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Six Things Pam Forbids Jim From Doing On Their Wedding Day

1. On the day of the wedding, Jim is forbidden from pulling any and all pranks on Dwight K. Schrute - even if he's being unreasonably annoying. Exceptions may be made if it keeps Dwight out of the way of the proceedings.

2. Jim is also not allowed to play any pranks on and/or mock Andy Bernard in any way that may cause him to become infuriated. Pam's pretty sure the church frowns upon swearing and wall-punching, especially on Sundays.

3. Jim is not allowed to slick his hair back. He may attempt to tame it, but the use of gels of any kind is expressly prohibited, for reasons too obvious to mention.

4. Jim will not be allowed to see his bride before she walks down the aisle. It's bad luck, and in Michael's words, she may not be superstitious, but she is "a little stitious".

5. Jim is forbidden from smashing wedding cake into her face. It will ruin her make-up for the rest of the day, and that wedding photographer is going to be expensive.

6. And when the minister asks the big question, Jim must not, under any circumstances, say "Absolutely, I do." Not even jokingly, and not even if he's really tempted to do so.

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