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Chapter 21: A Restoration of Hope and Memory

"Alright, y'all. This battle plan is pretty simple. You all have very specific skill sets for our strategy and will be a part of taking down the biggest threat to Jump City, Slade himself. He's also enlisted the help of Kage, a weird shadow-like guy with some intense power. But most importantly, he has seemed to erase Raven's memory and mind control her." Cyborg was hooked up to an emergency power supply in the tower as he explained all this, allowing his charge to ready itself for their next fight. The previous they had was very tough and they came out defeated, but not entirely lost. Cyborg was surprised that Slade had made a few miscalculations in his attack that wouldn't entirely eliminate the Titans. But he was glad for it, very glad.

"Our friend and comrade Raven may attack you without hesitation, but we will remain to the battle plan. Do not use excessive force to harm Raven. Kid Flash, you will use your extreme speed to distract Raven. While you do so, it will buy Jericho enough time to go inside of Raven's mind and identify the source of what is blocking her memories." The two nodded together, Kid Flash uncharacteristically super serious. He knew this wouldn't exactly be easy. Fastest man alive or not, Raven still had powers that she could make travel fast as well. Shadowy hands grabbing his ankles to slow him down, he shook his head at that thought.

"And what do I do?" Aqualad asked, curious what part of the plan he would have.

"You will be luring Kage to the docks with me. From our last fight, he'll probably be pretty angry that he failed to kill me. So once he sees I'm alive, we can get him to the water and get your aquatic animal advantage." Cyborg explained. Aqualad nodded and had more questions.

"So this Kage guy is strong. Like, so strong that we need to separate him from Slade?"

"Yes. We believe he is mightier than Slade even. But he is a bit rash. We believe he can not think for himself so requires someone with that kind of knowledge to command him, which is why he stays by Slade's side." The two Titans wasted no time in creating theories on their enemy and making a strong strategy.

"Any questions y'all have?" They all shook their head in unison, then a loud bang made its presence known throughout the tower. Cyborg armed his cannon and his face hardened. The rest of the Titans got their respective battle stances ready, then they heard a familiar voice.

"Whoa, man... my head. Hurts. Owh. Gyline, are you okay? Aw no, don't cry! It's okay, we're okay. See? No blood, no injuries. Err, no booboos." And a rush of happiness flooded through Cyborg and Starfire's bodies, the honourary Titans also feeling relief and happiness. Beast Boy came to the common room rubbing his head, and suddenly he was tackle hugged so hard he could swear he heard a bone crack. That wasn't just Starfire – it was her and Cyborg and he could feel it. He cried out breathlessly. "Guys... what?"

Tears were streaming down Starfire's face. "Beast Boy! We were so scared that you did not make it! That when you got taken away by Raven, she would have... she would have..."

"Shh, Starfire, it's okay," Beast Boy soothed quietly and patted her head. "I'm okay."

"B, don't ever do that to me again. You made me worry so much. What would I ever do... if I had no one left to argue against tofu anymore?" Beast Boy knew what he said was dead serious, even if it didn't sound like it. He could hear the sincerity in his voice and smiled at his friends.

"Guys, hate to do this but can we do this later? I have someone here that kind of needs some medical attention," and Beast Boy brought to light Gyline, her cute and innocent expression looking up at all the taller Titans, her legs still bloodied up. Beast Boy was honestly surprised she was able to walk for as long as she did, but he was sure she was stronger than she looked.

"Whoa! To the infirmary with you." Kid Flash spoke up, picked her up, and brought her there instantly. The rest of the Titans followed suit and Cyborg applied some gauze to her legs and she smiled.

"That feels good mister metal man. Thank you," she spoke sincerely and her voice was quiet and just so adorable and Cyborg's heart melted at how innocent she sounded.

"The injuries will heal in no time," Cyborg felt kind of like a fatherly figure at the moment to her.

"Okay, now that Gyline is taken care of, tell me what's going on. Where's Robin and what's up with these guys? Uh, not that I'm unhappy to see you, or anything. We do need all the help we can get here." But just as he spoke, Beast Boy noticed Robin in the room as well a few beds over and walked up to him. He sensed something wasn't right and frowned. "He's uh... not just having a power nap, right?"

