Neji was still fuming when he got back to the Hyuuga complex. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice the guards struggling not to laugh at his bloodstained jacket. Practically stalking down the hallways towards his room, the few people he passed gave him a wide berth. However, a hand on his shoulder snapped him back into reality.

"Neji, why are there bloodstains on your jacket?" The voice cut through his thoughts like a well-made katana through flesh.

Neji snapped his head around so fast that he probably would have gotten whiplash if it wasn't for his ninja training. His eyes widened slightly when he saw Hiashi standing behind him, but he showed no other emotion.

Thinking quickly, he said, "I was sparring with Lee, but he got around my guard. I think he broke my nose. He took me to Haruno-san to get it fixed without having to go to the hospital." Neji lied quickly.

Hiashi frowned, but nodded in acceptance of the story. "Were you not supposed to be escorting my daughter to Uzumaki-san's welcoming party?"

Neji was particularly cunning that day. If Hiashi caught wind that Hinata was anywhere near the red light district, let alone sleeping with someone, he'd blow his top. "She's not here?" he asked, injecting some surprise into his tone. "I had escorted her home when she expressed the wish to leave. As soon as I left her at the gate I returned to find Lee for a late night spar. I assumed that she had stayed here."

Hiashi frowned. "No, I have not seen her since this afternoon, when she asked for permission to attend the gathering. I am… worried about her. This is not like her. Should she be absent by morning, I will ask Hokage-sama to organize a search party."

"Hai, Hiashi-sama." The genius bowed low to his clan's leader. With his face obscured by his long hair, he was able to let out the grimace he had been holding in.

Neji knew that if Hiashi did that and Hinata got caught, there would be trouble for both of them. Her, because she had sex before marriage, and him, because he hadn't prevent her from acting outside of her station.

After Hiashi had dismissed him with a casual wave of his hand, Neji calmly walked to his room, changed his jacket, and waited until he was sure the guards thought he was asleep. He activated his Byakugan, watching for them as they went past. Once the patrol had left, he slipped out of his quietly opened window and leapt over the ground walls. Once he was well into the city, he slowed down his furious pace. Carefully, he retraced his steps to the red-light district, finding the right club in no time. It was still open; places like these never closed… ever.

He went into the front door and looked around the small entryway. The huge hulk of a bouncer was there, eying him carefully.

"May I help you, Hyuuga-san?"

Neji nodded. "I need to get word to someone; it is of the utmost importance."

"We would be glad to allow you entrance, but we must take action to ensure the identities of our customers remain a secret. If you sign this agreement, which is enforced by a seal, we can allow you entrance." As the bouncer said this, he held up a form similar to the ones Naruto and Hinata had signed when they first came here, a document with a small circle at the bottom for a blood seal.

"What does this paper entail?" Neji asked, eyeing the contract suspiciously.

"It forbids you from revealing the identities of anyone you meet here. The results are… painful."

Neji thought but for a moment. As much as he was loathed to be bound by another seal, this was very urgent, not only for his own well being, but also for Hinata's. "Very well," he replied, reaching for the paper.

"Excellent!" exclaimed the bouncer. He pointed to the bottom of the page. "Just place a drop of blood here, and sign here."

Neji did as he was told, and was waved through the next door. He vaguely recognized a dazed and cum-covered Kurenai lying at the base of the stage and a sweaty Anko pounding away between her open legs with a strap-on dildo, but so focused was he on his goal that he barely noticed it. Using his Byakugan to locate Hinata, he made his way to the right room. He took a moment to brace himself for the task at hand before slamming open the door.

Naruto sat up at the sound, accidentally throwing the blanket off of himself and Hinata. She just rolled over to snuggle with the only warmth left.

"Neji!" Naruto exclaimed, forgetting himself for a moment as he recognized the person who'd slammed open the door.

Naruto's cry caused Hinata to sit up. Neji couldn't help but noticed the way her breasts bounced with the movements, even though they were covered with dried cum. A look of horror came over her face. Neji squinted, realizing that Naruto had a mask on. It was there for a reason, he surmised.

"Neji, please don't tell my father!" she exclaimed, looking frightened.

Neji put on his best scorning frown and spoke in a withering tone. "Hinata, I won't have to tell him if you get back home as soon as possible. He knows you're missing. I can sneak you back in, but you've got to get dressed right now!" Neji finished with a state of urgency.

"… Are you going to tell him?" she replied, still worried.

He shook his head slightly. "No. I'm your guardian. It's my job to make sure no harm comes to you, no matter who it's from."

Hinata practically jumped out of the bed and glomped him. Neji was rather embarrassed at her state of nudity, but he tentatively returned her hug.

"Hina-chan, you'd better get dressed. I don't think you'll like walking down the street nude." Ace commented from his prone position on the bed.

