The dead rat problem was getting to be problem. The teachers and the students of Wayside school complained too much. There was an all around fear to enter the basement. Then dead rats started showing up in the cafeteria. Students were even more terrified when they realized Miss Mush had been using the excess deceased rodents as the main ingredient in the meat loaf. Many kids went home sick. Some never returned after that. This all happened after Mrs. Jewels' class moved on. Nora Jewels wasn't the biggest fan of dead rats. In fact she hated them with a royal passion.

She was sitting at her desk like any other day, grading spelling homework. Then, from across the room she saw it. A dead rat!
"I'm sick and tired of this!" she screamed and slammed her hands on her desk. She was glad that the original class that she had loved so much had graduated to higher education, although one couldn't get higher than a thirty story learning center.

Mrs. Jewels pointed her finger condemningly at the dead rat on the other side of the room. 'Fine you monster! I see how it is. It's either me or you this time!" she stepped out from behind the desk and glared at it. It didn't move. She twitched her eye a little. She didn't want to lose. After a minute or two she sighed.

"I quit." And with that Mrs. Nora Jewels ran out of the school sobbing her eyes out.

Mr. Kidswatter had become aware of the travesty. He called in terminators. They couldn't find anything wrong. All the rats were dead so they thought it was effective. Mr. Kidswatter, the principal decided he was tired of running a mouse-infested school.

He, later that day, released a statement that wayside was being closed forever. He really wanted to take a vacation in Tahiti.

Louis, the yard teacher was very sad at this news. He never had any problem with the dead rats, well he worked outside and the dead rats liked the indoors. Especially the basement.

All the teachers were laid off. Even Ms. Zarves. There is no Ms. Zarves but they laid her off just in case.

"NO! I won't leave!" cried Miss Mush. She held onto the kitchen stove as some teachers tried prying her away.

"Com'on MUSH! Wayside has ended!" they said.

"I refuse!" she cried, "Besides my chili won't be edible till' next year! Who will eat it if the school is closed!?"

All the students were relocated to normal schools. All the teachers found new jobs. Indeed it was the end for that tall building called 'Wayside.'