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Ichigo screamed as the syringe that Szayel Aporro held was emptied into his vein, the cry not fazing the pink-haired Arrancar in the least.

"There, there," Szayel said in a mock caring tone. "How do you expect us to find out how mature you are as a hybrid? My tests have all concluded that you are on, but now I want an estimate on how much being in human world has affected your growth."

Ichigo couldn't do much except glare at the Arrancar from the table that he was strapped to, his arm aching from the injection he had been given. He honestly felt at that moment as though he had received a shot of molten lead, and the feeling was spreading through his body.

Szayel grinned down at the "shinigami", knowing full well by now that this boy wasn't one, not by a long shot. A glance at the wall clock told him though that it was time to wrap things up for the day, it was getting late and there was an Espada meeting in the morning. Tossing the empty syringe into a trash bin and quickly sweeping his other sharp instruments out of possible reach of his specimen, Szayel gave the boy a supposedly warm smile.

"We'll end now for today, so be a good boy and make sure to get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day again. I might actually get around to having you fed!" Szayel said, grinning even more as he cruelly spoke the last part, knowing that the boy hadn't been fed for several days already.

The orange haired teen only scowled angrily at him though as he stepped back to the door of the examination room, turning out the lights before he left, locking the door.

The Next Morning

Szayel Aporro was pleased when he woke up that morning to find that he had enough time before the meeting to go and check in on his experiment, it would be a bit of a hassle for him if the boy died, Aizen-sama still seemed to have a bit of an interest in him.

As he walked towards the examination room that the boy was locked in, Szayel's mind drifted slightly, going over all that he knew about the boy from experimentation. He had been the one to confirm the fact that the boy was a form of shinigami-hollow hybrid, one that neither he nor any inhabitant of Las Noches had seen before. The boy's version of shikai was pulling on a full hollow mask, his eyes changing also, but otherwise no changes in his form. Szayel was certain he had more forms than just that, but he wasn't sure yet. The boy also had rapid regeneration, something which Szayel had noticed with interest.

Two things that eluded him in the examinations and experiments thus far though was that he couldn't figure out if the boy was a Vasto Lorde, a Gillian, or an Adjucha. He also couldn't determine how mature the boy was, whether he was just a young, rebellious child or an angry-that-you-forgot-me adult. Hopefully he should figure those things out today though.

Plastering on a brilliant smile as he unlocked the door, Szayel walked in with a bright and cheery "Good morning," directed to his "patient", and saw that the orange haired being still seemed to be asleep. Something seemed off though.

Reaching into a drawer to get a syringe so he could collect a blood sample, Szayel tried to figure out what looked wrong about the sleeping figure. He didn't quite get it though until he tried to pull the sleeve of the boy's black haori up to expose his arm. Plainly put, there was no arm. The other sleeve was empty too, as were the legs of the hakama.

Almost terrified of what he was about to find, Szayel grabbed the folds of the haori and carefully parted them, revealing the body inside.

"OH SHIT!" Szayel yelled at what he saw. This was worse than just finding a torso and having to explain accidentally dissolving the boy's limbs, his regenerative abilities would have taken care of that problem, this one though was MUCH worse.

The orange haired child woke at the loud shout and began to cry; cold, hunger, and fear being the reasons for his cries. Not that Szayel knew any of this though. His mind was frozen.

He had some how turned 15 year old Kurosaki Ichigo into a baby that couldn't be any older than 15 weeks.

"Shit…" Szayel murmured as he dropped the haori folds back onto the tiny body. "I'm really going to be in trouble over this one."


Szayel Aporro didn't know why he didn't demand one of his fraccion to follow him, carrying the little bundle for him, but for some reason he didn't. Instead, when he realized he would have to let Aizen-sama know of this little "development", he had simply wrapped the infant in the black haori and carried him out into the hallway. The brat hadn't stopped crying yet and they were about to enter the meeting room of the Espada.

"Come on, quiet down a little you useless lump," Szayel whispered to the child, sighing a little when it seemed to work only for the kid to bellow louder than ever a second later. "Little jerk, you're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

As he pushed open the door to the meeting room, already realizing that he had lost track of time during his initial panic over finding Kurosaki like this and could very easily be showing up for the meeting late, he was met with silence. And curious eyes.

Szayel cursed at himself; the other Espada were there, but no sign of Aizen-sama. He couldn't pass off the brat to someone else until Aizen-sama was here and knew what happened.

"What's with all the racket?" Grimmjow demanded from his seat.

"What are you holding?" Ulquiorra added in a quieter, calmer voice.

Szayel walked past them to his seat though, between Old man espada and Mohawk espada. Both peered into the screaming bundle and caught sight of what was inside.

"What the?!" declared Old man espada as he continued to stare. "Where did you find that?"

Mohawk espada just stared silently, but his disapproval hung heavy on the air.

"What's he got?" asked Noitora, who Szayel was certain, had to be the nosiest of the espada.

"Yes, what does Szayel have, and why does it sound so unhappy?" Aizen's calm voice rang over the loud cries. Behind him, Gin seemed fascinated about the situation while Tousen's face said he was annoyed.

Time to face the music; hopefully it wouldn't be as bad as the brat's.

"A brat," Old man espada answered.

Gin looked like he wanted nothing more in the world than to go look himself, and Tousen shifted uncomfortably. Aizen on the other hand, simply raised an elegant eyebrow and looked at Szayel questioningly.

"I had a bit of an accident in the lab…" Szayel began, glancing about nervously before he found his eyes locked onto Aizen, and for the life of him, he couldn't look away.

"Nothing went too terribly wrong, did it?" Aizen's voice seemed to drip with concern. "No one that we would consider important to us was injured, were they?"

Some part of himself told him Aizen already knew, and was trying to see if he could make Szayel confess, now, with the pressure of the gazes of the other espada and a screaming baby in his arms. Why the hell had he not left the kid in the lab?

"Kurosaki Ichigo was involved, he seems uninjured," Szayel answered. 'And with lungs like this, he's probably in really good health,' he thought.

"How are you sure of this?" Haribel's question caught Szayel slightly off guard.

"Because I checked on Kurosaki myself. For the time being though, I think it would be best for him to be under someone else's watch." Szayel patted himself on the back for getting that out as smoothly as he did.

Aizen sat back smoothly, nodding slightly to Szayel's suggestion. He already knew what had happened of course, and having someone else take Ichigo for a while would allow Szayel a little time to be able to try to develop a cure of some sort.

"Well," Aizen said as he glanced up the expanse of the table, "do we have any volunteers who will watch Kurosaki first?"


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