Cyborg tried to smile but explained glumly. "Sadly he's in a coma." The heavy air in the room could be cut like tension. "Hate to say it but we have something a bit more important to attend to. Did you get through to Raven?"

"Yeah. That's why Gyline is here. She had the hold on Raven's memories. I don't think she was directly controlling Raven though. Just blocked her memory." Gyline looked down, her hair bouncing as she did so, feeling shameful.

"So," Aqualad piped up finally. "She was inside Raven's head? That's where you came from, right?"

"Yeah. That must mean Raven has her memory back. Speaking of which... she's still with Slade, right? Well Raven's smart. I'm sure she'll keep an act up for him until we get there. Then, all seven of us together will make him pay." Beast Boy spat out the last few words with such venom it scared the Titans just a bit.

"But someone should stay and take care of Gyline."

"I will stay," Starfire volunteered instantly, and glanced over to the motionless Robin. "Someone should also stay to monitor him as well." They all nodded their agreement, and with that the Titans alarmed blared off yet again. The Titans rushed instantly to the common room.

"Alright, indicators say that we have an attack, multiple Slade bots, Slade, and Kage. The plan's going to stir up a little bit, since Raven will have her memories back – hopefully – we're just going to focus on kicking tail protecting the city. And this isn't no random attack... Slade's attacking... CENTRAL SQUARE! The mayor and all the important politics of the city are holding a HUGE conference there right now! He's targeting the mayor! Flash go ahead of us and get as many of those people to safety as possible, try not to fight until we get there!"

He nodded, then all together the Titans yelled, "TITANS! GO!"

Starfire watched on as her friends left and Cyborg waited a moment behind. "Star..."

"I know Cyborg. I will be okay. Please, stop Slade. And make friend Raven come back to us, safe." He nodded and places his hand on the girl's shoulder momentarily before running off, ready for the next big fight. But at least this time the numbers would be a bit more fair.

In Central Square, Kid Flash zoomed between Slade bots, them seemingly not noticing him as he rushed to the mayor's aid. He was joined by a few other people Kid Flash deemed important.

"Oh! Kid Flash!" The mayor cried and ran to him. "There's destruction everywhere! Are the Titans coming?"

"Yes sir! They'll be here soon but first I need to get you to safety!" But as he was going to transport the important people a huge explosion went off in a nearby building and laughter was heard on some speakers. Kid Flash bit his lip as he knew people were in that building and he had to save them. The mayor knew and nodded to him.

"Look, go save them! We'll be okay until then!" And with that the mayor and the rest of the politics pulled out some pistols and tazers. "We don't go anywhere unarmed! So please go help those people!"

Kid Flash didn't waste another moment as he went to save the people in the burning building, then Slade's booming voice started to speak over the microphone. "Citizens of Jump City. You are now gazing at your new mayor. No, not your mayor. Your new master! With the recent defeat of the Titans, there is no one in the city left to stop me and my associates... Raven and Kage!" And at that, the respectively named individuals flew down on Slade's left hand side and appeared from shadows on Slade's right hand side. The city was suddenly in an outrage, seeing Raven at Slade's side like that.

"Except this one! She has been so kind to lend me her talents on this take over. Now, if you'll be so kind as to bow down before me or else," Slade grabbed the mayor and put a loaded gun to his temple. "Or else you can say goodbye, to your precious ex-leader!" And his haunting laughing echoed throughout the city.

Raven was feeling extremely anxious. Recently, she had regained her memory and every fibre in her being told her to rip Slade to pieces. But Knowledge's voice sounded in her mind and informed her that was not the best course of action. That Garfield and the others were coming to assist her and that she should pretend to be under his control until the arrival of her team. Raven trusted, and decided to play along until then. But she was so nervous right now. If Slade pulled the trigger when she could clearly stop it, what hero would she be? She decided to trust the city and trust her team. It would seem it wasn't misplaced as the people in Central Square began bowing down and Slade's booming laughter echoed throughout the city.