Hinata, finally remembering her state of undress, blushed, though not as heavily as she used to. She scrambled around, finding her clothes and putting them back on, ignoring her cousin's presence. The other Hyuuga had the decency to turn away and deactivate his Byakugan, to give her a slight bit of privacy. Naruto, still as Ace, on the other hand, stared openly, admiring her beauty. Hinata knew this and let him, enjoying the attention. She had a man that appreciated her body and her person. She could tell. It wasn't like having letches openly leering at her. He took in both her inner and outer beauty, as if he could see her soul…

Hinata finished dressing and put her mask back into place. She turned back to Ace, waiting for a command. Despite his nakedness, he stood up and approached her, enveloping her in a hug. He released her after a moment and took a step back. Unexpectedly, he snapped his fingers in front of her face. She looked dazed for a moment, but snapped out of it. For a moment, it felt as if she had been under a genjutsu and someone had just broken it. She shook it off as her cousin spoke to her.

"Hinata, please go wait for me in the hall. I wish to talk to your… lover for a moment." Neji knew exactly what their situation was, but he was a little too embarrassed to openly state it. After all, he'd had some fantasies in the area…

Hinata complied, and once the door was closed, Neji stared down Naruto. Once the door was closed, he activated his Byakugan. Hinata was leaning against the far wall with eyes glazed, staring at nothing. Once he was sure she wasn't paying attention, he deactivated his Byakugan and began talking.

"I know who you are." Neji said in a low voice, causing Naruto to freeze for a minute. "My cousin has had a crush on you since before I can remember. I'm pretty sure you knew about it too, so why the mask? Why do you deceive her? You do love her, do you not?" Neji asked, his voice betraying the fact that, depending on Naruto's answer, his fists might soon replace his words.

Naruto answered in a calm tone, doing his utmost to suppress his nervousness. "… I do. At first, when we got together, I didn't know who she was because of her mask. I found out later that night, but by then a submission contract was already signed. She didn't want to leave, and the contract can only be broken if we both wish it. I… don't want it to end. She had told me she had a crush on Naruto, though she didn't know that I and my alter-ego are one in the same."

His answer helped to abate Neji's worry, but the elder Hyuuga was more concerned about his cousin's feelings, and he had an idea that he knew would please Hinata. "… I hate to resort to using blackmail, but you have until tomorrow night to reveal this to her. If you do not, well… sometimes a loose tongue can do a lot of damage…" Neji hinted, knowing full well that the contract he'd signed made it impossible to carry out that threat, and hoping Naruto didn't know about it.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at Neji, but he knew the other boy was right. He sighed.

"Fine." Naruto bumbled in defeat.

He walked out into the hallway where Hinata was waiting. She turned to him, waiting for an order.


She turned to look up at him. Though he couldn't see her face due to her mask, he heard a bit of curiosity and worry in her voice. "Master… I know that my cousin has revealed my name, but… you seem as if you are familiar with it… why?"

He sighed inwardly. "… that is something we have to talk about. Meet me on top of the Hokage Monuments tomorrow at sundown."

"Hai… Ace-sama." She smiled, more than happy to follow his command.

Neji cleared his throat, ruining the moment.

"Hinata-sama, if I may be so bold, we must leave now." He inclined his head towards the exit.

Ace nodded, giving his consent to allow her to leave. Hinata bowed before following Neji out of the building. Naruto sighed once before returning to the room. He had some sleep to catch up on.

Hinata and Neji were jumping across the rooftops. The only other people around were a few drunks and the ANBU patrol. Hinata was quite confused. She never expected her cousin would be this nice… This wasn't something she had thought he would have done. He seemed like a stickler for the rules, but here he was, risking pain through the cursed seal to help her get away with breaking the rules.

"Neji… why are you helping me?" she asked him curiously.

"Your master… do you love him?" he turned to her, questioning.

"With all my heart." Her statement was more than just a phrase. She felt it with her entire being.

He nodded slightly. "Then what right do I have to prevent your happiness?" he asked, rhetorically.

"… Thank you, Neji-niisan." He could hear the gratitude in her voice, and Neji felt, in this moment, he had finally begun to repay her for all the kindness she had shown him.

Neji just smiled.

It was a simple matter to sneak past the guards and get her into her room. No one even knew she hadn't been there since earlier.

Neji, however, didn't go straight to sleep. After the events of the night, he was filled with the desire to go visit Tenten. Perhaps he should pay a visit to Naruto later. After all, the blonde boy certainly owed him after this evening, and Neji had a few curious questions that maybe Naruto could answer…

Hinata's day passed quickly. Lucky for her, she couldn't wait to be with Ace a moment longer. Even though she didn't think that he would mind if she took off those torturous leather panties, she wore them again anyway. After all, he had never commanded her to take them off. Such was her devotion. Besides, she decided that she liked the constant irritation. It made their sex just that much more pleasurable. Ace was already very skilled, though since Hinata had never been with anyone else, she had nothing to compare it to. It was like he knew every crevice, every erogenous zone in her body, more than she had ever discovered. But, with constant stimulation and anticipation, it was indescribable. She doubted the sex gods themselves could do better. As blasphemous as it was, she believed it with all her being.

