately found Eustace right back up in his favorite chair reading the newspaper.

"Is something the matter Eustace?" asked Muriel.

"I'm not sure" replied Eustace as he couldn't explain what was happening to himself, "first my hand disappeared then it re-appeared and then my lower waist sank into the ground but I somehow floated right back up, that must have scared that stupid dog away."

"I myself am feeling a big funny" added Muriel as she felt her head and Courage noticed that Muriel vanished right before his eyes.

"Say Muriel, where did you go?" asked Eustace as he got up from his chair and began to look around the room then he turns to Courage, "Help me find her you stupid dog."

"But I'm right here" replied Muriel.

"Where, I don't see you" said Eustace as he kept on looking throughout the room for her.

"I'm right here, are you blind as a bat?" asked Muriel as she somehow reappeared which Courage responded by screaming even louder than before from the top of his lungs which also made him rush to his computer to call for help.

"Help, help" said Courage as he typed it on his computer, "Muriel disappeared, then reappeared, old man's hand disappeared, lower waist sank into the ground, search, search, search!"

"No need to get all testy about it" said the computer voice, "I'll need some time before I can find a trustworthy group of people that'll help you out."

But before his computer could go any further by allowing Courage on a search engine, there was a loud knock at the door.

"Now who could that be?" asked Muriel as she heard it.

As Muriel opened the door, she noticed it was a group of men in some white suits.

"Oh, can I help you gentlemen?" asked Muriel.

"We're from the government" replied the head of the group, "we're the Guys in White and we have received a citizen's tip that you have been experiencing some ghost problems here."

"That's ridiculous" said Eustace, "we don't got any ghost problem here."

"But according to our scanners, it appears that you two are infected with some kind of ghost virus which gives people ghostly powers" said the head of the group.

"W-w-what are you going to do with us?" asked Muriel.

"I'm afraid we're going to have to take you in quarantine this area under our control" replied another agent.

Suddenly members of the Guys in White in biological warfare suits came bursting into the scene covering up the entire place with plastic along with building some sort of bubble. As Courage peaked down the stairs and saw this, Courage suddenly shrieked with terror as Muriel and Eustace were being heavily guarded to ensure the ghost virus doesn't spread outside.

"Say look they have a dog" said one of the agents, "is it infected?"

"Scanners show no signs of the ghost virus in the dog" replied the head of the operation, "dog is clean. But just in case that the dog doesn't get infected."

The scene then quickly shifts to outside the house where Courage is literally kicked right up in the air with poor Courage screaming and crashing right onto the ground.