AN: Okay, so I wrote a second part to this story. I thought about posting it as a seperate story, but thought that it would work well as a second chapter as well. Hope it is enjoyed.

Addicted Too

"… and I just told him 'Hey, I don't give a damn if you've finished your mushu pork or not. I want some lovin and I want it now.' And that's when I climbed on top of him."

Taylor, Chazz's sex addiction counselor put his hand to his forehead. "There's really no need for you to tell me all of this, Chazz," he said. Taylor always expected him to talk about sex without giving details, but Chazz didn't have that sort of subtlety.

"It was so hot," he groaned. Just remembering was making Chazz crave sex.

But just then there was a knock at the door. "Come in," Taylor said, sounding grateful.

Jimmy stuck his head in the room. "Uh, sorry to interrupt," he said. "But weren't we supposed to meet fifteen minutes ago, Chazz?"

"No. We were supposed to meet at two o'clock."

"You said one."

"No, I said--" Chazz began, but Taylor interrupted him.

"You're Jimmy, aren't you?" he asked. "Why don't you come in and talk with us for a little while?"

"Um, I don't know," Jimmy said, uncertainly.

Chazz was relieved. He hadn't quite told Jimmy that he had been talking to Taylor so much about their sexual escapades.

"Come on," Taylor said, encouragingly. "I've been meaning to ask Chazz to bring you to an addicts meeting or a counseling session. It often helps the partners of sex addicts to come to meetings and get an understanding of what sex addiction is and the ways in which it can impact their relationship."

"Well," Jimmy said, reluctantly. "I guess I could come in for a minute." Chazz knew that Jimmy half-believed that sex addiction was all a bunch of crap. He also knew that Jimmy was too polite to say so in front of Taylor.

Jimmy walked into the office and sat down in a chair beside Chazz. Chazz was trying not to look at him. This could get ugly.

"Now Jimmy," Taylor said, after introducing himself and making small talk, "I've been very impressed with the progress Chazz has been making in dealing with his addiction since he started seeing you."

Jimmy gave Chazz a surprised glance. "You have?" he asked.

"Yeah," Chazz said, before Taylor could reply. "He thinks me having a lot of hot, gay sex with you is better than me having sex with a gerzillion women."

"You'll certainly be less likely to get diseases," Jimmy muttered. He then sat up straight. "Wait a minute. Chazz! What exactly have you been telling this guy?"

Uh-oh. "He's my sex addicts counselor. I have to tell him shit. He's not allowed to tell anyone or I'll sue his ass. No offense, Taylor," he said, looking at his counselor.

Jimmy was now blushing and hiding his head. He looked kind of hot. Chazz kept trying to catch his eye.

"What I would really like to know from you, Jimmy" Taylor went on, "is how Chazz's sex addiction has affected your relationship."

Jimmy shifted uncomfortably. "I don't know," he looked over at Chazz and Chazz made flickering motion with his tongue at him. "Stop that," Jimmy mouthed. Chazz didn't stop, but he did start caressing his own chest.

"Chazz," Taylor said in warning and then turned back to Jimmy. "Do you find Chazz's libido hard to keep up with?" he asked. "Do you find him overly demanding?"

"He's asking if the Chazz too much man for you," Chazz clarified. "Well, you are afraid of my chest hair. Admit it, MacElroy."

"Chazz, please," Taylor said, looking slightly disgusted. "Let Jimmy answer."

Jimmy bit his lip, still seemingly embarrassed. "I guess … I mean we have a lot of sex, but I don't mind or anything. I like it."

"He's hornier than me half the time," Chazz put in, ignoring Jimmy glaring at him. "I tend to have that effect on people. I'm not just an addict, I'm a dealer. Once they get a taste of Chazz, they know they've got to have some more."

"I don't like how Chazz is always talking about it, though," Jimmy burst out. "He always makes everything sound so – so--"

"Hot?" Chazz suggested. "Sexy? Mind bottling?"

"Dirty," Jimmy completed.

Chazz crossed his arms. To him, dirty sounded good. In fact, it sounded really good right about now. But he knew that Jimmy didn't mean it that way.

"Well, Chazz and I have discussed his problems with not understanding when it is appropriate to talk about sex. It's a common symptom of sex addiction. But there is no reason why you should feel uncomfortable talking about it when you two are alone."

"That's right, MacElroy," Chazz said, triumphantly, glad that Taylor seemed to be taking his side for once.

"I guess I'm just not used to it," Jimmy contemplated. "I hadn't had sex with very many people before I met Chazz."

"By 'not very many', he means none, by the way," Chazz said, a little more seriously.

"Shut up," Jimmy muttered.

"I took his maidenhood."

"I would have to be a girl to have a maidenhood, dumbass."

"I know," Chazz smirked.

"Okay," Taylor said, before the situation could get out of control. "Are you saying that you were a virgin before you met Chazz? That seems like a very odd match-up. A sex addict and someone who had never had sex."

"He was a slutty virgin though," Chazz said, casually.

"Was not. How can someone be a slutty virgin?" Jimmy asked.