After a long day of training, both with her team and alone, the sun was finally setting. Her anticipation grew; the time when she would be with her master was coming close. Finally, after a long hot shower and careful preparation, she left the Hyuuga compound, feeling more aroused than ever. She decided to wear her normal clothes rather than the outfit she usually wore when meeting her master. He knew who she was now, so why bother trying to hide her identity? Besides, she thought it would look a little odd to see a leather-clad masked woman who wasn't part of the ANBU walking through the streets.

When she got there, it was easy to find him. He was standing in his regular outfit, hood down, his blonde hair waving in the gentle breeze. The large red sun behind him gave the scene a sense that, as corny as it sounded, was right out of a romance novel.

"Hinata-chan… it's nice to see you again." He turned to face her, though his kind smile was hidden behind his re-breather. She took a few tentative steps towards him, but before she could move, he had her in his arms.

"I… I missed you, master," she whispered, leaning further into him.

"Yeah? I missed you too, Hina-chan," he replied, stroking her back lightly.

They were silent for a moment, just enjoying the light of the setting sun. Ace broke the silence.

"Hinata, do you know why I called you out here?" he asked her.

She shook her head no. With all the anticipation of the meeting, she had forgotten. She thought hard, screwing up her face in concentration. Then, it hit her.

Her eyes lit up and she look at his masked face. "You were going to tell me why you seemed to be more familiar with my name than the short time you've known it should allow," she said with a hint of pride at having remembered through her hazy, aroused mind.

"I know I've never revealed my face to you," he began with utmost sincerity. "Because of that, you only know my pseudonym. I've decided that, since I know who you are, you should know who I am."

Surprise overtook her features. "I… I've been wondering… who you were… I feel as if I should know you. It feels like you've know me forever."

"That's because I have, Hinata-chan." Surprise splashed across the young girl's features. 'Ace' continued talking. "I've known you since we were children. We were in the same academy class, you know. We didn't really interact much then… we were too different. You were shy and withdrawn, and I was sure that my personality would overwhelm you. In fact, you used to faint every time I got too close to you."

With growing suspicion, Hinata asked "If you had noticed me in the Academy, why didn't you try to be my friend?"

The blond chuckled sardonically. "You were the Hyuuga heiress, you still are. You were practically royalty in the village. Everyone respected you, for your name at least, if not for anything else. I was scum, hated by everyone in the village; a leper compared to a princess. Besides, every time I did try to approach you after school, your escort would always send me away. So I stopped trying."

She felt a pang of sadness; her family had actively screened her friends. Maybe if she had a friend when she was a child, she wouldn't have been so shy. Maybe she could have done better, and her father would have been more proud of her…

Ace turned away, facing the sun. Hinata couldn't really look directly at him because of the glare. He reached to the sides of his head and touched two inconspicuous buttons there. With a hiss, the re-breather loosened.

He let the device drop to the ground. Slowly, he turned around to face Hinata. Her breath caught in her throat. The sun's rays licked his flowing golden locks, his bright blue eyes shone with love and amusement, and those whisker marks that so cutely adorned his cheeks drove her crazy. Her feet were rooted to the ground and she couldn't move.

Naruto stepped closer to her, wrapped his arms around her, lowered his face to hers, and kissed her. The moment their lips touched, Hinata melted into his arms, squeezing him tightly. 'Our first kiss!' she thought. 'It's like I'd always imagined it to be…'

Her thoughts trailed off as she lost herself in the moment.

They didn't know how long they stayed up there, kissing. They only realized how long it had been when the sun had long since set and the moon had come up. After a while, they sat there with their legs hanging over the Yondaime's bangs, cuddling. Naruto chuckled.

She pulled her head away from his shoulder to gaze at him. "What is it?"

Naruto turned to Hinata, his eyes still sparkling with mirth. "I thought that you would have been angry. I mean, you told me how much you liked me and I still didn't reveal myself…"

She shook her head quickly. "No, I'm not angry. I know why you waited. You wanted to know if you loved me… and I'm sure you do… I can feel it," she said with conviction.

"You're right. Hyuuga Hinata, I love you from the bottom of my heart," he told her, the words matched by the look in his eyes. The crescent moon and all the stars in the sky shone down on the couple. The faint light reflected off of Naruto's eyes, giving them a magical quality that Hinata couldn't quite describe.

Hinata felt as if she would burst. She wanted him to know exactly how she felt. "Uzumaki Naruto, I have loved you since I first met you, I love you now, and I will love you until the day I die."

Naruto leaned in, capturing her lips with his. This time, there was a sense of need, a much more carnal desire behind his actions. He broke the kiss and said, "I've always wanted someone to tell me that. It makes me happy… and damned horny…"

Hinata grinned, even as she blushed. "Then I suppose I'll do something about that… master."

A surprised look passed over Naruto's face, before he grinned. He leapt up, practically dragging her with him, and jumped off of the Hokage Monument. Hinata squeezed him as hard as she could, but without a drop of fear. She trusted him too much. Just before they hit the ground, they disappeared in a poof of smoke.

They re-appeared in Naruto's apartment.

