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You now have a brand new, life sized, KID BLINK unit. We thank you for your purchase and hope for you to be buying more NEWSIES units from us in the near future. To enjoy your KID BLINK unit to the greatest pleasure please follow the simple instructions which we have provided in all languages, (sarcasm included)


Name: Kid Blink

Type: Human Being (Male)

Manufacturing Company: Eye Patches and Co.

Height: Five feet, eight and a half inches

Controls: Your KID BLINK unit has been programmed to be voice activated, with the exception of when a RACETRACK or MUSH unit is around, and when a JACK unit is making a speech.


Your KID BLINK unit comes with the following, with extra shipping fees, only you're not aware of that-

Newsie Hat- Your KID BLINK unit is a Newsie, Newsies need newsie hats. Your KID BLINK unit's newsie hat comes in the color brown.

Note: One size fits all.

Eyepatch- Your KID BLINK unit wears an eyepatch over his left eye at all times. We do not know if the KID BLINK unit is blind in that eye or if its just for pity. We made your KID BLINK unit with two working eyes. If you do not like the eyepatch than you may take it off and enjoy your KID BLINK unit's blue eyes. However, if you like the eyepatch and is one of the many who thinks its sexy, than you may keep it on.

Note: Fangirls love the eyepatch. Don't say that we didn't warn you, because we did...like, just now.

Rally Outfit- With this special, one time offer, your KID BLINK unit comes with a long, chocolate brown COAT and a green, pinstriped VEST. So that way your KID BLINK unit can defy gravity at the Rally!

Clothing- Your KID BLINK unit comes with white LONG-JOHNS, khaki colored SLACKS, black SOCKS, a white pinstriped SHIRT, a brown VEST, a blue TIE, a pinkish colored SHIRT, a brown BELT and black SHOES.

Note: Yes, we at Eye Patches and Co. already know that your KID BLINK unit wears a ridiculous amount of clothes. Your KID BLINK unit is a very modest person.

Note: Please restrain to take clothing off for CLEANING PURPOSES ONLY!


Your KID BLINK unit was manufactured and designed to be user-friendly and a hottie. But we didn't say that.

Besides bragging/showing off your KID BLINK unit he has a few sensible and very practical uses for your every day life.

SUPPORTER- Your KID BLINK unit is very supporting in everything that you do. He will yell out phrases such as "TELL 'EM (INSERT NAME HERE)" so that way you have someone supporting you in your rally, sports game or bake sale!

HAPPY- Your KID BLINK unit is a very happy person and can be seen with a smile on his face at all times. (Except for when the JACK unit turns scab or when the NEWSIE units learn that their prices went up one-tenth of a cent.)

PROTECTIVE- Your KID BLINK unit loves all of his friends, (and you are one of his friends! Be happy, be very happy.) So he is very protective of you, he would even take a cup full of Ex-Lax for you.

Note: See TROUBLE SHOOTING if your KID BLINK unit drinks a cup full of ex-lax.

BRAVE- Your KID BLINK unit is brave. Which other newsie volunteered to go to Harlem first? Which other newsie hung off of a railing just to sing with Medda? Which other newsie tackled a meanie-head police officer to the ground? Your KID BLINK unit did all of those and more! Enjoy the boldness of the risk-taking, dare-devil Kid Blink!

MOTHERLY- Do you get into fights with that annoying kid who steals your cigars? Do you have to be reminded constantly that you have work to do? Do you need help waking up in the morning? Never fear, your KID BLINK unit is there for you! He will break up fights and remind you of things that you need to be reminded of!

MONEY-SMELLER- Your KID BLINK unit has a very unique talent, he can smell money from a yard away! Now that's talent!


Make sure that you clense your KID BLINK unit thoroughly with something that smells nice, you don't want the CRUTCHY unit to complain about his overly-sensitive nose smelling the manliness of your KID BLINK unit now do you?

Note: See TROUBLE SHOOTING if the CRUTCHY unit begins complaining.


Can my Blink unit actually smell money?

A. Yes he can! Its one of his talents. (See OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS for more information.)

Q. Since when did you become me muddah?

A. ...I'm your mother?

Q. What's up with Blink and his obsession with the mayor's daughter?

A. Your KID BLINK unit has a teenaged crush! (Cues Aw-ing sounds) Don't be jealous, you're still his favorite!

Q. What are you doing Jack?!

A. Jack is probably on a "Santa Fe Spree", Also known as SFS. Your KID BLINK unit is deeply concerned with this, just tell him to ignore it, and move on.

Q. Would you do me a favor?

A. Well...erm...no.

Q. Can you hold this for me?

A. One word of advice, NEVER trust strangers with your drinks. Has your mother/father/gaurdian EVER taught you that you DO NOT talk to strangers. I am ashamed...Oh, and so is your KID BLINK unit.

Q. Do I need to brush my teeth?

A. If you'd like to communicate while speaking to your KID BLINK unit, than I suggest, YES. Your KID BLINK unit does not like people who do not keep up their oral hygeine.

Q. And now they jack up the price, can you believe that?!

A. Um...We hope you are enjoying your KID BLINK unit thoroughly! (gives a fake cheesy smile)


Eye Patches and Co. are NOT responsible for the following issues. We just make them we don't break them. If you cannot find your soultution SUCK IT UP and get on with your life. Or buy another NEWSIE unit!


Solution- Well...we are very sad to tell you that there is no hope. Your KID BLINK unit cannot be spared. UNLESS You send him to Intensive Newsie Care (INC) for a price of $29.95. Call 1-800-INC-BLINK for more information.

Problem- My Blink is hopping on gates and yelling things about eating beans to the people behind them.

Solution- Turn your KID BLINK unit's switch from STRIKE to NORMAL.

Problem- My Blink hasn't been acting like himself.

Solution- Aww, he's probably bummed out because, A) Jack turned scab, B) Jack left, or C) Mush called him a pansy. Give your KID BLINK unit a hug and/or a cookie and that should cheer him up.

Problem- Crutchy is complaining about my Blink's smell again.

Solution- Bathe your KID BLINK unit, and if your CRUTCHY unit doesn't shut up, give him a doughnut.

Problem- My Blink is acting like an indian!

Solution- Don't worry, this is normal. Your KID BLINK unit loves to act like an indian with the SKITTERY unit.


We thank your for buying your KID BLINK unit, we hope that you will start squeeing uncontrollably and love your KID BLINK unit to death. Remember you can always order more NEWSIES units by calling 1-800-NEWSIES today!


A/N: So that's it for Blink! Reviews are appreciated.