Second Chances: Party Time Blues

When Phoenix PD needs help investigating a series of robberies involving a family-run party company, Ron Johnson asks for Rick and AJ's assistance. Over their objections, Chrystal Austin and her boyfriend become involved, but a former student of hers could spell danger for all.

(This is a work of fiction. No money is being made on it, and the characters are owned by Universal Studios and are only being borrowed for a little while. .)

A/N: For any new readers, "Second Chances" is my "what if?" for Rick and A.J. Simon...What if they didn't end the partnership or A.J. didn't marry Janet or Liz... What if Rick had a long-lost sweetheart who needed protection from a crazed stalker? And...what if Rick and his girl fell in love, adopted her niece and nephew, and made a home first in San Diego, then in Arizona? These "what if''s" are the basis for my continuing "Simon & Simon" as if they never went off the air. This series also includes crossovers from Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman and Dark feel free to read my other stories for the whys and wherefores of these three worlds meeting.

"There…that's done." Rick pushed the folder full of paperwork towards his brother, as A.J. groaned.

"Did you even bother to read any of that?"

"Yep, but I trust you, little brother… What Laurie and I know about investing could fit on a postage stamp. You've never steered us wrong." the older Simon assured him, rocking back on the rear legs of his chair.

"One of these days….." A.J. shook his head, then laughed at the face Rick made when the phone rang. "It would be funny if it was Mom." he said as Rick answered "Simon and Simon".

"Better not be…hey, Mom…A.J. was just thinking of you." Rick sat his chair upright in disbelief as his brother just stared, then laughed quietly.

"No, Mom….we were going to surprise her with the party, she just thinks we're "eloping" again." At that A.J. grinned, then held out his hand.

"My turn, let me talk to Mom."

"That's a great idea, Mom…thanks. Let me clue Abby and Temple in on it, then I'll let you know what they want to help with. Now that pesky little brother of mine wants to talk to he is." Rick teased, holding the extension out.

"Very funny…pesky!" A.J. snorted, then brightened as he said, "Mom, hi..are you and Oscar having any luck?"

Rick snickered as his brother got an earful of Cecilia Simon's wry laugh, then listened in as she shared her idea for his wife's birthday gift.

"I was telling Rick that Oscar and I want to give Laurie a medieval party like Rick did for their 10th anniversary. Only it would be a Royal Princess party…I think the kids would enjoy it too."

"I like it, Mom. The girls would enjoy it…and we could have Ricky and Andy do trumpets and stuff." A.J. agreed. At that Rick broke in.

'Wait a minute, Chrissy's teaching English history this semester, I bet she'd have some fun ideas too…why don't I call Jaime and she and Chrissy can get together with you, Mom."

"Now that's even better, son. I'll let Oscar know it's a go….Oh..he just got in…so we'll have dinner then I'll talk to you tomorrow." Cecilia made a rude noise as both brothers made kissing sounds.

"I heard that….very funny!" Oscar's deep voice appeared in the background.

"We thought it was." Rick chuckled, then said good night and passed the phone to A.J., who added his own goodbye.

"Now that works, A.J…..I just have to get the hotel to fix things, then it's all set." Rick started, only to hear his wife's voice.

"Rick? A.J.? Where are you guys?"

"In the office, sweetheart." Rick hurriedly put all his paperwork in his drawer, then smiled as Laurie opened the door.

"There you are….Sis and I thought it was awfully quiet." She started, then squealed with delight as Rick got up and scooping her into his arms, sat back at his desk with her in his lap.

"Missed me, huh?" she said, kissing him. At that A.J. groaned.

"Okay, sis….I'll leave you two alone…." He ragged, then left the room. At that Rick and Laurie broke up.

"That's one way to be alone." Rick finally managed. Scarcely had he spoken when his sister-in-law Linda appeared in the doorway.

"Sorry, Rick…but Ron's on the phone. Seems he needs the senior and junior partners."

At that Rick shook his head grumpily, then laughed as Laurie said, "And you thought A.J. had bad timing."