Hinata looked around, amazed. "H-how did you…?"

"Just one of my many skills, Hina-chan," he boasted, injecting a corny amount of arrogance into his voice. Even a fool could have told that he was joking with her. However, his voice deepened slightly, and became more husky… more aroused. "But right now, there are more urgent matters…"

He kissed her again, occasionally breaking their lip-to-lip contact to remove an article of clothing until the two were completely naked. Naruto picked Hinata up, making her squeal, before depositing her on the bed. He practically jumped on top of her in his eagerness. His lips met hers once again and their heavy make-out session continued. This time, though, Naruto let his hands wander. His hands cupped her ample breasts, massaging them and tweaking her nipples. She groaned into his mouth, only increasing in urgency when one of his hands found her entrance. He roughly shoved two fingers into her, pumping them in and out of her already amply lubricated pussy.

She moaned around his tongue, humping her body into his fingers. She lost herself in a daze of intense sexuality. Naruto did this to her, he brought out her inner vixen. And she loved it. He didn't have any complaints either. She was like putty in his hands, not just because he drove her to new heights of sexual pleasure, but because she loved being controlled by him. For the both of them, it just felt so right.

"Na-Naruto! Take me now!" Hinata practically screamed. Naruto grinned and before she could react, his member was in her. She moaned desperately, pulling Naruto's face down onto hers. She frantically kissed him, using her kisses to urge him to go faster. He complied, and soon the sound of flesh impacting against flesh resounded through the apartment. Hinata's muffled moans and screams were barely contained by Naruto's lips, and the rest were held by the apartment walls.

Naruto broke the kiss, only to move his lips and tongue to her ear. This made her groan with even more pleasure. He stopped his ministrations to whisper into her ear.

"You liked what you saw yesterday. The sight of Kurenai being used by a room full of men turned you on, didn't it? You're curious, aren't you? You want that to happen, don't you? You want to be used by an entire crowd," he teased her, erotically whispering into her ear.

"Y-yes! Oh, Kami, yes!" she managed to groan out.

Naruto grinned. Not even using hand signs, his entire bedroom was suddenly full of Shadow Clones. Hinata turned her head to look at the noise. Her eyes widened to unimaginable proportions. Her pussy clamped down on Naruto's member and she went rigid and then shook. Apparently, the sight of a room full of naked Naruto's, each with a hard dick, was enough to bring her to orgasm.

Once it subsided, she looked at the real Naruto, stars practically shining in her eyes. He just grinned and rolled over, pulling her with him. Before she had a chance to even prepare, two of the Naruto clones descended on her. One put his hands on either side of her head and shoved his hard cock down her eager throat. She stretched her mouth, making it even easier for him to thrust in and out. She quickly found a perfect pace, breathing in one time when his cock was pulled back, and out the next time her throat was clear. She managed to perfect it, not even choking or running out of air.

The other clone pulled out a bottle of lube. He squeezed out a generous proportion, rubbing it on his hard cock. A few more drops went onto his finger. While Hinata was sucking off one Naruto clone and pumping her hips up and down on the real Naruto's cock, he put his finger into her puckered ass. He gently pumped his fingers in and out, spreading more lube into her, making sure that what came next wouldn't be painful for her. She groaned, the vibrations of her throat causing the clone fucking her mouth to groan and orgasm. Spurt after spurt of his cum shot down her throat. She tried to swallow it all, but she couldn't. The clone pulled out and shot the rest all over her face, covering her in white goo. She moaned as soon as her mouth was clear, even as she tried to scoop it up with her fingers and eat it. The clone dispersed, only to be replaced by another.

The clone at her ass gently applied pressure to her rectal entrance, slowly stretching it out. Another clone came forward and forcefully shoved his cock down Hinata's throat, much to her pleasure.

'This… this feeling!' she exclaimed in her mind. 'I… I'm being used. Naruto-kun is using my whole body for his pleasure!' The clone in charge of her ass hole had finally managed to pop the head of his cock into her no longer virgin ass. Hinata hissed in pain, and her sphincter tightened up drastically around the clone's cock. The clone leaned in and whispered in her ear "Relax your ass, Hinata-chan! Don't force it out or tighten up, it'll only hurt more. Just let your ass relax and loosen up."

The clone began to gently move his cock, only mere centimeters at a time. The poor abused (but liking it) girl groaned in pain. With the clone repeatedly shoving his cock down her throat, it came out more like "Uhh-ghrk-hmm-ghrk-ahh-ghrk" The real Naruto, still lying underneath her, held her hips up slightly to give himself a little room underneath her. He began to thrust up in alternating motions with the clone using her mouth.

The clone at her ass opened the bottle of lube again and squirted a little more of the slick substance where his cock met her ass. It dripped down slightly, but was slowly being worked into Hinata's ass with each small thrust. With a supreme effort, Hinata managed to focus on her sphincter muscles and forced them to relax. The crushing pressure on the hard member there slackened slightly. The clone slowly began to extend his thrusts, going in a fraction of an inch more than he had with each previous thrust. It was a slow process, but eventually, he had his entire member buried in her brown hole. Hinata's anus was tight, more so than her pussy, but it had loosened up enough that the clone was able to begin thrusting with more urgency.

