Emily Rose

Chapter 14: Endings and Beginnings

By Kate Carter

A/N: Long overdue, for which I apologize. England and Ireland were great. I really wish I'd had some Whovians with me, so I could have gone to the exhibit in London. My hotel was only a couple miles from Canary Wharf. No one understood why I was excited about this. And I bought a sonic screwdriver!...replica. Still fun though.

Last chapter for this story, I think. Of course, there's far more that's going to happen; they have to get Rose back still. But because there is so much more, I'm thinking it's going to be a whole different story.

There's not too much to say after that. The Doctor and I popped out of the TARDIS, and said goodbye and thanks to Martha and Jack. I had all the belongings I really cared about with me, but we went to my family to tell them I was traveling with the Doctor (turned out the Doctor missed the coordinates slightly, we wound up there a week later, and they were all frantic because they hadn't heard from me in a week) (when the Doctor saw this, he just shook his head and said "Thank goodness it was only a week." Then he leaned over and asked, "Does your mother have a tendency to slap people?" He's really strange like that sometimes...). Mom didn't like the idea at all; I had to convince her it was like me going to college out of state. I'd come home for holidays, or at least, I'd try.

The Doctor convinced them that I would be safe, and even if something did happen, I'd regenerate (I don't think this helped them feel any better). With a few more hugs and tears (I wasn't exactly dry-eyed myself, I admit), I hopped into the TARDIS and into my new life.

And it was awesome. It was a bit of a struggle at first, getting used to the new senses. Suddenly, I could read much quicker than I could before. My reflexes were better. I was sleeping four hours a week (the Doctor frowned a bit at this, and said it must be because I'm three-quarters human). I was making fast progress on learning the complicated Gallifreyan language. And French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Mookimookimoomoo and a few others. It was awesome.

And traveling in the TARDIS? WOW. We went ahead to the year 56,256 and saved a city on one of Jupiter's moons from being destroyed. We went back to 1574 and totally P.O.ed Queen Elizabeth I (the Doctor said he knew it was going to happen at some point, since she'd been so mad when he'd met Shakespeare...I'm sure there's a story there). Each day was a new destination, a new time, a new world.

But throughout all of it, he never mentioned Rose.

Oh, I knew it was a painful subject. But every time I tried to bring it up, he'd change the subject. And the blue-gray waves would increase. So I left it alone.

But one night, the TARDIS whispered to me. "Emily, I can show you Rose's room," she said gently.

"You can?" I asked in surprise. The TARDIS talked to me on a regular basis, but this was an unexpected offer. "Why haven't you offered before?" I asked, not upset, but curious.

"I loved Rose too," the TARDIS said sadly. "And even though she was a human, and we could only communicate on the most basic of levels, she loved me. And when she was trapped, well, the Doctor was not the only one with a broken heart."

"Hearts," I said softly.

"Heart. Because Rose took one of his with her. And the other one is broken." I felt the TARDIS sigh. "I wish you'd known him when he was younger. Before the Time War. He was a broken man after that, and Rose healed him. When she was trapped...well, I had never seen him like that."

I sighed and was silent for a moment. "Can I see her room now, please?" I asked softly. The TARDIS hummed and a door appeared in the wall.

Hesitantly, I walked over and opened it.

The first thing to hit me was the pink. Now, I've never been a fan of pink, but it's obvious that Rose was. It was everywhere.

And so were the pictures. They cluttered the bedside table, they hung on the walls. The pretty blond-haired girl in most of them was obviously Rose.

I looked at them, picking one up occasionally to examine it better. "Who's this?" I sent the TARDIS the image of the tall man with big ears and a leather jacket.

"The Doctor's ninth body," she told me.

"And this?" A young black man, his arm around Rose, with a big grin.

"Mickey Smith, one of her best friends. They were dating until she came with us."

"And this?" A middle-aged blond woman, who I guessed was Rose's mother due to the resemblance.

"Jackie Tyler, Rose's mother," the TARDIS told me, confirming my guess. "She slapped the Doctor once, he meant to bring Rose home twelve hours after he'd met her, but he left it on the wrong setting, so it wound up being twelve months."

"Oh my." Yeah, I couldn't blame her for slapping him.

I spent several hours in Rose's room, looking at what the young woman my own age – my mother - had treasured, and the TARDIS told me stories about her and the Doctor and the times they'd shared.

Finally I sighed, sitting on the bed that was still unmade, as she'd left it. "There's got to be some way to get her back."

"There is no way," the TARDIS told me sadly. "If there were more Time Lords, perhaps, but..." A sudden burst of excitement from her almost overwhelmed me; I wasn't used to such things yet. "There are!" she said. I could sense it all coming from her. "There's you!"

"Yeah, but I don't know anything about it..." I said. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd love to help, but I'm new to all the Time Lord stuff."

"Doesn't matter. Go to the library," the TARDIS ordered. I shrugged and walked over to the door. The door opened to the library now, which didn't really surprise me.

"Fifteenth bookcase on the right, left side, third shelf from the top, sixth book over," the TARDIS instructed. Mystified, I got the book she told me. It was written in old Gallifreyan, and I couldn't make much out, but I got enough to understand it was about manipulating the universes.

I began to get excited myself. "Maybe," I said, "just maybe, it's actually possible for us to rescue Rose."

THE END of "Emily Rose"

Thank you for reading this story! Keep an eye out for the next one, should be starting up in the next week or so (I hope!).