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A knock at the doors of the Council chamber brought great news. "What is it?" Councilor Wilson asked angrily. He hated it when Council meetings were interrupted. Instead of answering Slade directly, the messenger turned to Z'neth.

"Sir, your brother is almost fully healed, and is resting now." For the first time since Peak had almost been killed, Z'neth felt hope rise up in him. A tear silently rolled down his face. "I will take you to him now, if you wish. Or after the meeting, it does not matter. I can wait."

"Thank you," Z'neth replied. Turning back to face Councilor Wilson, he couldn't help but smile. His little brother would live. Not that he was little, that is. Peak was the youngest, and he remembered calling him "little bro" for a long time. "As I was saying, Dread Wing was able once to raise Warnado into the skies, but Summit sent it back to Old Earth by sneaking in and destroying the lava reactor, which was using the lava to fuel Warnado's engines, thereby carrying it past the Warp Winds and into the skies above."

Slade fumed. "This is absurd! Warnado would never make it past the Warp Winds, nobody could. Not even Gangreen could lift it into the air…" Arella stood up.

"With all due respect, how did Gangreen get the technology to raise Warnado off the ruins of Old Earth?" Everyone turned to Z'neth. His face had grown serious again. All trace of the happiness was gone, and he told the story of how Gangreen had tricked them into letting him aboard Airlandis. "That is interesting. Now, about setting up communications…" They talked for another 30 minutes. Bruce Grayson, Supreme Councilor of Aireon, brought the meeting to a close, and promised Z'neth that they could set up communications whenever he was ready.

"Thank you, Supreme Councilor Grayson. Now, I must see to my brother."

"Understood Z'neth. Until we meet again," Grayson said, then left. At this, the Council members left, departing to their houses, while Z'neth went to the Med lab. After what seemed forever, Z'neth arrived at his brother's room.

The door opened. "Hello Apex, Summit." Z'neth wanted to say more, but the words were caught in his throat. Apex embraced her brother, happy that he was back.

"What about Airlandis," Summit asked, "when are we going to try and make contact?"

Z'neth sat down and told them what had happened at the meeting. "I'll get communications up tomorrow. Until then, I think I'll stand watch."

Night came, and the city lights illuminated the sky. While Apex and Summit slept, Z'neth stood at the door, watching out for any intruders. A few of the Aireon Dragon Flyz passed him on their nightly rounds, saying hi every so often. All was quiet. Z'neth heard the sound of footsteps in the room. Either Apex or Summit had woken up.

"Where are we, Z'neth? I don't recognize the" but Peak was cut off when his brother hugged him.

"Welcome back, brother." Peak looked confused. "You almost died. Whatever Dread Wing used, it packed a punch. To answer your question, we're on another floating city."

"Another floating city," Peak exclaimed in shock. Was it possible?

"I can see why you're confused. When Dread Wing knocked you out with his, well, whatever he has, Raven, another Dragon Fly, rescued you. She led us here and you've been in this Med room since we arrived. Don't worry, the Dragons are well taken care of." He smiled, putting a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Right now, though, you should get some rest." Peak started to protest, but Z'neth stopped him. "You're hurt, and besides, it's night. You won't be able to go anywhere really until morning."

Realizing that he couldn't win this argument, Peak wished his brother good night, and went back to bed. Within minutes he fell asleep.

Next morning, Summit woke up to find Peak gone. "Peak!" Before he could say anything else, however, his brother walked in.

"Yes?" Peak asked. He was hugged again, this time nearly being knocked out by Summit's tight grip.

"Apex, Peak's awake!"

Apex, who had been sleeping peacefully, awoke with a jolt of electricity and hugged her brother.

"Air, please" Peak managed to say. Summit and Apex let go. For a long time they said nothing. It was Apex who broke the awkward silence.

"It's good to see you up, Peak. Have you met the girl who saved you?"

"Yes. She's a very nice person." His encounter with her was brief, but he found out they had much in common. Both were a bit of risk takers, though Raven was more cautious. I guess I should be more cautious, too. What happened with Dread Wing showed Peak that he can't be too much of a risk taker. Should I just abandon the jolly, risk-taking Peak persona? Never in a million years.

"So," Summit said, "where's Z'neth?" Peak told him that Z'neth was trying to open communications with Airlandis, despite some technical difficulty.

"Apex," Peaks started, but cut himself short when he noticed she wasn't there. He looked at Summit, who just shrugged. "Could be hanging out with Raven."

"Yeah," Summit mused, "they're probably putting on makeup or something."

"What, Apex expects her boyfriend to arrive?"

"Who knows, Peak, who knows?"

-Aireon communications array-

"This is Z'neth to Sky Watch, anyone reading me? Please respond."

"Reading you loud and clear, Z'neth. Good to know you're alive. What's your status?"\

"One Dragon Fly in recovery, the others are okay."


"Don't know. We're on another city."

"Confirm, another city, Z'neth?"


After communicating with Aireon, Z'neth left to inform the Council of Airlandis on what had happened. When he reported another flying city, the Council members stared in shock. It was rumored that there had been another floating city built, but it was thought that the city was destroyed in the Great Cataclysm of the 30th century. Not long after, the councils of Airlandis and Aireon met. Thus, an alliance was formed. Together, they would search for an oasis and fight Dread Wing.


Nocturna paced back and forth. Why is Dread waiting? With one Dragon Fly down, we should attack Airlandis while they mourn. Surely they are still mourning. "Once Airlandis is taken, I will rule Old Earth." She laughed. After the Dragon Flyz are taken care of, then I'll form an alliance with the Dark Dramen, and then, Dread, you'll bow before me.

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