With a small hand sign, the real Naruto signaled a halt. Though neither the original nor the clone at Hinata's ass pulled out all the way, they only had the helmets of their cocks in her holes. The clone fucking her mouth pulled all the way out.

Hinata looked down at the original with some confusion. "Master?" she asked.

"Hinata-chan… are you ready?" he asked her, more serious than he had ever been while they were having sex.

In response, she leaned down and enveloped his lips with a searing kiss. She pulled back and whispered in his ear, "Please take me, Master. Use my filthy perverted body any way you wish. Make me your whore- no; make me your personal cumdumpster! Use me in any way you wish, Master! I'm yours!" she exclaimed

Needing no further encouragement, the two clones and the original lined up and thrust their entire lengths into each available hole. Hinata's pussy clamped down on the cock in her sex, and her ass tightened around the member that was invading it. She groaned out her orgasm around the rapidly thrusting cock in her mouth as her eyes rolled to the back of her head in pleasure.

The three just began humping away at her, alternating strokes to keep one person in her at all times. With nearly simultaneous grunts, all three cocks in her erupted in a wave of cum that soaked every violated hole she had. The warmth in her ass and pussy triggered a series of mini orgasms, and she struggled to gulp down the huge load in her mouth, lest she choke.

The two clones slumped over and dispersed, though their cum remained. Her daze was interrupted by her master's voice.

"Hinata, get up." She gently removed herself from her Master's still hard member and moved back slightly, curiously looking at him with a questioning gaze.

"Turn around," he ordered her, and she did so. Naruto moved up behind her and lined his cock up with her ass, which was slightly dripping with the cum that one of the clones had deposited here. Hinata groaned, more out of pleasure than pain, as her Master's engorged member slid up her somewhat tender hole. Gently, he lay back, pulling her on top of him. He steadied her by placing his hands on her hips. "Guys!" he called out to her clones. "There's five spots open now; her pussy, tits, mouth, and each hand are yours for the taking."

The clones whooped in anticipation and excitement. Hinata's eyes widened in surprise; she hadn't known that so many places on her body could be used.

Naruto's breath tickled her ear as he whispered to her, "Give 'em a little encouragement, my little cumdumpster."

Grasping the idea quickly, she nearly shouted "Please come use any part of me you wish! This lowly slave lives be your personal pleasure hole! My body is yours for the taking! Use me to your hearts' content!"

Naruto started in surprise at the amount of conviction in her voice. 'I've never had a submissive that was so… devoted before…' he thought. His cock hardened a little more. She truly was his to do whatever he wished to with.

The clones, on the other hand, didn't need a written invitation. Once her verbal, and very arousing, invitation was spoken, they almost literally leapt into action. One slid between her obscenely spread open legs, and thrust his cock into her. Hinata leaned up into the thrust and wrapped her legs tightly around the clone. Another one had presented his cock to her by tapping it on her face several times. She leaned her head back and shoved her head as far as it would reach onto his cock. He began thrusting with as much enthusiasm as the clone in her pussy was. Hinata felt a weight settle onto her chest. It wasn't enough to squeeze the breath out of her, but it wasn't like it was unnoticeable. He felt the throbbing cock of yet another clone slip into the valley between her breasts. A squirt of lube was added for good measure before her tits were tightly compressed around it. Vigorous pumping ensued. Each one of her hands was grabbed and wrapped around a cock each, one for each hand. Though she had little concentration left with all these cocks using her in every imaginable way, her ninja training allowed her to focus just enough to repeatedly stroke the stiff members.

The clones and the original were moaning in pleasure as they used her. Their growled and whispered comments and dirty talk drove her over the edge in under a minute, and she exploded in a glorious orgasm.

Shortly after that, she lost all sense of thought or time. It was just clone after clone after clone, a never ending stream. Gallons of cum covered her face, her hair, her ass and back, practically every single part of her. Positions were changed every so often after the real Naruto pumped a huge load into her ass. Sometimes she was lying on her back with a cock in her ass and a clone on top of her in her pussy, and another in her mouth. When they were available, clones were using her tits to please themselves. Another position she remembered was being held by one clone with her arms and legs wrapped around him and his dick in her pussy while another thrust into her ass. They both deposited their loads deep inside her, and it just drove her even wilder.

Occasionally clones would take her one on one, and other times as a group. The wildest position, and the one she loved the most, was her on her back with her legs practically behind her head, one in each of her holes, one fucking her tits, and a cock in each of her hands. By the time all the clones were dispersed, there was not a single inch of her body that wasn't covered in cum. She had a dazed and happy, almost wistful look, one that practically screamed "well-fucked."

Naruto stood up from where he'd been leaning against the wall. He'd learned to appreciate the advantages of using Shadow Clones in combat, but not until now was he truly grateful for gaining all of their memories and experiences when they dispersed. He'd come as much as Hinata, but his incredible stamina gave him the energy to stand up, as he gently lifted his beautiful lover from where she lay in a puddle of cum that was rapidly drying on the sheets.