"By having the Chazz hypnotize them with his erotic powers of seduction until I bring out their inner slut."

"That is disgusting. And not true."

"Jimmy, what was it about Chazz that initially attracted you to him?" Taylor asked.

"Tell him it was my enormous phylum," Chazz said in a loud whisper.

"I am not going to say that," Jimmy whispered back.

"Why not?"

"Because it is not true and I'm pretty sure that the word you mean is 'phallus' anyway. Not phylum."

"I mean my wiener."

"I got that," Jimmy said. At that moment they both simultaneously realized that Taylor could hear every word that they were saying despite the fact that they were technically whispering and they both stopped talking.

Jimmy shook himself. "I'm sorry, what was the question? Chazz keeps distracting me."

"I was just asking what did find attractive about Chazz."

"Oh. I wasn't attracted to him at first, I guess," Jimmy said, after thinking about it a bit.

"You were in denial," Chazz insisted.

Jimmy rolled his eyes. "I hated him. Even after we had been working together on a routine for weeks, I didn't really like him. But then … I don't know, we went through so much together and Chazz was always there for me. He helped me with problems that he wouldn't have had to help me with. Things that had nothing to do with skating. He's not like anyone I've ever met before – he always says and does what he feels."

Chazz felt his own face heat up. "Very good," Taylor said to Jimmy. "Chazz, do you want to tell me what you like about Jimmy."

"His ass," Chazz declared. Jimmy glared at him. Okay, so maybe it wasn't the best thing to say after Jimmy had just bared his soul and all, but if he started spouting off love poetry to the guy, things could get really gay. Chazz had decided that having sex with Jimmy didn't make him gay, but getting all mushy might. Besides, MacElroy's ass was one of the things that Chazz found physically attractive about him. That and his hair, which was soft and smelled good. Oh, and his big, blue eyes. And his moist lips …

Chazz decided that this was a bad train of thought. "I told you before, Taylor," he said. "I am not a homosexicle."

"Homosexicle," Jimmy mouthed silently as if unable to believe what he was hearing.

"You want to know why I changed it to 'homosexicle', Jimmy?" he asked, remembering that he had wanted to tell him.

Jimmy closed his eyes and made a face as if imagining all of the reasons that Chazz could have changed it. "Because it sounds like testicle?" he asked.

"It sounds like – no! Jesus. Get your mind out of the gutter, MacElroy. You see what I meant about him being a slut?" he asked Taylor. "I was thinking that it sounded like popsicle before you polluted my pure little mind by being so – what is it you always say – disgusting?"

"I was just trying to think like you! Jimmy objected.

"I think that we are getting off track once again," Taylor said. "Chazz, you were just about to tell me, seriously, what you find attractive about Jimmy. You've told me before that you find him more … irresistible than other partners you've had. What makes him special?"

"Um," Chazz said, dumbly. Jimmy was wrong when he said that Chazz always said whatever he felt. And anyway, Chazz was no good at understanding why he felt the things he felt. He only knew that he always felt bad whenever Jimmy wasn't around. He wanted to be with the guy twenty-four hours a day. He had never felt like that about someone before. Chazz realized that he had been quiet for quite some time. "I don't know," he said. "I can't explain it. I just … always want to be with him. And not just for the sex either, although the sex is freaking awesome. It's like I told you before … I'm addicted to him."

"You're … addicted to me?" Jimmy asked softly. From the way his partner was looking at him, Chazz would have thought he'd just declared unending love.

Jimmy was silent for a moment before he spoke again. "I'm addicted to you too, I think," he said, awkwardly.

"Really," Chazz said, brightening a bit. "And which part of my … body do you find most addicting, Jimmy?"

Unlike Chazz's previous tries at getting Jimmy hot, this one actually seemed to work as Jimmy bit his lip and gave Chazz a long look up and down. Chazz thought that Jimmy had practically forgotten that Taylor was in the room. All the better.

"I -- I don't know," Jimmy answered him, but Chazz could tell by the expression on his face that he was into this.

"Damn it, Chazz, not again!" Taylor said loudly, jarring Chazz only slightly from the thoughts that were running through his mind. Well, Chazz did have a habit for making sex addicts meetings a little too sexy.

"Sorry Taylor," he said. He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. It didn't work. He looked back over at Jimmy and saw, to his surprise, that he seemed to be even less phased by Taylor than Chazz himself was. Jimmy's mouth was hanging open and his cheeks were slightly flushed.

"I – I think we need to go now, Taylor," Chazz said, urgently.

"Your session isn't over yet," Taylor said, his voice very commanding.

"I … um … think we need to go too," Jimmy said, looking at the floor.

They definitely needed to get back to the apartment as quickly as possible. Okay, so maybe Chazz couldn't make it to the apartment – Jimmy's car then. Or that empty room that Chazz passed down the hall. Yeah, that would be hot.

"This isn't good, Chazz!" Taylor called after him, as he dragged Jimmy out the door. "You can't allow your libido to control your life like this!" But Chazz wasn't listening and he didn't think Jimmy was either.