Hinata opened her drooping eyes as she felt herself being picked up. As Naruto held her close to his chest, she snuggled into it and gave a sigh that spoke of both great fatigue and contentedness.

"You did well, Hinata-chan," Naruto said in a gentle, caring voice. The pale eyed girl summoned enough energy to beam up at him in response to the praise.

"If it's for Naruto-kun, I'd do anything…" she mumbled.

He carried her to the bath, not even caring about the sticky coating that was smeared all over her body. She just held onto him, too weak to even stand. There was a bath already drawn up for her, bubbles and all, that he'd prepared after his role in the gang bang was finished. He gently set her down into the hot water and slipped in behind her. She leaned against his chest, her eyelids drooping. Naruto took a washcloth and liberally applied soap, gently washing her body. He massaged her sore and aching muscles as he went, making absolutely sure that each and every inch of her skin was immaculately clean, that every single muscle was massaged and relaxed. He carefully cleaned out her pussy and ass, removing every trace of the numerous loads of cum that had been shot into her. He washed her hair, getting every single bit of semen out of her beautiful blue-black locks.

During all of this, Hinata just relaxed in the pleasure of it all. The intense sexual pleasure from the gang bang was bar none the most arousing and sexually pleasing thing she had ever experienced. It gave her a sense of pride that she was able to bring so many men to the height of pleasure, despite them being copies of her love and master. But, this was something that rivaled it, though in a completely different way. Close physical contact, along with the relaxing massage, was the perfect way to recover from her experience. Her eyes slowly closed, and she relaxed into his arms.

'This… this is bliss' she thought to herself.

There was one thing that was worrying her, though. Though she wouldn't trade the feeling of being in love, of being completely devoted to someone and to have that person use her however they wished, and to have them care for her in the same way, she couldn't help but question one thing. Was it all going too fast?

Scarcely a week ago, she had given up on her crush and had resigned herself to the only role she believed she was fit for; that of a slave. She had never expected to be loved back at all. In a way, she had hoped to find content in the role she assigned herself, to gleam some pride and pleasure and a place of belonging with her servitude.

'Maybe it's Karma,' she thought to herself. 'I've always tried my best to be a good person and to always do the right thing. I've even shown kindness to Neji-niisan despite the harsh way he had treated me for most of my childhood'

She slightly nodded to herself; it had to have been Karma. Though she wasn't religious- few ninja were- she believed that there was a higher power out there. 'Perhaps my good deeds have finally been seen, and this is my reward' she thought, smiling to herself at the notion.

In reality, she couldn't ask for anything else. She was in love and had devoted herself, heart, mind, and soul, to a man who not only was worthy of such devotion- 'Because if Naruto-kun isn't worthy of it, no one is' she thought- and that same man loved her back.

However, a part of her, the cynical part that had always pointed out the negatives in her life, couldn't help but feel that it wouldn't last. 'The other shoe always falls,' this part said to her. 'Nothing good in your life ever lasts and you know it,' it scornfully taunted her

'That's not true!' she argued back. 'I will do anything to make this last! I will always be devoted to Naruto-kun! Even if I die, I'll move the heavens to make his life better! Believe it!' he mentally screamed.

Though her eyes were closed, and no one noticed, the pale lavender of her blank eyes became broken by concentric rings, like ripples spreading out from where her pupils should have been. It quickly faded, however, and no mortal noticed.

Deep within the sewer, behind tall golden bars held shut with a simple paper tag that read 'Seal', the Nine-Tailed Fox shivered at the ripples of power he felt.

"Something has changed…" it noted to itself. Its container hadn't felt it; hell, no mortal could. The change was divine in nature, and as such it was only perceivable by beings of either Celestial or Infernal origin.

"That power…"it commented aloud. "It feels familiar, somehow…"

The collected mass of sentient chakra struggled to recall where it had felt that power before. An image came to mind of a man dressed in ceremonial robes and holding a long staff. The man in this memory had a necklace made of ten different sizes of jewels and eyes that held concentric rings, like ripples spreading from a point of contacts in a pond.

As quickly as it came, the memory faded. The beast growled in frustration and shifted its position.

"No matter," it said to itself. It lay its head down on its paws and drifted back to sleep.

An errant thought sprang into Hinata's mind shortly after her mental oath. 'What did Naruto-kun mean earlier when he said he was hated by everyone?'

She frowned slightly. What could he have done to make everyone hate him? It's not like it was an exaggeration on Naruto's part; back in the Academy, when she used to give her guards the slip and follow him around, she had seen how people glared at him and steadfastly ignored him. Besides, what could a preteen have done to have gained such intense loathing? Pranks, no matter how embarrassing, couldn't have been able to inspire such intense hatred.

She knew she was prying into his life, but she had to know. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say, and if that cat was Hinata, she was running dangerously low on lives; too curious for her own good.

"N-n-Naruto-kun?" Hinata said, questioningly, to get his attention.

Naruto frowned slightly; Hinata hadn't stuttered that badly around him since before he left on his training trip. 'Something must be wrong…' he thought.

"What is it?" he asked her with some concern.

Hinata hesitated for a minute. She turned slightly so she could look up into his eyes. "Um… earlier, when we were talking on the Hokage Monument, you said that when you were a kid, everyone hated you…"

Naruto nodded, but frowned. He could tell where this conversation was going and he didn't like it one bit.

"I… I would like to know why…" she said. "Um, if you know, that is…" she trailed off at the stormy look Naruto had.

"Hinata…" Naruto's voice was filled with anxiety. "That is… well, it's something I don't like talking about…" he said.

"I understand," she said in return. "Maybe… maybe someday, if you feel like it, you can tell me."

The blond genin looked down and away from the disappointment in Hinata's eyes. He hugged her a little tighter and rested his head on her shoulder; his unshaved whiskers irritated her skin slightly.

"No, you deserve to know," he said, resigned. "Once I've told you, I would understand if you wanted out of the contract…"

Hinata's heart skipped a beat; he was worried that once she was told that she would hate him too. She leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on his whiskered cheek.

"Please… please tell me, Naruto-kun."

Naruto sighed in resignation. "I've been hated since as long as I can remember. It wasn't anything that I did, but a result of a condition that was forced on me shortly after my birth." Here he paused to gather his courage to say what he needed to. "I am what is known as a Jinchuriki."

Hinata spun the word around in her mind for a moment, deciphering its meaning. "The Power of Human Sacrifice?" she asked. "What… how would that make you hated?"

Naruto winced slightly. "Shortly after I was born, the Yondaime Hokage used me as a container for the Nine-Tailed Fox; there was no other way to stop the beast."

Hinata looked at him in confusion. "What… what do you mean?"

Naruto trembled slightly with the effort of speaking his deepest secret. "There is no way to permanently kill a Biju, since they are nothing more than a collection of malevolent sentient chakra. The only way to stop one that's on a rampage is to seal it into something. For the Kyuubi, a newborn child was required; any random object wouldn't have been sufficient to hold the beast in, and a dumb animal would have been taken over within hours. Even an adult wouldn't have been able to hold it at bay, since its chakra would have burned out the adult's chakra coils and killed that person, releasing it once more."

Hinata's eyes had been getting wider and wider with horror as the explanation continued.

"I… had the misfortune of being born a few hours before the beast reached Konoha. I'm not sure why the Yondaime chose me, since there were several other newborns of similar age at the time, but he did." Naruto paused to hold back the tears that threatened to well up and spill over. "When the villagers where told what happened, they were scared. None of them are stupid enough to think that I was the Kyuubi reincarnated or anything like that, but they feared that the Kyuubi would take over, or somehow get released. I was treated like an active and smoking explosive tag." Here, Naruto mirthlessly chuckled. "I suppose, in their eyes, I was."

For several long heartbreaking moments, there was silence. Then, the Kyuubi container felt a warm, wet hand on his cheek. He looked over at where Hinata was still laying against his chest and made eye contact. It nearly broke his heart.

She was gazing at him with love and adoration. He didn't react as she leaned in and placed her lips against his. She held the kiss for a few seconds before drawing back.

"Naruto-kun…" her voice wavered with emotion, "I would never leave you. I… I'll never leave you, ever. Forever and ever, I'll be yours. As long as you have me, I'll be by your side, and if you ever decide I'm not worthy of that place, I'll be in your shadow. Whether you want me or not, whether you love me or not, I'll be there for you. I'll love you for the rest of time!"

The tears that had been threatening to spill over his eyes finally did. He sniffed to clear his rapidly clogging nose. "Hinata, I love you too. I'll always love you."

She leaned up and kissed him once more before laying back onto his chest again. Naruto, noticing that the water was lukewarm at best and had chunks of semen floating in it, kicked the drain open to let the water back out. Using his surprisingly dexterous foot, he turned on the taps and pulled the plug to turn the shower on. The nearly scalding hot water washed over them even as the tub trained.

"Naruto-kun…" Hinata said to get his attention.

"Yes, love?" he asked.

"I meant what I said earlier…" she said, seriously.

When he didn't respond, she imagined him looking at her in curiosity. She smiled to herself. "I'm yours to use in any way you like, Master," she said, coquettishly. "You can take me anywhere, at any time, however you want. You can drag me by my hair if you have to," she said with a little giggle.

Naruto chuckled back at her. "Yeah, I can see it now," he said with mirth. His voice slipped into a guttural grunting noise as he said, "Me want pretty girl! Me take you now! Me drag you back to cave by hair, caveman style!"

Hinata giggled outrageously at the notion of Naruto in a leopard-skin loincloth, holding a huge tree branch as a club, bonking her upside the head and dragging her across the ground to a fire-lit cave. Naruto laughed along with her, and the seriousness in the atmosphere from his confession of his status as a Jinchuriki dissipated.

After their laughs had died down, they each stood up and had to deftly maneuver around each other to wash the last of the semen off of their bodies. It wasn't easy, since being in the warm water had given the substance a rubber-like consistency. It was like trying to wash off partially dried rubber cement; a feat that was made more frustrating by clumps of it causing tangles and knots in Hinata's long hair.

Right as Naruto turned off the shower, Hinata gave a gasp. "Oh no!" she exclaimed.

"What is it?" Naruto asked her in confusion.

"My father! I- I need to get home, quick!" she began. "Oh Kami, I can only hope that no one has noticed I'm gone!"

Despite the situation and the tizzy that Hinata was working herself into, Naruto chuckled. A little angry as him because of his laughter, Hinata smacked him on the arm. "This is no laughing matter, Uzumaki Naruto!"

"Relax, Hinata-chan! I sent a clone over there once we started going at it to cover for you." He stated, matter-of-factly. "I told it to henge into you and to put on your pajamas and go to sleep. It hasn't dispelled yet, so I can only assume that it's still sleeping."

"But Naruto-kun, the Byakugan can see through illusions like the henge!" she groaned in dismay.

Naruto only grinned at her. "Not my version of henge. See?" He put his hands into the ram seal and called out "Oiroke no jutsu; Hinata-style!"

In his place stood an exact copy of Hinata, right down to the fluffy blue towel wrapped around her torso from her breasts to her legs. Hinata raised an eyebrow and sighed. The veins around her eyes bulged as she activated her Byakugan.

Naruto, still looking like Hinata, grinned when she gave a gasp of surprise. "B-but… that shouldn't be possible!" the real Hinata exclaimed.

"Oh, but it is!" Naruto said back. "I constantly overloaded the regular henge with too much chakra, so I threw a few extra hand-seals into the mix and got this! I call it the Kage Henge!"

Hinata raised an eyebrow. "The Shadow Transformation?" she asked.

"Well, yeah. If the Shadow Clone jutsu makes solid clones, then the Shadow Transformation makes a solid transformation. Simple." He explained to her.

The real Hinata reached out and undid the towel wrapped around her doppelganger's form. It was a perfect copy of her, right down to the way her nipples hardened in the cold. With an experimental squeeze, Hinata grabbed the transformed Naruto's breast. It felt exactly like hers.

"Naruto… this… this is…" she stumbled over what she was trying to say.

"Yes?" he asked expectantly, grinning all the while.

"Naruto, do you know what this means?" she asked him, quite seriously.

"Um… I'm not quite sure what you're getting at," he said while scratching the back of his head.

Hinata grinned at him. "This means that you can transform into someone else and my clan won't have a problem with me openly associating with you! Hell, we could go on dates right under my father's nose, and he'd never know it was you!" she exclaimed with a hint of mischievousness. "We could prank the whole village!"

Naruto, on the other hand, looked a little hurt. "But Hinata-chan, don't you want to date me?" he asked.

She pulled him into a hug. "Of course I do, Naruto-kun, but my clan would never allow it. I would do anything to be with you, but my father has a lot of political power, you know. Even if he didn't, it would be well within his right to declare a blood feud on the Uzumaki family- even though that's only you right now- and anyone from my clan would be allowed to attack you at any time for no reason. I couldn't bear it if I got you hurt," she said.

Naruto smiled softly at her. "Don't worry, Hinata-chan. I've already anticipated that; I've got a plan in motion that will make me untouchable. Well, politically, anyway." He grinned. "Hell, I bet even the Fire Daimyo wouldn't be able to afford to order my execution once my plan comes to fruition." He boasted with full confidence.

"What plan?" Hinata asked.

"That…" Naruto began, teasingly, "is a secret."

"Oh Na-ru-to-kun…" Hinata began, seductively, leaning in and emphasizing her breasts. "Won't you tell me pretty please with a cherry on top?"

"Nope! Not gonna do it!" he said in response, crossing his arms and looking away.

She pouted. "Meanie."

Naruto released the Kage Henge and swept her into his arms. Startled, she let out a small surprised cry as he bolted into the bedroom. The bed had already been made- Hinata assumed that Naruto had made some clones do the clean up while he was in the tub with her- and the window was open to air the smell of sex out of the room.

"H-hey!" she said. "Put me down!"

Naruto grinned at her. "As you wish, princess." He promptly dropped her onto the bed.


He crawled into bed next to her, but Hinata turned away with mock anger and pouted at the wall. Naruto just chuckled at her and snuggled up next to her, spooning her.

After a few minutes, she relaxed into his embrace. The warmth of the contact filled her on more than just the physical level; there was something deeper about it. Maybe it was being in love. Whatever it was, both of them enjoyed the contact, snuggling as closely as physically possible.

"I love you, Hinata-chan," Naruto mumbled, succumbing to his fatigue.

"I love you too, Naruto-kun," she replied, equally as tired.

With the cool fall breeze and the warmth of each other, they each drifted to sleep, unaware that their lives would soon take a drastic turn…

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